Georgian Submitted Surnames

Georgian names are used in the country of Georgia in central Eurasia.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Abakelia აბაკელია Georgian
Georgian surname used by sculptor Tamar Abakelia and physician Ioseb Abakelia.
Abkhazava აფხაზავა Georgian, Mingrelian
Most likely from Georgian აფხაზი (apkhazi) meaning "Abkhaz". Alternately, it may be from the Adjaran (Muslim) given name Abkhas, derived from Arabic أب ('ab) meaning "father" and خاص (khas) meaning "special, particular".
Abkhazi აფხაზი Georgian
Means "Abkhaz person" in Georgian, referring to a member of the Abkhaz ethnic group inhabiting the Black Sea coast. This was the name of a Georgian family of princely status descended from the Shervashidze ruling family of Abkhazia.
Adamadze ადამაძე Georgian
Means "son of Adam".
Adamashvili ადამაშვილი Georgian
Means "son of Adam".
Ambrosishvili ამბროსიშვილი Georgian
Means "son of Ambrosi".
Andriashvili ანდრიაშვილი Georgian
Means "son of Andria".
Andronikashvili ანდრონიკაშვილები Georgian
Means "son of Andronikos". This was the name of a Georgian family of nobility that claimed descent from Andronikos I, the emperor of the Byzantine Empire from 1183-1185.
Arabuli არაბული Georgian
Means "Arabic, Arab" in Georgian, referring to Arabs who historically resided in the region of Khevsureti in Georgia.
Arsenadze არსენაძე Georgian
Means "son of Arsen".
Arsenishvili არსენიშვილი Georgian
Means "son of Arsen" in Georgian.
Aslanishvili ასლანიშვილი Georgian
Means "son of Aslan" in Georgian.
Bagrationi ბაგრატიონი Georgian
Means "son of Bagrat" in Georgian. This was the name of a royal dynasty that ruled Georgia from the Middle Ages to the 19th century.
Balanchivadze ბალანჩივაძე Georgian
Bombi ბომბი Italian, Bosnian, Albanian, Georgian, Armenian, Ossetian
Patronymic form of Bomba.
Davitadze დავითაძე Georgian
Means "son of Davit".
Davitashvili დავითაშვილი Georgian
Means "son of Davit".
Diasamidze დიასამიძე Georgian
Means "son of Diasami", from a Georgian given name of unknown meaning, perhaps meaning "master" or derived from Abkhaz дәаӡа (dwaʒa) meaning "uncultivated land, virgin soil" (thus used to refer to someone who plowed land)... [more]
Gabriadze გაბრიაძე Georgian
Means "son of Gabriel".
Gharibashvili ღარიბაშვილი Georgian
Giorgashvili გიორგაშვილი Georgian
Means "son of Giorgi".
Gochadze გოჩაძე Georgian
Means "son of Gocha".
Gruzinsky გრუზინსკი Russian, Georgian
Means "Georgian" in Russian.
Gugushvili გუგუშვილი Georgian
Guramishvili გურამიშვილი Georgian
Means "son of Guram".
Gurgenidze გურგენიძე Georgian
Means "son of Gurgen".
Iagorashvili იაგორაშვილი Georgian
Means "son of Iagor".
Iakobashvili იაკობაშვილი Georgian
Means "son of Iakob".
Iosebashvili იოსებაშვილი Georgian
Means "son of Ioseb".
Ivanishvili ივანიშვილი Georgian
Means "son of Ivane".
Jishkariani ჯიშკარიანი Georgian
Kalashnikova კალაშნიკოვა Russian, Georgian (Rare)
Feminine form of Kalashnikov
Kublashvili კუბლაშვილი Georgian
Last name originates from Imereti region of Georgia .
Lukashvili ლუკაშვილი Georgian
Means "son of Luka".
Mamukashvili მამუკაშვილი Georgian
Means "son of Mamuka".
Margvelashvili მარგველაშვილი Georgian
A bearer is Giorgi Margvelashvili, the current president of Georgia.
Mchedlishvili მჭედლიშვილი Georgian
Means "son of the blacksmith" from Georgian მჭედელი (mchedeli) meaning "smith, blacksmith".
Megrelishvili მეგრელიშვილი Georgian
Means "son of the Mingrelian", derived from Georgian მეგრელი (megreli) meaning "Mingrelian".
Merabishvili მერაბიშვილი Georgian
Means "son of Merab 2".
Mikhelashvili მიხელაშვილი Georgian, Jewish
Means "son of Mikheil" in Georgian.
Murtov Georgian
Means "son of Murtaz".
Nikolaishvili ნიკოლაიშვილი Georgian, Jewish
Means "son of Nikoloz" in Georgian.
Nikolozishvili ნიკოლოზიშვილი Georgian
Means "son of Nikoloz".
Nizharadze ნიჟარაძე Georgian
Meaning unknown.
Omanidze ომანიძე Georgian
Ordzhonikidze ორჯონიკიძე Georgian (Russified)
Russified form of Orjonikidze.
Otarashvili ოთარაშვილი Georgian
Means "son of Otar".
Paikashvili ფაიქაშვილი Georgian
Likely means "child of Paik", derived from the archaic masculine given name Paik (ultimately of Arabic origin) combined with Georgian შვილი (shvili) meaning "child".
Paikidze ფაიქიძე Georgian
Likely means "son of Paik", derived from the archaic masculine given name Paik (ultimately of Arabic origin) combined with Georgian ძე (dze) meaning "son".
Pavliashvili პავლიაშვილი Georgian
Means "son of Pavle".
Petriashvili პეტრიაშვილი Georgian
Means "son of Petre".
Qazaishvili ყაზაიშვილი Georgian
Ramazashvili რამაზაშვილი Georgian
Means "son of Ramaz".
Rekhviashvili რეხვიაშვილი Georgian
Revazishvili რევაზიშვილი Georgian
Means "son of Revaz".
Rostomashvili როსტომაშვილი Georgian
Means "son of Rostom".
Sabashvili საბაშვილი Georgian
Means "son of Saba".
Shalvashvili შალვაშვილი Georgian
Means "son of Shalva".
Shavdatuashvili შავდათუაშვილი Georgian
Shotadze შოთაძე Georgian
Means "son of Shota".
Shotashvili შოთაშვილი Georgian
Means "son of Shota".
Tamazashvili თამაზაშვილი Georgian
Means "son of Tamaz".
Tarielashvili ტარიელაშვილი Georgian
Means "son of Darius" in Georgian.
Tsiklauri წიკლაური Georgian
Meaning uncertain.
Vakhtangadze ვახტანგაძე Georgian
Means "son of Vakhtang".
Vakhtangishvili ვახტანგიშვილი Georgian
Means "son of Vakhtang".
Yakobashvili იაკობაშვილი Georgian, Jewish
Alternate transcription of Iakobashvili chiefly used by Georgian Jews.
Zaalishvili ზაალიშვილი Georgian
Means "son of Zaal".
Zhizhiashvili ჟიჟიაშვილი Georgian
Zosimovi ზოსიმოვი Georgian (Rare)
Possibly from the given name Zosim.
Zurabashvili ზურაბაშვილი Georgian
Means "son of Zurab".
Zurabishvili ზურაბიშვილი Georgian
Means "son of Zurab".
Zviadadze ზვიადაძე Georgian
Means "son of Zviad".
Zviadauri ზვიადაური Georgian
From the given name Zviad.