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Sudan 1

Sudan 2
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Type Surname (from location)
Scripts سُودان(Arabic)
Other Forms FormsSudán (Spanish), Sudano, Sudani (Italian), Soudan, Soudani (Arabic)

Meaning & History

Ethnic name or regional name for someone from Sudan or who had traded with Sudan. The name of the country is ultimately derived from Arabic سُود (sud) meaning "black", referring to the darker skin of the inhabitants.
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Sudan 3
Type Surname (from nickname)
Usage Chinese
Scripts 苏丹(Chinese) 蘇丹(Traditional Chinese)
Other Forms FormsSūdān, Sudanna, Sūdānnà, Sudan na, Sūdān nà, etc.

Meaning & History

From Chinese 苏丹 (sūdān) meaning "sultan". This is a common surname among Hui Muslims.
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