Frisian Submitted Surnames

Frisian names are used in Friesland in the northern Netherlands and in East and North Frisia in northwestern Germany. See also about Frisian Names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Aardema Frisian
The surname Aardema is a patronymic from the personal name Aart, a local variant of Arend, + -ma, a Frisian suffix of origin.
Aertsz Dutch, Frisian
A Patronymic surname from Aert, a shortened form of the first name Arnout.
Aten Frisian, Dutch
The Frisian name Aten means "Noble Wolf". The name was probably given to lesser lords. As noble would mean nobility. As wolf was always a symbol of a warrior, or hunter. Usually Nobles who were also warriors, were lesser lords... [more]
Baack North Frisian, Dutch
Either from a reduced form of the Germanic personal name Baldeke (a short form of any of the compound names with the first element bald ‘bold’, for example Baldewin) or from Middle Low German baec, bake ‘pork’, ‘bacon’, hence a metonymic occupational name for a butcher or pig farmer.
Baldis Frisian
Frisian, Dutch, and North German: from a reduced and altered form of the personal name Balthasar (see Baltazar).
Balkema Frisian
Frisian variant of Baldwin
Bey French, German, Frisian
North German and Frisian: from the Old Frisian personal name Beyo or Boy/Boye (see Boye).... [more]
Bouma Frisian
Origine is Friesland.... [more]
Boye English, German, Dutch, Frisian, Danish
From the Germanic given names Boio or Bogo, which are of uncertain origin... [more]
Braaksma Frisian (Dutchified, Modern, Rare)
Topographic name for someone who lived by a piece of wasteland or newly cultivated land, from Frisian, Dutch braak ‘fallow’, ‘waste’ + Frisian ma ‘man’. The suffix -ma indicating that it is of Frisian origin.
Bruinsma Dutch, West Frisian
Means "son of Bruin", the suffix -(s)ma indicating that it is of Frisian origin.
Brún Frisian, Jewish
Frisian form of Brun.
Douwes Dutch, Frisian
From the given name Douwe, itself derived from Frisian dou meaning "dove, pigeon". A notable bearer was the Dutch writer Eduard Douwes Dekker (1820-1887), better known by his pen name Multatuli.
Eilert Frisian, Norwegian, Swedish
From the given name Eilert.
Ennenga Frisian
From the given name Enno.
Enno Frisian
From the given name Enno.
Epema Frisian
"Son of Epa" or "Son of Eepa". The name was applied starting around 1620 C.E. to the descendants of Eepa, matriarch of a family of the "grytman" type of elected nobility who held political power in and around the town of Sneek/Snits... [more]
Feck German, Frisian
From a short form of the Frisian personal name Feddeke, a pet form of Fre(de)rik (see Friederich).
Ganta Frisian
Probably a habitational name for someone from Bant, in the 17th century an island in Friesland, now the village north of Emmeloord in the Noordoostpolder.
Gerrits Dutch, Frisian
"Son of Gerrit".
Hager Dutch, North Frisian
From a Germanic personal name composed of hag 'hedge', 'enclosure' + hari, heri 'army'.
Harmeninck Frisian
Patronymic of Hermann.
Hay English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Frisian
Scottish and English: topographic name for someone who lived by an enclosure, Middle English hay(e), heye(Old English (ge)hæg, which after the Norman Conquest became confused with the related Old French term haye ‘hedge’, of Germanic origin)... [more]
Hinderks Dutch, Frisian
Means "son of Hinderk".
Iwerks East Frisian, Frisian
Meaning Unknown.
Jellema West Frisian, Frisian
Means “Son of Jelle”, the suffix -(s)ma indicating that it is of Frisian origin.
Kat Dutch, Frisian, Afrikaans, Jewish
Means "Cat" in Dutch, Frisian, and Afrikaans, perhaps originally a nickname for someone who owned a cat or somehow resembled a cat.
Klaes Frisian
From the given name Klaes.
Kooistra Frisian
occupational name for a decoy man, from an agent derivative of Middle Dutch kooye ‘decoy’.
Lefferts Dutch, North Frisian
From lefert meaning "Leopard."
Lineberry English, German, Dutch, West Frisian
Americanized spelling of Leinberg.
Lubbert Frisian
From the given name Lubbert.
Niemann North Frisian
North German form of Neumann, from Middle Low German nie + man.
Paysen German, Frisian
Patronymic from the personal name Pay, the Frisian form of Paul.
Payson German, Frisian
German and Frisian variant spelling of Paysen, a patronymic from the personal name Paul.
Poppinga Dutch, East Frisian, Frisian
Likely means ‘son of a pope’.
Postma Frisian
Frisian variant of the Dutch and North German surname Posthumus.
Redmer Frisian
North German: from the Frisian personal name, composed of the Germanic elements rad ‘advice’, ‘counsel’ + mari, meri ‘fame’.
Ripp English (American), East Frisian, German
From Ripp, a Frisian pet name for Rippert.
Roelofsema Frisian
Possibly meaning "son of Roelof". Variant of Roelofsma.
Roelofsma Frisian
Possibly means "son of Roelof".
Rosema Frisian
Variant spelling of Rozema.
Rozema Frisian
Possibly a contraction of Roelfsema meaning "son of Roelf" or derived from Roos. Also spelled Rosema, Roosma, Rozeman.
Sijbrandij Frisian
Comes from the Dutch name Sijbren which originates from the Roman Sybrandus
Sjoerdsma Frisian, Dutch
Derived from the Frisian given name Sjoerd combined with the Frisian surname suffix -(s)ma, which is most likely derived from Old Frisian monna meaning "men".... [more]
Sytsma Frisian
Son of Sietse/Sytse/Sijtse
Tabbert German, Frisian
From Middle Low German tabbert, Middle Dutch tabbaert ‘tabard’, a sleeveless overgarment worn by men in the Middle Ages, (ultimately from French tabard, from Late Latin tabardum)... [more]
Tiesema Frisian
It's a patronym and it means "son of Ties".
Tuinstra Frisian
Topographic name for a person who lived by a garden or enclosure, derived from Frisian tuin meaning "garden, yard", or a habitational name denoting someone from a place called Tuin.
Turkstra Frisian
TURKSTRA - Meaning: From the town of "Turkeye". Turkeye is a small town within Zeelandic Flanders in the western part of Netherlands. This family names was given to persons originating from the village.
Wessel Frisian, Dutch
From the given name Wessel.
Wiebenga Frisian, Dutch
From the given name Wiebe, the suffix -enga indicating that it is of Frisian origin.
Wijnaldum Frisian, Dutch, Dutch (Surinamese)
From Wijnaldum, the name of a village within the city of Harlingen in northwest Friesland in the Netherlands, derived from the given name Winald combined with Old Frisian hēm meaning "home, settlement"... [more]
Wilkes English, Frisian
English: patronymic from Wilk.... [more]
Wyckoff East Frisian (Rare)
The North Germanic meaning is "settlement on a bay," as in the cognate Viking (Viking is derived from Old Norse vík "bay").
Zylstra Dutch, Frisian, English
Derived from Dutch zijl "canal" or "sluice". Originally indicated someone who lives near a canal or sluice.