Surnames Categorized "clerical"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include clerical.
Clark English
Means "cleric" or "scribe", from Old English clerec meaning "priest", ultimately from Latin clericus. A famous bearer was William Clark (1770-1838), an explorer of the west of North America.
Cleary Irish
From Irish cléireach meaning "clerk" (see Clark).
De Klerk Dutch
From Dutch klerk meaning "clerk", making this a cognate of Clark.
Graf German
From the German noble title Graf meaning "count", ultimately from Greek γραφεύς (grapheus) meaning "scribe".
Leclerc French
Means "the clerk" in French.
Notaro Italian
Occupational name for a clerk, derived from Latin notarius.
Scriven English
Occupational name meaning "writer, clerk, scribe" in Old French, derived from Latin scriba.
Woźniak Polish
From Polish woźny meaning "caretaker, clerk".