Frisian Surnames

Frisian names are used in Friesland in the northern Netherlands and in East and North Frisia in northwestern Germany. See also about Frisian Names.
Aartsma Frisian
Means "son of Arend", the suffix -ma indicating that it is of Frisian origin.
Adema Frisian
Means "son of Ade 2".
Agema Frisian
Means "son of Age 1".
Aikema Frisian
Means "son of Aike".
Alkema Frisian
Means "son of Alke".
Alma Frisian
Means "son of Ale 2", the suffix -ma indicating that it is of Frisian origin.
Alserda Frisian
Designated a person who was from a farm called Alserd, of uncertain meaning.
Anema Frisian
Means "son of Ane 2".
Anjema Frisian
Denoted a person from the village of Anjum in the Netherlands. It possibly means "corner" in Dutch.
Annema Frisian
Means "son of Anne 2".
Antema Frisian
Means "son of Ante 2".
Antuma Frisian
Variant of Antema.
Arkema Frisian
Means "son of Arke 2".
Atsma Frisian
Means "son of Atse".
Aukema Frisian
Means "son of Auke".
Baarda Frisian
From the name of the town of Baard in the Netherlands, possibly derived from a given name that was a variant of Bert.
Baarsma Frisian
Indicated a person coming from the small town of Beers in Frisia.
Bakema Frisian
Means "son of Bake", a short form of names starting with the Old German element batu "fight, struggle".
Barwegen Frisian
Derived from the name of a village in Frisia meaning "road to the dike".
Bootsma Frisian
Occupational name meaning "boatman", derived from Dutch boot "boat".
Dykstra Frisian
From Frisian dyk meaning "dike, ditch". The name was given to a person living near a dyke or embankment.
Herrema Frisian
Frisian variant of Heeren.
Hoekstra Frisian
From Frisian hoek meaning "corner".
Laninga Frisian
From Frisian lân meaning "land".
Reinders Dutch, Frisian
From the given name Reindert.
Van Wieren Frisian, Dutch
Means "from Wieren". This is the name of towns in Frisia and other parts of the Netherlands, which mean "seaweed".