Surnames Categorized "legendary creatures"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include legendary creatures.
Burakgazi Turkish
Possibly from the given name Burak and Arabic غازي (ghazi) meaning "warrior".
Drago Italian
From a nickname meaning "dragon" in Italian.
Drake English
Derived from the Old Norse byname Draki or the Old English byname Draca both meaning "dragon", both via Latin from Greek δράκων (drakon) meaning "dragon, serpent".
Feng 2 Chinese
From Chinese (fèng) meaning "phoenix, fire bird, fenghuang".
Griffin 2 English
Nickname from the mythological beast with body of a lion with head and wings of an eagle. It is ultimately from Greek γρύψ (gryps).
Heffernan Irish
From Irish Ó hIfearnáin meaning "descendant of Ifearnán". The byname Ifearnán means "little demon".
Lara Spanish
From the name of a village in Burgos, Spain. It might be derived from Latin lar "household god, house, home".
Teufel German
From a nickname meaning "devil" in German, given to a mischievous person or one who was devil-like.