Surnames Categorized "flautists"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include flautists.
Abate Italian
From Italian abate meaning "abbot, priest", derived via Latin and Greek from an Aramaic word meaning "father". This was used either as a nickname or an occupational name for a worker in a priest's house.
Aitken Scottish, English
Derived from the medieval given name Atkin, a diminutive of Adam.
Anderson English
Means "son of Andrew".
Baker English
Occupational name meaning "baker", derived from Middle English bakere.
Carver English
Occupational surname for a carver, from Middle English kerve "cut".
Dufour French
Occupational name for a baker, from French four "oven".
Graf German
From the German noble title Graf meaning "count", ultimately from Greek γραφεύς (grapheus) meaning "scribe".
Huddleston English
From the name of a town in the Yorkshire region of England, which means "Hudel's town" in Old English.
Humphrey English
Derived from the given name Humphrey.
Kirk English
From northern Middle English kirk meaning "church", from Old Norse kirkja (cognate of Church). A famous fictional bearer is the starship captain James Kirk from the Star Trek television series (1966-1969), and subsequent films.
Lindgren Swedish
From Swedish lind meaning "linden tree" and gren (Old Norse grein) meaning "branch". A famous bearer of this name was Swedish author Astrid Lindgren (1907-2002).
Mann German, English
From a nickname meaning "man". This may have originally been given in order to distinguish the bearer from a younger person with the same name.
Sullivan Irish
Anglicized form of the Irish name Ó Súileabháin meaning "descendant of Súileabhán". The name Súileabhán means "dark eye".
Tipton English
Originally given to one who came from the town of Tipton, derived from the Old English given name Tippa combined with tun "enclosure, yard, town".