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Schweinsteiger 1
Type Surname
Usage German

Meaning & History

Means "Swine Climber".

Famous bearers of this surname are German professional footballer Bastian Schweinsteiger and his brother who is a retired German footballer Tobias Schweinsteiger.
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Schweinsteiger 2
Type Surname (from occupation)
Usage German
Pronounced Pron. SHVIEN-shtie-gu  [key]

Meaning & History

Occupational name for a pig farmer, an overseer of pigs or a nickname for someone who rode a pig, derived from Middle High German swīn meaning "hog, swine" and stīger meaning "foreman, mine inspector". It could also denote a person who hailed from any of the various places called Schweinsteig in Bavaria, Germany. This surname is borne by Bastian Schweinsteiger (1984-) and his brother Tobias Schweinsteiger (1982-), both retired German soccer players.
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