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Type Surname
Pronounced Pron. wull-stun-craft(Old English)  [key]
Other Forms FormsWollstonecraft, Woolstoncroft, Wolstencroft, Wors(t)encroft, Wosencroft, Wozencroft

Meaning & History

Wollstonecraft derived originally from the Saxon name of Wulfstan which later developed into Wol(f)stan. The name means wolf stone and is one of a number of names based on Wolf.
In ancient mythology, the wolf was held in high esteem and was sacred to the god Woden.
Woden's wolf was symbolic of power and freedom. As an animal to be feared in the forests of Europe, together with the aura of mystique surrounding it, the wolf features in very many folk
tales and legends.

Tun refers to enclosed ground, which can also be a village or town; whilst the addition of croft, similarly relates to an enclosed parcel of land.
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