Surnames Categorized "uncertain etymology"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include uncertain etymology.
Acquarone Italian
Meaning uncertain, possibly from a place name or an occupation derived from Italian acqua "water".
Arias Spanish
Possibly derived from a medieval given name of Germanic origin.
Ávila Spanish
From the name of the city of Ávila in Spain. It is of uncertain meaning, possibly of Punic or Celtic origin.
Ayala Spanish
From the name of the town of Ayala (called Aiara in Basque) in Álava, Spain. It might be derived from Basque aiher "slope" or alha "pasture".
Boyle Irish
From Irish Ó Baoighill meaning "descendant of Baoigheall". The meaning of the given name Baoigheall is uncertain, but it is thought to be connected to Irish geall meaning "pledge".
Caden Irish
From Irish Mac Cadáin meaning "descendant of Cadán", a given name of unknown meaning.
Camacho Spanish, Portuguese
Meaning unknown, possibly related to the Celtic root *kambos meaning "crooked, twisted".
Carmody Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Ó Cearmada meaning "descendant of Cearmaid", a Gaelic given name.
Carson Scottish
Meaning uncertain, possibly from the town of Courson in Normandy.
Cochrane Scottish
From the name of a place in Renfrewshire, Scotland. Its origin is uncertain.
Dalca Romanian
Meaning uncertain.
García Spanish
From a medieval given name of unknown meaning, possibly related to the Basque word hartz meaning "bear". This is the most common surname in Spain.
Laitinen Finnish
Finnish surname of unknown origin.
Mac Uileagóid Irish
Irish Gaelic form of McElligott.
McCauley Irish, Scottish
Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Amhalghaidh or Mac Amhalghadha meaning "son of Amhalghaidh". The given name Amhalghaidh, from Old Irish Amalgaid, is of uncertain meaning.
McElligott Irish
Anglicized form of the Irish Gaelic name Mac Uileagóid meaning "son of Uileagóid", a diminutive of Uilleag.
Metharom Thai
Possibly refers to a place or institute of learning or where knowledge is provided.
Montoya Spanish
From the name of a village in the province of Álava in Spain. It is possibly of Basque origin, or possibly from Latin mons "mountain, hill".
Muñoz Spanish
Patronymic derived from the medieval Spanish given name Muño, from Latin Munnius, possibly of Germanic origin.
Ó Comhraidhe Irish
Means "descendant of Comhraidhe", in which the given name Comhraidhe is of unknown meaning.
Pavia Italian
From the name of the city of Pavia in Lombardy, Italy. It is of unknown meaning.
Quesada Spanish
Habitational name from Quesada, a place in Jaén in southern Spain. The place name is of uncertain derivation; it could be connected to Old Spanish requexada meaning "corner, tight spot".
Ravenna Italian
From the name of the city of Ravenna in northern Italy, which is of uncertain origin, possibly Etruscan.
Samara 1 Arabic
Meaning unknown.
Sappington English
Possibly from the city of Sapperton, England, derived from Old English sapere meaning "soap maker" and tun meaning "enclosure, yard, town".
Savona Italian
From the name of the city of Savona in northern Italy, called Savo by the Romans, of uncertain meaning.
Sigourney English
From the name of the commune of Sigournais in western France, called Segurniacum in medieval Latin, itself of unknown meaning.
Tavares Portuguese
From any of the numerous places in Portugal called Tavares, likely of pre-Roman origin.
Tiraboschi Italian
Possibly of Lombardic origin meaning "shepherd" (from Old German tior "animal" and bursa "boy"). This surname is typical of Lombardy.
Ureña Spanish
Probably derived from the name of Urueña, a town in the province of Valladolid, Spain, which is of unknown meaning.
Viteri Spanish, Basque
Meaning uncertain, possibly from a Basque place name.
Wuopio Swedish
Meaning uncertain, possibly referred to a dweller in a narrow bay with steep shores.