Surnames Categorized "polymaths"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include polymaths.
Bateson English
Means "son of Bate".
Bell 1 English
From Middle English belle meaning "bell". It originated as a nickname for a person who lived near the town bell, or who had a job as a bell-ringer.
Buonarroti Italian
From the medieval Italian given name Buonarroto meaning "good increase". This was the surname of the Renaissance painter and sculptor Michelangelo (1475-1564).
Dubois French
Means "from the forest", from French bois "forest".
Hughes 1 English
Patronymic of the given name Hugh.
Hume Scottish, English
Variant of Holme. A famous bearer was the philosopher David Hume (1711-1776).
Jefferson English
Means "son of Jeffrey". A famous bearer was American president Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826). Since his surname was sometimes adopted by freed slaves, it is now more common among the African-American population.
Morris English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh
Derived from the given name Maurice.
Neumann German, Jewish
From Middle High German niuwe and man meaning "new man, newcomer".
Ricci Italian
From Italian riccio meaning "curly", a nickname for someone with curly hair. It is ultimately from Latin ericius meaning "hedgehog".
Russell English
From a Norman French nickname that meant "little red one", perhaps originally describing a person with red hair.
Schweitzer German
Indicated a person from Switzerland (see Schweiz).
Shen Chinese
From Chinese (shēn) referring to the ancient state of Shen, which existed during the Zhou dynasty.
Xu 1 Chinese
From Chinese () referring to the ancient state of Xu, which existed to the 6th century BC in what is now Jiangsu and Anhui. The character means "slowly, calmly".
Young English
Derived from Old English geong meaning "young". This was a descriptive name to distinguish father from son.
Zhang Chinese
From Chinese (zhāng) meaning "stretch, extend". It may have denoted a bowmaker whose job it was to stretch bow wood.