Surnames Categorized "brave"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include brave.
Bähr German
From Middle High German bër "bear" or ber "boar". This was originally a nickname for a strong or brave person.
Baldwin English
Derived from the given name Baldwin.
Barends Dutch
Means "son of Barend".
Fernández Spanish
Means "son of Fernando". This is among the most common surnames in Spain.
Harding English
Derived from the given name Heard. A famous bearer was American president Warren G. Harding (1865-1923).
Hardy English, French
From Old French and Middle English hardi meaning "bold, daring, hardy", of Germanic origin.
Keen English
From Old English cene meaning "bold, brave".
Ortiz Spanish
Means "son of Orti", a byname deriving either from Latin fortis meaning "brave, strong" or fortunius meaning "fortunate".
Proulx French
Derived from Old French preu meaning "valiant, brave".
Valiente Spanish
From a nickname derived from Spanish valiente meaning "brave".