Surnames Categorized "vegetables"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include vegetables.
Cracchiolo Italian
Derived from Italian cracchiola, referring to a chicory-like vegetable.
Kohl German
Derived from Middle High German kol "cabbage".
Laganà Italian
Occupational name for a greengrocer, meaning "vegetables" in southern Italian dialects, ultimately from Greek λάχανον (lachanon).
Ramsey English, Scottish
Means "garlic island", derived from Old English hramsa "garlic" and eg "island". The surname was brought to Scotland by the Norman baron Simundus de Ramsay.
Sparacello Italian
From Sicilian sparaciu meaning "asparagus", an occupational name for an asparagus seller or grower.
Ziemniak Polish
Means "potato" in Polish.