Surnames Categorized "harmonicists"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include harmonicists.
Adler German, Jewish
Means "eagle" in German.
Bailey English
From Middle English baili meaning "bailiff", which comes via Old French from Latin baiulus "porter".
Irvine 1 Scottish
Originally derived from the name of a Scottish (North Ayrshire) town, which was named for the River Irvine, derived from Brythonic elements meaning "green water".
McCoy Scottish
Anglicized form of MacAoidh.
Reilly Irish
Anglicized form of Ó Raghailligh.
Ricci Italian
From Italian riccio meaning "curly", a nickname for someone with curly hair. It is ultimately from Latin ericius meaning "hedgehog".
Terrell English
Probably derived from the Norman French nickname tirel meaning "to pull", referring to a stubborn person.
Thornton English
From any of the various places in England by this name, meaning "thorn town" in Old English.
Wells English
Derived from Middle English wille meaning "well, spring, water hole".
Williamson English
Means "son of William".