Surnames Categorized "rugby union Springboks"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include rugby union Springboks.
Aston 1 English
From a place name meaning "east town" in Old English.
Bezuidenhout Dutch
From Dutch zuid "south" and hout "forest". It refers to the south of the forest in The Hague.
Bosch 1 Dutch, Low German
Derived from Middle Dutch bosch meaning "wood, forest".
Botha Southern African, Afrikaans
South African variant of Both.
Carr Scottish
Variant of Kerr.
Dirksen Dutch, German
Means "son of Dirk".
Ellis English, Welsh
Derived from the given name Elijah, or sometimes Elisedd.
Ferreira Portuguese, Galician
Denoted a person from a town named because it was near an iron mine, from Latin ferrum meaning "iron".
Fortuin Dutch
Dutch cognate of Fortune.
Gibbs English, Scottish
Means "son of Gib".
Howe English
Name for one who lived on a hill, from Middle English how "hill" (of Norse origin).
Jager German
Variant of Jäger.
Joubert French
From the given name Gaubert.
Kirchner German
Derived from Middle High German kirchenaere meaning "sexton".
Klerk Dutch
Variant of De Klerk.
Kuhn German
Derived from a diminutive of the German given name Konrad.
McLeod Scottish
From Gaelic MacLeòid meaning "son of Leod", a given name derived from Old Norse ljótr "ugly".
Müller German
German equivalent of Miller, derived from Middle High German mülnære or müller.
Olivier French
Derived from the given name Olivier.
Otto German
From the given name Otto.
Pretorius Southern African, Afrikaans
From Latin praetor meaning "leader". This name was adopted in the 17th century by Wesselius Praetorius as a Latin translation of his previous surname Schulte. It is now common in South Africa.
Roux French
Derived from Old French ros meaning "red", from Latin russus, a nickname for a red-haired person.
Theunissen Dutch
Means "son of Theunis".
Visser Dutch
Occupational name meaning "fisherman" in Dutch.