Surnames Categorized "horses"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include horses.
Arima Japanese
From Japanese (ari) meaning "have, possess" and (ma) meaning "horse".
Binici Turkish
From the Turkish word binici meaning "rider, horseman".
Cavallo Italian
Means "horse" in Italian, an occupational name for a horseman.
Chevalier French
From a nickname derived from French chevalier meaning "knight", from Late Latin caballarius "horseman", Latin caballus "horse".
Colt English
Occupational name for a keeper of horses, derived from Middle English colt.
Horsfall English
From a minor place in Yorkshire derived from Old English hors "horse" and fall "clearing".
Kopitar Slovene
From Slovene kopito meaning "hoof", an occupational name for a shoer.
Ma Chinese
From Chinese () meaning "horse".
Mah Chinese
Alternate transcription of Chinese (see Ma).
Markey Irish
From the Irish Ó Marcaigh meaning "descendant of Marcach", a given name meaning "horse rider".
Marshall English
Derived from Middle English mareschal "marshal", from Latin mariscalcus, ultimately from Germanic roots akin to Old High German marah "horse" and scalc "servant". It originally referred to someone who took care of horses.
Pinto Portuguese, Spanish, Italian
Means "mottled" in Portuguese, Spanish and Italian, derived from Late Latin pinctus, Latin pictus "painted".
Steed English
Occupational name for one who tended horses, derived from Middle English steed, in turn derived from Old English steda meaning "stallion".
Stoddard English
Occupational name for a horse keeper, from Old English stod "stallion, stud" and hierde "herder".