Galician Surnames

Galician names are used in Galicia in northwestern Spain by speakers of Galician.
Abreu Portuguese, Galician
Meaning uncertain, possibly from a given name that was of Germanic origin.
Botello Galician
Occupational name for a maker of bottles, from Galician bottela meaning "bottle".
Coello Galician
Galician cognate of Coelho.
Ferreira Portuguese, Galician
Denoted a person from a town named because it was near an iron mine, from Latin ferrum meaning "iron".
Ferreiro Galician
Galician cognate of Ferrari.
Nogueira Portuguese, Galician
From Portuguese and Galician nogueira meaning "walnut tree", from the Late Latin nucarius, ultimately from Latin nux meaning "nut".
Pereira Portuguese, Galician
From Portuguese and Galician pereira meaning "pear tree", ultimately from Latin pirum meaning "pear".
Puga Galician
Means "thorn, prickle" in Galician.
Quiroga Galician
Originally denoted a person from the town of Quiroga in Galicia, Spain.
Rocha Portuguese, Galician
Portuguese and Galician cognate of Roach.
Vilar Portuguese, Galician, Catalan
Means "hamlet, farm" in Portuguese, Galician and Catalan, from Late Latin villare, a derivative of Latin villa.