Surnames Categorized "Italian words"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include Italian words.
Agresta Italian
From Latin agrestis meaning "rural, rustic".
Allegri Italian
From an Italian nickname derived from allegro meaning "quick, lively".
Arena Italian
Italian cognate of Arenas.
Basso Italian
Originally a nickname for a short person, from Latin bassus "thick, low".
Buono Italian
From a nickname meaning "good" in Italian.
Crespo Spanish, Portuguese, Italian
Referred to a person with curly hair, from Latin crispus meaning "curly".
Durante Italian
Italian cognate of Durand.
Falco Italian
Derived from Italian falco "falcon". The name was used to denote a falconer or a person who resembled a falcon in some way.
Farro Italian
Derived from the name of a place on Sicily, Italy, derived from Latin far meaning "wheat, spelt".
Gentile Italian
From a nickname meaning "gentle, kind" in Italian.
Maestri Italian
Means "master" in Italian.
Pace Italian
Derived from the Italian given name Pace meaning "peace".
Pellegrino Italian
Means "pilgrim, traveller" in Italian, ultimately from Latin peregrinus.
Piazza Italian
Means "plaza" in Italian, indicating that the residence of the original bearer was near the town square. It is derived from Latin platea.
Pinto Portuguese, Spanish, Italian
Means "mottled" in Portuguese, Spanish and Italian, derived from Late Latin pinctus, Latin pictus "painted".
Profeta Italian
From Italian profeta meaning "prophet". It probably came from a nickname indicating a person who wanted to predict the future. It is typical of southern Italy.
Solo Basque
Means "rural estate" in Basque.
Taverna Italian
From the place name Taverna, common in different parts of Italy. It means "inn, tavern" in Italian.
Tedesco Italian
From Italian tedesco meaning "German".