Surnames Categorized "kindness"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include kindness.
Bonhomme French
Derived from Old French bon homme meaning "good man".
Bonnaire French
French form of Bonner.
Bonner English
From Middle English boneire "kind, courteous", derived from Norman French bon aire "good bloodline".
Bonomo Italian
Italian cognate of Bonhomme.
Bunker English
Derived from Old French bon cuer meaning "good heart".
Carideo Italian
Originally denoted someone from San Pietro di Caridà, a town in Calabria. The town's name may be derived from Greek χάρις (charis) meaning "grace, kindness".
Cavan Irish
Anglicized form of the Irish Ó Caoimháin meaning "descendant of Caomhán".
Gentile Italian
From a nickname meaning "gentle, kind" in Italian.
Giunta Italian
From the old Italian given name Bonagiunta or Bonaggiunta (derived from bono "good" and aggiunto "assistant").
Good English
From a nickname meaning "good", referring to a kindly person.
Goodman English
Variant of Good.
Hertz German
Derived from Middle High German herze meaning "heart", a nickname for a big-hearted person.
Kedves Hungarian
Means "nice, kind" in Hungarian.
Keefe Irish
Anglicized form of the Irish Ó Caoimh meaning "descendant of Caomh".
Senft 2 German
Nickname for a helpful, kind person, from Old High German semfti meaning "soft, accommodating".
Waller 1 English
Derived from Old French gallier meaning "person with a pleasant temper".