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Type Surname (from given name)
Scripts ٱلْوَلِيُّ(Arabic)
Pronounced Pron. Vɑˈlɪ(Spanish)  [key]
Other Forms FormsValí

Meaning & History

This Spanish and Italian surname of VALI was a locational name for someone OR A family who lived in a valley. In valle quiescit ( In the valley of our home, we find peace.)
The name was originally derived from the Old French word VAL, and rendered in medieval documents in the Latin form VALLIS meaning "valley"
Other spellings of the name include VALLA, VAL, VAUX, LAVALLE, VALLI, VALLES, VALLARINO, VALLONI and VALEANO, or Valeriu, Valentin, and Valentina to name a few.
It's of Latin and Italic (Sabine) origin from the following roots: (VĂLENTĪNUS) and (VĂLĔRĬUS).

In the 8th century, Spain fell under the control of the Moors, and this influence, which lasted into the 12th century, has also left its mark on Hispanic surnames.
A few names are based directly on Arabic personal names. The majority of Spanish occupational and nickname surnames, however, are based on ordinary Spanish derivatives. The familiar endings of "i" and "o", meaning to be a member of a certain family, bears this out. The Church played a very important role in
Central Italian heraldry and many Italian families who derived their titles from popes incorporated elements of the papal insignia,
notably the papal tiara and the crossed keys, on their Coats of Arms.
As in the rest of Europe, the turbulent history of Italy in the Middle Ages is reflected in its heraldry.

Traces remain from the successive invasions of the Germans, French, Spanish and Austrians.
Certain characteristics, such as the use of horse-shaped shields which were put on the foreheads of horses during tournaments, remain uniquely Italian.
Social conditions in Southern Italy during the agricultural depression of the late 19th Century spurred the
first wave of emigration as thousands of people escaped to the New World. Latin America was the original destination for these early settlers but as the
economy strengthened in the United States, North America became more popular.
The family name Vali appears collected by the Chronicler and King of Arms, Don Vicente de Cadenas y Vicent, in his "Repertoire of Coats of the Hispanic Community",
that means that the lineage Vali has official coat of arms certified by King of Arms. This is the greatest work of Spanish heraldry, where the surnames with his heraldic appears
like the family name Vali arranged alphabetically, with their coats of arms. In this work is included the content of many manuscripts of the National Library of Madrid and corresponding to
the Minutes of Kings of Arms who collects surnames that as Vali are Spanish or very linked for some reason or other to Spain, so those of the family name Vali are in this position.

There are also thousands of heraldic and heraldic shields from several Sections of the National Historical Archive, as well as the Royal Chancery of Valladolid, Salas de los Hijodalgos of Vizcaya, etc.
In summary, those of the surname Vali have made some test of nobility or knightage.

The Vali family is very ancient and noble, originally from Sicily, various branches of the family spread to different regions of Italy.
The names of its members are mainly remembered in contracts for the purchase of land and houses, numerous characters of this surname are often mentioned in
notarial documents since the past centuries, from which it appears that they were of noble condition. In the memories of the old days we read some variants of this surname,
due to the usual causes of dialectal pronunciation and the way of interpreting surnames in writing.

From Arabic: ٱلْوَلِيُّ al-Wālī,il-Waliu | "The Friend, Helper; Guardian"
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