Surnames Categorized "freedom"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include freedom.
Barsotti Italian
Probably from the medieval Latin word baro meaning "man, freeman" (of Frankish origin).
Comtois French
Indicated a person from Franche-Comté, a province in eastern France, which translates to "free county".
Frank 2 English
From Old English franc meaning "free".
Franklin English
Derived from Middle English frankelin meaning "freeman". It denoted a landowner of free but not noble birth, from Old French franc meaning "free".
Freeman English
Referred to a person who was born free, or in other words was not a serf.
Frei German
Means "free" in German, probably referring to someone outside the feudal system.
Fry English
From Old English frig (a variant of freo) meaning "free".
Svoboda Czech
Means "freedom" in Czech. This was a medieval name for a freeman, someone who was not a serf.