Surnames Categorized "wildness"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include wildness.
Agresta Italian
From Latin agrestis meaning "rural, rustic".
Allaway Scottish
From a Scottish place name, itself derived from alla "wild" and mhagh "field".
Best 1 English
Derived from Middle English beste meaning "beast", an occupational name for a keeper of animals or a nickname for someone who acted like a beast. A famous bearer of this surname was soccer legend George Best (1946-2005).
Haggard English
From a nickname meaning "wild, untamed, worn", from Old French, ultimately from a Germanic root.
Hawk English
Originally a nickname for a person who had a hawk-like appearance or who acted in a fierce manner, derived from Old English hafoc "hawk".
Hrubý Czech
Means "crude, coarse" in Czech.
Hu Chinese
From Chinese () meaning "beard, whiskers, recklessly, wildly, barbarian".
Ó Rodagh Irish
Means "descendant of Rodach" in Irish. The given name Rodach is derived from from Irish rod meaning "spirited, furious".
Rowbottom English
Originally indicated a person who lived in an overgrown valley, from Old English ruh "rough, overgrown" and boðm "valley".
Savage English
English nickname meaning "wild, uncouth", derived from Old French salvage or sauvage meaning "untamed", ultimately from Latin silvaticus meaning "wild, from the woods".
Silvestri Italian
Derived from the given name Silvester.
Straub German
From Old High German strub meaning "rough, unkempt".
Vadas Hungarian
From Hungarian vad meaning "wild", either a nickname or an occupational name for a hunter of wild game.
Wilbur English
From the nickname Wildbor meaning "wild boar" in Middle English.
Wild English, German
Means "wild, untamed, uncontrolled", derived from Old English wilde. This was either a nickname for a person who behaved in a wild manner or a topographic name for someone who lived on overgrown land.
Wildgrube German
From the name of a German town, derived from German wild "wild, untamed" and Grube "hollow, pit".