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Type Surname (from occupation)
Pronounced Pron. wei-DE-mann(Medieval German, Austrian German, Norwegian)  [key]
Other Forms FormsWidemann, Weidermann

Meaning & History

Weidemann is a German family name and comes from the Middle High German terms for hunter or woad farmer.

The German word Weide means willow, as well as pasture. The name translates into willowman and suggests alternative meanings such as an occupational name for a basket maker or a person living near a willowtree.
Since Weide (the tree) derives from Middle High German wîda, these meanings can not be assigned to the family name, whose origin dates back to mediaeval times.

The family name Weidemann is first found in Westphalia, Germany, where the name Weidemann emerged in mediaeval times as one of the notable families of the region.[
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