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Type Surname
Usage English
Pronounced Pron. Sper ing  [key]
Other Forms FormsSpiering, Spering, Sperring, Spearing

Meaning & History

There is a fish in Germany or Austria names "Spering or Spiering fish" it is in the meat Isle of Germany orAustrian fish.
Also,In Austria Spering tunnel & Spering mtn.
There is two nationalities one are the English Spering's that cme from Germany /Austria ettled in England aroundthe 9th Century
His name was Sper the ing was not put onto that name until the man becomes married.meaning marrige and children.
Almost like a wedding band. There are still Spering's living in Austria and Germany. Most of the Spering's have been in England so many years.It is Angelican
There is a Coat of Arms for Spering (English) When in America he English Spering family's stayed mostly on the East Coast,especially Pennsylvnia Easton being the first place in Pa. they settled 1700-1800's Philadelphia was the city many Spering's lived. New York some settled until leaaving for Pa. When the Austria,German Spering's settled most were and still use Spering yet Spiering is used by them. Calif.Minn.Ohio Chicago etc. are areas they settled. There is no blood line now with them.
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