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Type Surname (from location)
Usage English
Pronounced Pron. ‘wɪtəlsi, WI-tl-see  [key]
Other Forms FormsWhittlesea

Meaning & History

A habitational surname for someone from Whittlesey, an ancient market town in the Fenland district of Cambridgeshire in England. The town's name is derived from an unattested Old English personal name Wittel (or Witil), an occupational name given to a moneyer, and the Old English eg, meaning "island", also used to describe a piece of firm land in a fen. The town's name thus means "Wittel's island".

Whittlesey appears in the Cartularium Saxonicum (AD 973) as 'Witlesig', and in the Domesday Book (AD 1086 ) as 'Witesie'.
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