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Sibley 1
Type Surname
Pronounced Pron. Sib-lee  [key]

Meaning & History

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Sibley 2
Type Surname (from given name)
Pronounced Pron. SIB-lee(British English)  [key]
Other Forms FormsSiblee, Sibleigh, Siblie, Sibly, Sibbly, Sibely, Sibili, Sibble, Sybly, and Sybley

Meaning & History

From the Anglo-Saxons influence in England. Said to be derived from the ancient Sibbelee, a woman’s Christian name, and has been traced through Sibilla, Sybbly, and finally Sibley. Sibilla was the name of a Greek princess who uttered the ancient oracles, and is represented on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. The present Christian name Sybil (meaning a prophetess) is also from the same source. Spelling variations include Siblee, Sibleigh, Siblie, Sibly, Sibbly, Sibely, Sibili, Sibble, Sybly and Sybley. Spelling variations were frequent in the Middle Ages, even between father and son.

Some information from House of Names.
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