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Piet AalbersemNotable Politicians and Statespeople
AaliyahfNotable Musicians
Nunu AbashydzefNotable Athletes
Amy AbbottfFictional Characters from Television
Bright AbbottmFictional Characters from Television
Harold AbbottmFictional Characters from Television
Linda AbbottfFictional Characters from Television
Rose AbbottfFictional Characters from Television
Tony AbbottmAustralian Prime Ministers
Jake AbelmNotable Actors and Actresses
Abibos of NekresimSaints
Abibus of SamosatamSaints
Abo of TiflismSaints
Abraham ImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Jim AbrahamsmNotable Filmmakers
Iason AbramashvilimNotable Athletes
Stacey AbramsfNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Yago AbuladzemNotable Athletes
Tbeli AbuserisdzemSaints
Kirk AcevedomNotable Actors and Actresses
Amy AckerfNotable Actors and Actresses
Jensen AcklesmNotable Actors and Actresses
Carlo AcutismSaints
Daisy AdairfFictional Characters from Movies, Fictional Characters from Television
Evan AdamsmNotable Actors and Actresses
Grantley Herbert AdamsmOther Leaders
Jean-Pierre AdamsmNotable Athletes
Tom AdamsmOther Leaders
Michel AdansonmNotable Scientists and Inventors
Mark AddymNotable Actors and Actresses
Paul AdelsteinmNotable Actors and Actresses
Ibrahim AfellaymNotable Athletes
Casey AffleckmNotable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
Agapius of RomemSaints
Agapius of SebastemSaints
Agathon ImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Agathonicus of NicomediamSaints
Nika AgiashvilimNotable Filmmakers
AglaonicefNotable Scientists and Inventors
Spiro AgnewmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Agrippinus ImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Dianna AgronfNotable Actors and Actresses
Caroline AhernefNotable Actors and Actresses
Esko AhomFinnish Presidents and Prime Ministers
Martti AhtisaarimFinnish Presidents and Prime Ministers, Nobel Prize Winners
Danny AiellomNotable Actors and Actresses
Liam AikenmNotable Actors and Actresses
Aimée of Orange-NassaufOther Royalty
Anna AkhmatovafNotable Writers
AkonmNotable Musicians
Lawrence AlamainmFictional Characters from Television
Vivian AlamainfFictional Characters from Television
Jessica AlbafNotable Actors and Actresses
Wil AlbedamNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Christijan AlbersmNotable Athletes
Cherubino AlbertimNotable Artists
Willeke AlbertifNotable Musicians
Willy AlbertimNotable Musicians
Tomaso AlbinonimNotable Musicians
Dariel AlbomNotable Athletes
Guus AlbregtsmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Hans AldersmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Carla AldrichfFictional Characters from Television
Galeazzo AlessimNotable Artists
Alexander IImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Alexander of LiechtensteinmOther Royalty
Alexander of SwedenmOther Royalty
Alexander of the NetherlandsmOther Royalty
Alexander, Prince of OrangemOther Royalty
Sherman AlexiemNotable Filmmakers, Notable Writers
Mohamed Al-FayedmNotable Businesspeople
Alfons of LiechtensteinmOther Royalty
Kristian AlfonsofNotable Actors and Actresses
Jacob AlgeramNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Galasso AlghisimNotable Artists
Alienor Faye of LiechtensteinfOther Royalty
Aysun ƏliyevafNotable Athletes
Gabriele AllegramSaints
Alfie AllenmNotable Actors and Actresses
Ault AllenmFictional Characters from Books, Fictional Characters from Television
Bob AllenmFictional Characters from Books, Fictional Characters from Television
Little Burl AllenmFictional Characters from Books, Fictional Characters from Television
Chad AllenmNotable Actors and Actresses
Creed AllenmFictional Characters from Books, Fictional Characters from Television
Mary AllenfFictional Characters from Books, Fictional Characters from Television
Rob AllenmFictional Characters from Books, Fictional Characters from Television
Tim AllenmNotable Actors and Actresses
Gregg AllmanmNotable Musicians
Kirstie AllsoppfNotable Hosts and Presenters
AltamiromFictional Characters from Books
Trini AlvaradofNotable Actors and Actresses
Dariel ÁlvarezmNotable Athletes
J. ÁlvarezmNotable Musicians
Nicasio Álvarez de CienfuegosmNotable Writers
Diogo AlvesmNotable Evildoers
Tom AmandesmNotable Actors and Actresses
Ambrosi of GeorgiamSaints
Morhad AmdounimNotable Athletes
Chabua AmirejibimNotable Writers
Ammianus MarcellinusmNotable Philosophers and Thinkers
Amphilochios of PatmosmSaints
Amphilochius of PochayivmSaints
Braith AnastamNotable Athletes
Anastasius ImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
AnatoolmFictional Characters from Books
Brandt AndersenmNotable Filmmakers
Anthony AndersonmNotable Actors and Actresses
Doug AndersonmFictional Characters from Television
Kyle AndersonmNotable Athletes
Pamela AndersonfNotable Actors and Actresses
Paul W. S. AndersonmNotable Filmmakers
Richard Dean AndersonmNotable Actors and Actresses
André OoijermNotable Athletes
Mark "Sisqó" AndrewsmNotable Musicians
Naveen AndrewsmNotable Actors and Actresses
Frans AndriessenmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Koos AndriessenmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Andronicus ImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
AngelmFictional Characters from Television
Angus T. JonesmNotable Actors and Actresses
John AnistonmNotable Actors and Actresses
Anita of Orange-NassaufOther Royalty
Anna Pavlovna of RussiafOther Royalty
AnnabellefTitle Characters
AnnabellefTitle Characters
Annette of Orange-NassaufOther Royalty
AnohnifNotable Musicians
Reyer AnslomNotable Writers
Susan AnspachfNotable Actors and Actresses
AntemFictional Characters from Books, Title Characters
Antipater of CyzicusmSaints
Anton II of GeorgiamSaints
Anton of MartkopimSaints
ApesanahkwatmNotable Actors and Actresses
William ApessmNotable Activists and Revolutionaries, Notable Writers
Haijo ApothekermNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Shiri ApplebyfNotable Actors and Actresses
Christina ApplegatefNotable Actors and Actresses
Jacques ArcadeltmNotable Musicians
Nathaniel ArcandmNotable Actors and Actresses
Archil of KakhetimSaints
Lavrenti ArdazianimNotable Writers
Arthur ArdenmFictional Characters from Television
Jacinda ArdernfNew Zealand Prime Ministers
Jenny AreanfNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Musicians
Imperio ArgentinafNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Musicians
Khadija AribfNotable Politicians and Statespeople
AriodantemTitle Characters
AriodantemFictional Characters from Plays and Musicals
Juan "Juanes" Aristizábal VásquezmNotable Musicians
Richard ArmitagemNotable Actors and Actresses
Craig ArmstrongmNotable Musicians
Samaire ArmstrongfNotable Actors and Actresses
David ArnoldmNotable Musicians
Tom ArnoldmNotable Actors and Actresses
Peter ArntzmNotable Athletes
Raymond AronmNotable Philosophers and Thinkers
Alexis ArquettefNotable Actors and Actresses
David ArquettemNotable Actors and Actresses
Rosanna ArquettefNotable Actors and Actresses
Sjoerd ArsmNotable Athletes
Arsen of IqaltomSaints
Arsen of NinotsmindamSaints
Giorgi ArsenishvilimOther Leaders
Artemas of CyzicusmSaints
Gemma ArtertonfNotable Actors and Actresses
James ArthurmNotable Musicians
Owen ArthurmOther Leaders
Lado AsatianimNotable Writers
Ásgeir ÁsgeirssonmIcelandic Presidents and Prime Ministers
Ermias "Nipsey Hussle" AsghedommNotable Musicians
AshantifNotable Musicians
Hank AshermFictional Characters from Television
Matthew AshfordmNotable Actors and Actresses
Aaron AshmoremNotable Actors and Actresses
Shawn AshmoremNotable Actors and Actresses
Ashot I of IberiamSaints
Armand AssantemNotable Actors and Actresses
Lodewijk AsschermNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Jesper AsselmanmNotable Athletes
John Jacob AstormNotable Businesspeople
John Jacob Astor IVmNotable Businesspeople
William Backhouse Astor Jr.mNotable Businesspeople
William Backhouse Astor Sr.mNotable Businesspeople
AsukafNotable Athletes
Athanasius IImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Athanasius IIImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Essence AtkinsfNotable Actors and Actresses
Jeffrey "Ja Rule" AtkinsmNotable Musicians
Gemma AtkinsonfNotable Actors and Actresses
Harry AtkinsonmNew Zealand Prime Ministers
Rowan AtkinsonmNotable Actors and Actresses
Rupert AtkinsonmNotable Writers
David AttenboroughmNotable Scientists and Inventors
AtticusmNotable Philosophers and Thinkers
Atticus of SebastemSaints
Hayley AtwellfNotable Actors and Actresses
Mia AudinafOlympic Medalists
Teuvo AuramFinnish Presidents and Prime Ministers
Lucille AusterofFictional Characters from Television
Auxilius of IrelandmSaints
Hendrick AvercampmNotable Artists
Linda AveyfNotable Businesspeople
Ramón "Daddy Yankee" Ayala RodríguezmNotable Musicians
Rojda AykoçfNotable Musicians
Lew AyresmNotable Actors and Actresses
Hank AzariamNotable Actors and Actresses
Farid AzarkanmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
C. C. BabcockfFictional Characters from Television
Ryan BabelmNotable Athletes
Babylas of NicomediamSaints
Facundo Bacardí MassómNotable Businesspeople
Catherine BachfNotable Actors and Actresses
Michael BadaluccomNotable Actors and Actresses
Hermione BaddeleyfNotable Actors and Actresses
Klaus BadeltmNotable Musicians
Penn BadgleymNotable Actors and Actresses
John BadhammNotable Filmmakers
Walter BaelemNotable Actors and Actresses
Scott BaiomNotable Actors and Actresses
Simon BakermNotable Actors and Actresses
Simon R. BakermNotable Actors and Actresses
Mamuka BakhtadzemOther Leaders
Cor BakkermNotable Musicians
Joop BakkermNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Jim BakkummNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Hosts and Presenters, Notable Musicians
Andria BalanchivadzemNotable Musicians
Meliton BalanchivadzemNotable Musicians
Daniel BaldwinmNotable Actors and Actresses
Jerry BaldwinmNotable Businesspeople
Stephen BaldwinmNotable Actors and Actresses
William BaldwinmNotable Actors and Actresses
Eric BalfourmNotable Actors and Actresses
Jan Peter BalkenendemDutch Prime Ministers
Robert BallmNotable Scientists and Inventors
Robert Stawell BallmNotable Scientists and Inventors
Valentine BallmNotable Scientists and Inventors
John BallancemNew Zealand Prime Ministers
Finn BálormNotable Athletes
Jamie BambermNotable Actors and Actresses
Eric BanamNotable Actors and Actresses
Canaan BananamOther Leaders
Dennis BanksmNotable Activists and Revolutionaries
Susan BanksfFictional Characters from Television
Tyra BanksfNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Hosts and Presenters
Ian BannenmNotable Actors and Actresses
Giorgi BaramidzemNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Christine BaranskifNotable Actors and Actresses
Adrienne BarbeaufNotable Actors and Actresses
Samuel BarbermNotable Musicians
Reid BardemmFictional Characters from Television
Frits BarendmNotable Hosts and Presenters
Sonja BarendfNotable Hosts and Presenters
Albert BarillémNotable Artists
Alben W. BarkleymNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Ben BarnesmNotable Actors and Actresses
Miles BarnettmFictional Characters from Television
Savannah BarnettfFictional Characters from Television
Mietje BaronfOlympic Medalists
Sacha Baron CohenmNotable Actors and Actresses
Errol BarrowmOther Leaders
John BarrowmanmNotable Actors and Actresses
John BarrymNotable Musicians
Judith BarsifNotable Actors and Actresses
Justin BarthamNotable Actors and Actresses
Frédéric Auguste BartholdimNotable Artists
Bonnie BartlettfNotable Actors and Actresses
Mischa BartonfNotable Actors and Actresses
Jay BaruchelmNotable Actors and Actresses
Mikhail BaryshnikovmNotable Actors and Actresses
Basili of KhakhulimSaints
Angela BassettfNotable Actors and Actresses
Marjolein BastinfNotable Artists
Jason BatemanmNotable Actors and Actresses
Fulgencio BatistamOther Leaders
Patrick BauchaumNotable Actors and Actresses
Thierry BaudetmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Frans BauermNotable Hosts and Presenters, Notable Musicians
Helen BaxendalefNotable Actors and Actresses
Michael BaymNotable Filmmakers
Richard BaymFictional Characters from Television
Lawrence BaynemNotable Actors and Actresses
Adam BeachmNotable Actors and Actresses
Orson BeanmNotable Actors and Actresses
Frank BeardmNotable Musicians
Romare BeardenmNotable Artists
Amanda BearsefNotable Actors and Actresses
Ned BeattymNotable Actors and Actresses
Tanaya BeattyfNotable Actors and Actresses
Garcelle BeauvaisfNotable Actors and Actresses
Christophe BeckmNotable Musicians
Glenn BeckmNotable Hosts and Presenters
Tijl BeckandmNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Hosts and Presenters
Kate BeckinsalefNotable Actors and Actresses
Becky GfNotable Musicians
Irene BedardfNotable Actors and Actresses
Bonnie BedeliafNotable Actors and Actresses
Louis BeelmDutch Prime Ministers
Gerard Beelaerts van BloklandmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Pieter Beelaerts van BloklandmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Giel BeelenmNotable Hosts and Presenters
Albert BeermanmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Henk BeerninkmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Shorena BegashvilifNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Hosts and Presenters
Jancis BeguildyfFictional Characters from Books
Joy BeharfNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Hosts and Presenters
Jason BehrmNotable Actors and Actresses
Marek BelkamOther Leaders
Catherine BellfNotable Actors and Actresses
Francis BellmNew Zealand Prime Ministers
Jamie BellmNotable Actors and Actresses
Kristen BellfNotable Actors and Actresses
Lake BellfNotable Actors and Actresses
William BellmFictional Characters from Television
Jackson BellevillemFictional Characters from Television
Lynda BellinghamfNotable Actors and Actresses
Gil BellowsmNotable Actors and Actresses
Robert BeltranmNotable Actors and Actresses
Jim BelushimNotable Actors and Actresses
David BenatarmNotable Philosophers and Thinkers
Brian BenbenmNotable Actors and Actresses
Benedikt of LiechtensteinmOther Royalty
Benjamin ImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Benjamin IImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Alec BenjaminmNotable Musicians
Kirsten BennettfFictional Characters from Television
Rainey BennettmNotable Artists
Victor BennettmFictional Characters from Television
Amber BensonfNotable Actors and Actresses
Barry B. BensonmFictional Characters from Movies
Ezra Taft BensonmOther Religious Leaders
Zoe BensonfFictional Characters from Television
Galeazzo BentimNotable Actors and Actresses
W. O. BentleymNotable Businesspeople
Wes BentleymNotable Actors and Actresses
Julie BenzfNotable Actors and Actresses
Karl BenzmNotable Businesspeople, Notable Scientists and Inventors
Hendrick BerckmanmNotable Artists
Tom BerengermNotable Actors and Actresses
Justin BerfieldmNotable Actors and Actresses
Abraham BergemNorwegian Prime Ministers
Thomas BergemNotable Musicians
Polly BergenfEmmy Award Winners, Notable Actors and Actresses, Notable Hosts and Presenters, Notable Musicians
Wolfram BergermNotable Actors and Actresses
Vera BergkampfNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Tim "Avicii" BerglingmNotable Musicians
Lavrenti BeriamNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Jimmy BerlutimFictional Characters from Television
Nicasius BernaertsmNotable Artists
Artur BernardesmOther Leaders
Bernhard of Lippe-BiesterfeldmOther Royalty
Bernhard of Orange-NassaumOther Royalty
J. BernlefmNotable Writers
Elmer BernsteinmNotable Musicians
Jon BernthalmNotable Actors and Actresses
Ken BerrymNotable Actors and Actresses
Kiki BertensfNotable Athletes
Eddy C. BertinmNotable Writers
Grace BertrandfFictional Characters from Television
Paul BettanymNotable Actors and Actresses
Yasiin "Mos Def" BeymNotable Musicians
Wim BeyenmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Jello BiaframNotable Musicians
Wolfram BialasmNotable Athletes
Jules BianchimNotable Athletes
Bianor of PisidiamSaints
Jill BidenfAmerican First Ladies
Joe BidenmAmerican Presidents
Paul BiegelmNotable Writers
Jessica BielfNotable Actors and Actresses
Jan Krzysztof BieleckimOther Leaders
Ambrose BiercemNotable Writers
Bolesław BierutmOther Leaders
Barend BiesheuvelmDutch Prime Ministers
Jason BiggsmNotable Actors and Actresses
Trophime BigotmNotable Artists
Chief John Big TreemNotable Actors and Actresses
Martine BijlfNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Hosts and Presenters, Notable Musicians
Ank BijleveldfNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Carl BildtmSwedish Prime Ministers
Bushwick BillmNotable Musicians
Rachel BilsonfNotable Actors and Actresses
Margot BinghamfNotable Actors and Actresses
Thora BirchfNotable Actors and Actresses
Gil BirminghammNotable Actors and Actresses
Elizabeth BishopfFictional Characters from Television
Etta BishopfFictional Characters from Television
Harold BishopmFictional Characters from Television
Kelly BishopfNotable Actors and Actresses
Madge BishopfFictional Characters from Television
Peter BishopmFictional Characters from Television
Walter BishopmFictional Characters from Television
Sherwin BitsuimNotable Writers
Bill BixbymNotable Actors and Actresses
Bjarni BenediktssonmIcelandic Presidents and Prime Ministers
Björgólfur Thor BjörgólfssonmNotable Businesspeople
Björk GuðmundsdóttirfNotable Musicians
Björn JónssonmIcelandic Presidents and Prime Ministers
Björn ÞórðarsonmIcelandic Presidents and Prime Ministers
Adriaan BlaauwmNotable Scientists and Inventors
Belle BlackfFictional Characters from Television
Brady BlackmFictional Characters from Television
Jack BlackmNotable Actors and Actresses
John BlackmFictional Characters from Television
Lewis BlackmNotable Actors and Actresses
Honor BlackmanfNotable Actors and Actresses
Algernon BlackwoodmNotable Writers
Selma BlairfNotable Actors and Actresses
Jessica BlakefFictional Characters from Television
Benny BlancomNotable Musicians
Fanny Blankers-KoenfOlympic Medalists
Rosa BlasifNotable Actors and Actresses
Alexis BledelfNotable Actors and Actresses
Tempestt BledsoefNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Hosts and Presenters
Otto BlehrmNorwegian Prime Ministers
Corbin BleumNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Musicians
Danny BlindmNotable Athletes
Abraham BloemaertmNotable Artists
Hendrick BloemaertmNotable Artists
Adèle BloemendaalfNotable Actors and Actresses
Stef BlokmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
David BloommNotable Hosts and Presenters, Notable Journalists
Marc BlucasmNotable Actors and Actresses
Callum BluemNotable Actors and Actresses
Sam BluemFictional Characters from Television
Emily BluntfNotable Actors and Actresses
Buster BluthmFictional Characters from Television
George Bluth, Sr.mFictional Characters from Television
George Michael BluthmFictional Characters from Television
Gob BluthmFictional Characters from Television
Lindsay Bluth FünkefFictional Characters from Television
Lucille BluthfFictional Characters from Television
Michael BluthmFictional Characters from Television
Oscar BluthmFictional Characters from Television
John BoehnermNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Jaap BoersmamNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Kees BoertienmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
BoesmFictional Characters from Books, Fictional Characters from Television
Pieter BogaersmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Winston BogardemNotable Athletes
Eric BogosianmNotable Actors and Actresses
Karlheinz BöhmmNotable Actors and Actresses
Håvard BøkkomOlympic Medalists
Pierre BokmamNotable Actors and Actresses
Jim BolgermNew Zealand Prime Ministers
Florinda BolkanfNotable Actors and Actresses
Frits BolkesteinmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Jair BolsonaromOther Leaders
Godfried BomansmNotable Writers
Matt BomermNotable Actors and Actresses
Eduard BomhoffmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Dyzma Bończa-TomaszewskimNotable Writers
Campion BondmFictional Characters from Books
Kjell Magne BondevikmNorwegian Prime Ministers
Lisa BonetfNotable Actors and Actresses
Hugh BonnevillemNotable Actors and Actresses
Chaz BonomNotable Actors and Actresses
Pat BoonemNotable Musicians
Cor BoonstramNotable Businesspeople
John BoormanmNotable Filmmakers
Douglas BoothmNotable Actors and Actresses
Annie BorckinkfOlympic Medalists
F. BordewijkmNotable Writers
David BoreanazmNotable Actors and Actresses
Hendrik Goeman BorgesiusmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Marco BorsatomNotable Musicians
Els BorstfNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Per BortenmNorwegian Prime Ministers
Jan BosmOlympic Medalists
Stef BosmNotable Musicians
Theo BosmOlympic Medalists
Wouter BosmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Edith BoschfOlympic Medalists
Gerard Bosch van DrakesteinmOlympic Medalists
Eelco Bosch van RosenthalmNotable Journalists
Johan BoskampmNotable Athletes
John BosmanmNotable Athletes
Joe BossanomOther Leaders
Paul BosveltmNotable Athletes
Peter BoszmNotable Athletes
Ben BotmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Theo BotmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Khalid BoulahrouzmNotable Athletes
François BoulangémNotable Hosts and Presenters
Robert BoulinmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Matthew BoultonmNotable Businesspeople
Wilfred BoumamNotable Athletes
Dennis "Def Rhymz" BoumanmNotable Musicians
Anthony BourdainmNotable Hosts and Presenters, Notable Writers
Mies BouwmanfNotable Hosts and Presenters
Marit BouwmeesterfOlympic Medalists
Gordon BowkermNotable Businesspeople
Grant BowlermNotable Actors and Actresses
Bruce BoxleitnermNotable Actors and Actresses
Joseph BoydenmNotable Writers
Lara Flynn BoylefNotable Actors and Actresses
C. V. BoysmNotable Scientists and Inventors
Edson BraafheidmNotable Athletes
Bartho BraatmNotable Actors and Actresses
Lorraine BraccofNotable Actors and Actresses
Eugene BradfordmFictional Characters from Television
John BradleymNotable Actors and Actresses
Bo BradymFictional Characters from Television
Caroline BradyfFictional Characters from Television
Carrie BradyfFictional Characters from Television
Cassie BradyfFictional Characters from Television
Chelsea BradyfFictional Characters from Television
Ciara BradyfFictional Characters from Television
Claire BradyfFictional Characters from Television
Eric BradymFictional Characters from Television
Frankie BradymFictional Characters from Television
Kayla BradyfFictional Characters from Television
Kimberly BradyfFictional Characters from Television
Max BradymFictional Characters from Television
Rex BradymFictional Characters from Television
Roman BradymFictional Characters from Television
Sami BradyfFictional Characters from Television
Shawn BradymFictional Characters from Television
Shawn-Douglas BradymFictional Characters from Television
Zack BradymFictional Characters from Television
Zach BraffmNotable Actors and Actresses
Gerrit BraksmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Kenneth BranaghmNotable Actors and Actresses
Klaus Maria BrandauermNotable Actors and Actresses
Ron BrandstedermNotable Hosts and Presenters
Ernie BrandtsmNotable Athletes
Brigid BrannaghfNotable Actors and Actresses
Richard BransonmNotable Businesspeople
Fanny BratefNotable Artists
Jens BratliemNorwegian Prime Ministers
Benjamin BrattmNotable Actors and Actresses
Trygve BrattelimNorwegian Prime Ministers
Marie BraunfOlympic Medalists
Mary Brave BirdfNotable Activists and Revolutionaries, Notable Writers
Tamar BraxtonfNotable Musicians
Toni BraxtonfGrammy Award Winners, Notable Musicians
John C. BreckinridgemNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Gerbrand Adriaenszoon BrederomNotable Writers
Nicholas BrendonmNotable Actors and Actresses
Amy BrennemanfNotable Actors and Actresses
Bart BrentjensmOlympic Medalists
Abigail BreslinfNotable Actors and Actresses
Jordana BrewsterfNotable Actors and Actresses
Beau BridgesmNotable Actors and Actresses
Christopher "Ludacris" BridgesmNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Musicians
Lloyd BridgesmNotable Actors and Actresses
Lance BriggsmNotable Athletes
Enith BrigithafOlympic Medalists
Jos BrinkmNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Hosts and Presenters, Notable Musicians
Laurens Jan BrinkhorstmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Elco BrinkmanmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Benjamin BristowmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Chris BristowmNotable Athletes
Connie BrittonfNotable Actors and Actresses
Matthew BroderickmNotable Actors and Actresses
Adam BrodymNotable Actors and Actresses
Kyle BrodymFictional Characters from Television
Kees BroekmanmOlympic Medalists
James BrolinmNotable Actors and Actresses
Josh BrolinmNotable Actors and Actresses
Charles BronsonmNotable Actors and Actresses
Herman BroodmNotable Musicians
Rupert BrookemNotable Writers
Aaron BrooksmFictional Characters from Television
Albert BrooksmNotable Actors and Actresses
Judy BrooksfFictional Characters from Television
Lily Brooks ManningfFictional Characters from Television
Pierce BrosnanmNotable Actors and Actresses
Bertha BrouwerfOlympic Medalists
Ina BrouwerfNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Tiemen BrouwermNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Luke BrowermFictional Characters from Television
Andy BrownmFictional Characters from Television
Blair BrownfNotable Actors and Actresses
Bryan BrownmNotable Actors and Actresses
Chris BrownmNotable Musicians
Clancy BrownmNotable Actors and Actresses
Cleveland BrownmFictional Characters from Television
Delia BrownfFictional Characters from Television
Ephram BrownmFictional Characters from Television
Emily BrowningfNotable Actors and Actresses
John BrowningmNotable Scientists and Inventors
Phillip BroylesmFictional Characters from Television
Joseph BruchacmNotable Writers
Jerry BruckheimermNotable Filmmakers
Patrick BruelmNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Musicians
Cor BruijnmNotable Writers
Bruno BruinsmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Dick BrunamNotable Artists, Notable Writers
Zachery Ty BryanmNotable Actors and Actresses
Michael BublémNotable Musicians
Boudewijn BüchmNotable Writers
Colin BuchananmNotable Actors and Actresses
Hyacinth BucketfFictional Characters from Television
C. Buddingh'mNotable Writers
Frank Buffay, Jr.mFictional Characters from Television
Ursula BuffayfFictional Characters from Television
David Dunbar BuickmNotable Businesspeople, Notable Scientists and Inventors
Piet BukmanmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Iulia BuliefNotable Athletes
Joyce BulifantfNotable Actors and Actresses
Jeremy BullochmNotable Actors and Actresses
Susan BunchfFictional Characters from Television
Archie BunkermFictional Characters from Television
Edith BunkerfFictional Characters from Television
Rupert BunnymNotable Artists
Nino BurjanadzefOther Leaders
Billie BurkefNotable Actors and Actresses
Billy BurkemNotable Actors and Actresses
Richard BurkemFictional Characters from Television
Fred BurklefFictional Characters from Television
Forbes BurnhammOther Leaders
Ambrose BurnsidemNotable Military Figures
Aaron BurrmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Orville "Shaggy" BurrellmNotable Musicians
Amanda BurtonfNotable Actors and Actresses
Decimus BurtonmNotable Artists
Hilarie BurtonfNotable Actors and Actresses
Kate BurtonfNotable Actors and Actresses
Richard BurtonmNotable Actors and Actresses
Carter BurwellmNotable Musicians
Giusy BuscemifNotable Actors and Actresses
Sophia BushfNotable Actors and Actresses
Jet BussemakerfNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Alexander BustamantemOther Leaders
Austin ButlermNotable Actors and Actresses
Brett ButlerfNotable Actors and Actresses
Gerard ButlermNotable Actors and Actresses
Pete ButtigiegmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Yelmer BuurmanmNotable Athletes
C. H. D. Buys BallotmNotable Scientists and Inventors
Jerzy BuzekmOther Leaders
Amanda BynesfNotable Actors and Actresses
Charlie ByrdmNotable Musicians
Gabriel ByrnemNotable Actors and Actresses
Rose ByrnefNotable Actors and Actresses
James CaanmNotable Actors and Actresses
Scott CaanmNotable Actors and Actresses
Niccolò CacciatoremNotable Scientists and Inventors
Café FilhomOther Leaders
Eddie CahillmNotable Actors and Actresses
Dean CainmNotable Actors and Actresses
Aimo CajandermFinnish Presidents and Prime Ministers
Tego CalderónmNotable Musicians
Jenny CalendarfFictional Characters from Television
John C. CalhounmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Guy Stewart CallendarmNotable Scientists and Inventors
Sarah Wayne CalliesfNotable Actors and Actresses
Simon CallowmNotable Actors and Actresses
Cab CallowaymNotable Musicians
Jo CalsmDutch Prime Ministers
Kirk CameronmNotable Actors and Actresses
Billy CampbellmNotable Actors and Actresses
Bruce CampbellmNotable Actors and Actresses
Jamie Campbell BowermNotable Actors and Actresses
Janet Campbell HalefNotable Writers
Neve CampbellfNotable Actors and Actresses
Remco CampertmNotable Writers
Galeazzo CampimNotable Artists
CampionmFictional Characters from Books
CampionmFictional Characters from Books
Asa Griggs CandlermNotable Businesspeople
John CandymNotable Actors and Actresses
Adolfo CanepamOther Leaders
Guillaume CanetmNotable Actors and Actresses
Leo CanjelsmNotable Athletes
Dyan CannonfNotable Actors and Actresses
Lewis CapaldimNotable Musicians
Peter CapaldimNotable Actors and Actresses
Bobby CapómNotable Musicians
Pedro CapómNotable Musicians
Francis CapramNotable Actors and Actresses
Jessica CapshawfNotable Actors and Actresses
Mina CaputofNotable Musicians
Maup CaransamNotable Businesspeople
Néstor CarbonellmNotable Actors and Actresses
Linda CardellinifNotable Actors and Actresses
Cardi BfNotable Musicians
Lorne CardinalmNotable Actors and Actresses
Tantoo CardinalfNotable Actors and Actresses
Jane CardonefFictional Characters from Television
Fernando Henrique CardosomOther Leaders
Drew CareymNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Hosts and Presenters
Samuel Warren CareymNotable Scientists and Inventors
Carlos of Bourbon-ParmamOther Royalty
Ingvar CarlssonmSwedish Prime Ministers
Robert CarlylemNotable Actors and Actresses
Hoagy CarmichaelmNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Musicians
Simon CarmiggeltmNotable Writers
Andrew CarnegiemNotable Businesspeople
Glycério Geraldo CarnelossomNotable Artists
Dan CarneymNotable Businesspeople
Frank CarneymNotable Businesspeople
Carolina of Bourbon-ParmafOther Royalty
Charisma CarpenterfNotable Actors and Actresses
John CarpentermNotable Filmmakers, Notable Musicians
Lou CarpentermFictional Characters from Television
Alan CarrmNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Hosts and Presenters
Charmian CarrfNotable Actors and Actresses
Raffaella CarràfNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Hosts and Presenters, Notable Musicians
Agostino CarraccimNotable Artists
Annibale CarraccimNotable Artists
Ludovico CarraccimNotable Artists
David CarradinemNotable Actors and Actresses
John CarradinemNotable Actors and Actresses
Willis CarriermNotable Scientists and Inventors
Altamiro CarrilhomNotable Musicians
Dora CarringtonfNotable Artists
Johnny CarsonmNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Hosts and Presenters
Bridie CarterfNotable Actors and Actresses
Dixie CarterfNotable Actors and Actresses
Jim CartermNotable Actors and Actresses
Joss CarterfFictional Characters from Television
Lynda CarterfNotable Actors and Actresses
Jacques CartiermNotable Businesspeople
Louis CartiermNotable Businesspeople
Pierre CartiermNotable Businesspeople
Angela CartwrightfNotable Actors and Actresses
Veronica CartwrightfNotable Actors and Actresses
Peter CaruanamOther Leaders
David CarusomNotable Actors and Actresses
Abe CarvermFictional Characters from Television
Lexie CarverfFictional Characters from Television
Theo CarvermFictional Characters from Television
John CassavetesmNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Filmmakers
Nick CassavetesmNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Filmmakers
Vincent CasselmNotable Actors and Actresses
David CassillimFictional Characters from Television
Cassius DiomNotable Philosophers and Thinkers
Kaarlo CastrénmFinnish Presidents and Prime Ministers
Urho CastrénmFinnish Presidents and Prime Ministers
Ariel CastromNotable Evildoers
Raúl CastromOther Leaders
S. Truett CathymNotable Businesspeople
Jacob CatsmNotable Politicians and Statespeople, Notable Writers
Kim CattrallfNotable Actors and Actresses
Emma CaulfieldfNotable Actors and Actresses
Jim CaviezelmNotable Actors and Actresses
Henry CavillmNotable Actors and Actresses
Celadion ImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Michael CeramNotable Actors and Actresses
Michael CerverismNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Musicians
François CevertmNotable Athletes
Lacey ChabertfNotable Actors and Actresses
Bart ChabotmNotable Writers
Soman ChainanimNotable Writers
Timothée ChalametmNotable Actors and Actresses
Sarah ChalkefNotable Actors and Actresses
Richard ChamberlainmNotable Actors and Actresses
Justin ChambersmNotable Actors and Actresses
Saxby ChamblissmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Epaphroditus ChampionmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Chance the RappermGrammy Award Winners, Notable Musicians
Liz ChandlerfFictional Characters from Television
Stockard ChanningfNotable Actors and Actresses
Oona ChaplinfNotable Actors and Actresses
Graham ChapmanmNotable Actors and Actresses
Kevin ChapmanmNotable Actors and Actresses
Mark David ChapmanmNotable Evildoers
Lisa ChappellfNotable Actors and Actresses
Bram CharitémOlympic Medalists
Charles S. DuttonmNotable Actors and Actresses
Josh CharlesmNotable Actors and Actresses
Anne CharlestonfNotable Actors and Actresses
Lisa CharleyboyfNotable Writers
Charlotte of CambridgefOther Royalty
Gustave CharpentiermNotable Musicians
Marc-Antoine CharpentiermNotable Musicians
Chevy ChasemNotable Actors and Actresses
Cordelia ChasefFictional Characters from Television
Daveigh ChasefNotable Actors and Actresses
Justin ChatwinmNotable Actors and Actresses
François ChaumNotable Actors and Actresses
Garsevan ChavchavadzemNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Ilia ChavchavadzemSaints
Don CheadlemNotable Actors and Actresses
Shirley CheechoofNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Filmmakers
Molly CheekfNotable Actors and Actresses
Dick CheneymNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Kristin ChenowethfNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Musicians
Nikanor ChernetsovmNotable Artists
Louis ChevroletmNotable Businesspeople
Erskine H. ChildersmOther Leaders
Cristian ChivumNotable Athletes
Anna ChlumskyfNotable Actors and Actresses
Goderdzi ChokhelimNotable Filmmakers, Notable Writers
Bidzina CholoqashvilimSaints
Kelsey ChowfNotable Actors and Actresses
Hayden ChristensenmNotable Actors and Actresses
Hendrick ChristiaensenmNotable Explorers and Adventurers
Gwendoline ChristiefNotable Actors and Actresses
Christina of the NetherlandsfOther Royalty
Christodulus ImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
ChristyfTitle Characters
Walter ChryslermNotable Businesspeople
Lydia ChukovskayafNotable Writers
Korney ChukovskymNotable Writers
Arthur ChungmOther Leaders
Thomas Haden ChurchmNotable Actors and Actresses
Chyler LeighfNotable Actors and Actresses
Eddie CibrianmNotable Actors and Actresses
Włodzimierz CimoszewiczmOther Leaders
Emil CioranmNotable Philosophers and Thinkers, Notable Writers
Aleksander CirkomFictional Characters from Television
Jappe ClaesmNotable Actors and Actresses
Tom ClancymNotable Writers
Christie ClarkfNotable Actors and Actresses
Helen ClarkfNew Zealand Prime Ministers
William A. Clark Sr.mNotable Businesspeople, Notable Politicians and Statespeople
Emilia ClarkefNotable Actors and Actresses
Sonia "Sonique" ClarkefNotable Musicians
Warren ClarkemNotable Actors and Actresses
Jeremy ClarksonmNotable Hosts and Presenters
Claus of the NetherlandsmOther Royalty
Hugo ClausmNotable Writers
Clementinus of HeracleamSaints
Gabe ClementsmFictional Characters from Television
Montgomery CliftmNotable Actors and Actresses
Kim ClijstersfNotable Athletes
George ClintonmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Minodora ClivetifNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Rosemary ClooneyfNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Musicians
Gordon CoatesmNew Zealand Prime Ministers
Wells CoatesmNotable Artists
Phillip CocumNotable Athletes
Iron Eyes CodymNotable Actors and Actresses
Paulo CoelhomNotable Writers
Ben CohenmNotable Businesspeople
Job CohenmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Enrico ColantonimNotable Actors and Actresses
J. ColemNotable Musicians
Dabney ColemanmNotable Actors and Actresses
Jenna ColemanfNotable Actors and Actresses
Schuyler ColfaxmNotable Journalists, Notable Politicians and Statespeople
Chris ColfermNotable Actors and Actresses
Hendrik ColijnmDutch Prime Ministers
Jaume Collet-SerramNotable Filmmakers
Lily CollinsfNotable Actors and Actresses
Michael CollinsmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Phil CollinsmGrammy Award Winners, Notable Musicians
Stephen CollinsmNotable Actors and Actresses
Suzanne CollinsfNotable Writers
Fernando Collor de MellomOther Leaders
Samuel ColtmNotable Businesspeople, Notable Scientists and Inventors
Robbie ColtranemNotable Actors and Actresses
Holly Marie CombsfNotable Actors and Actresses
Sean CombsmNotable Musicians
Christopher "Marshmello" ComstockmNotable Musicians
Stijn ConinxmNotable Filmmakers
Darlene ConleyfNotable Actors and Actresses
Rich ConnellymFictional Characters from Television
Harry Connick, Jr.mNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Musicians
Billy ConnollymNotable Actors and Actresses
ConnormFictional Characters from Television
John ConnormFictional Characters from Movies, Fictional Characters from Television
Kenneth ConnormNotable Actors and Actresses
David ConradmNotable Actors and Actresses
Frances ConroyfNotable Actors and Actresses
Constantijn of the NetherlandsmOther Royalty
Constantin of LiechtensteinmOther Royalty
Mark ConsuelosmNotable Actors and Actresses
Norman "Fatboy Slim" CookmNotable Musicians
Rachael Leigh CookfNotable Actors and Actresses
Jennifer CoolidgefNotable Actors and Actresses
CoopmFictional Characters from Television
Anderson CoopermNotable Hosts and Presenters
Bradley CoopermNotable Actors and Actresses
Dominic CoopermNotable Actors and Actresses
Susan CooperfNotable Writers
Carmine CoppolamNotable Musicians
John CorbettmNotable Actors and Actresses
Kacy CorbinfFictional Characters from Television
James CordenmNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Hosts and Presenters
George Henry CorlissmNotable Businesspeople, Notable Scientists and Inventors
Adelinde CornelissenfOlympic Medalists
Cherubino CornientimNotable Artists
Abbie CornishfNotable Actors and Actresses
Judy CornwellfNotable Actors and Actresses
Pieter Cort van der LindenmDutch Prime Ministers
Miranda CosgrovefNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Musicians
Cosmas ImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Cosmas IImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Cosmas IIImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
James CosmomNotable Actors and Actresses
Elvis CostellomNotable Musicians
Nikolaj Coster-WaldaumNotable Actors and Actresses
Louis CouperusmNotable Writers
Kitty CourboisfNotable Actors and Actresses
Katie CouricfNotable Hosts and Presenters
Harold CourlandermNotable Writers
Tina CousinsfNotable Musicians
Noël CowardmNotable Musicians, Notable Writers
Brendan CowellmNotable Actors and Actresses
Brian CoxmNotable Actors and Actresses
Charlie CoxmNotable Actors and Actresses
Courteney CoxfNotable Actors and Actresses
Gerard CoxmNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Musicians
Ronny CoxmNotable Actors and Actresses
Brendan CoylemNotable Actors and Actresses
Ben CrabbémNotable Hosts and Presenters
Daniel CraigmNotable Actors and Actresses
Don CraigmFictional Characters from Television
Jacqueline CramerfNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Niles CranemFictional Characters from Television
Wes CravenmNotable Filmmakers
Chace CrawfordmNotable Actors and Actresses
Eppo CremersmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Elvis CrespomNotable Musicians
Les CresswellmFictional Characters from Television
Crispulus of RomemSaints
Crispulus of SardiniamSaints
Darren CrissmNotable Actors and Actresses
Betico CroesmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Frido CroesmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
James CromwellmNotable Actors and Actresses
Walter CronkitemNotable Hosts and Presenters
Hume CronynmNotable Actors and Actresses
Marcia CrossfNotable Actors and Actresses
Rupert CrossemNotable Actors and Actresses
Leonard Crow DogmNotable Activists and Revolutionaries, Notable Writers
Cameron CrowemNotable Filmmakers
Koen CruckemNotable Actors and Actresses
Billy CrudupmNotable Actors and Actresses
Jordi CruijffmNotable Athletes
Bridey CruzfFictional Characters from Television
Ted CruzmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Jon CryermEmmy Award Winners, Notable Actors and Actresses
Billy CrystalmNotable Actors and Actresses
CubitusmFictional Characters from Books
Kieran CulkinmNotable Actors and Actresses
Macaulay CulkinmNotable Actors and Actresses
Rory CulkinmNotable Actors and Actresses
Brett CullenmNotable Actors and Actresses
Benedict CumberbatchmNotable Actors and Actresses
Alan CummingmNotable Actors and Actresses
Hugh Gordon CumminsmOther Leaders
Andrew CunananmNotable Evildoers
Liam CunninghammNotable Actors and Actresses
Kaley CuocofNotable Actors and Actresses
Ljubo ČupićmNotable Activists and Revolutionaries
Iulia CureafNotable Athletes
Callie "Swoon" CurryfNotable Artists
Haskell CurrymNotable Philosophers and Thinkers
Tim CurrymNotable Actors and Actresses
Charles CurtismNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Neil CurtismFictional Characters from Television
Peter CushingmNotable Actors and Actresses
Henry Ian CusickmNotable Actors and Actresses
Tawny CypressfNotable Actors and Actresses
Cyril IImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Cyril IIImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Cyril IVmCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Cyril VmCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Cyril VImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Cyrion of AlexandriamSaints
Matt CzuchrymNotable Actors and Actresses
Nika DaalderopfNotable Athletes
Artur da Costa e SilvamOther Leaders
Alexandra DaddariofNotable Actors and Actresses
Tsotne DadianimSaints
Deodoro da FonsecamOther Leaders
Hermes da FonsecamOther Leaders
Tor Edvin DahlmNotable Writers
Bill DailymNotable Actors and Actresses
Gottlieb DaimlermNotable Businesspeople, Notable Scientists and Inventors
Alan DalemNotable Actors and Actresses
Dick DalemNotable Musicians
Ien DalesfNotable Politicians and Statespeople
George M. DallasmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Timothy DaltonmNotable Actors and Actresses
Carson DalymNotable Hosts and Presenters
Tim DalymNotable Actors and Actresses
Damian ImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Barnaba da ModenamNotable Artists
Charles DancemNotable Actors and Actresses
Hendrick DanckertsmNotable Artists
Hedy d'AnconafNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Hugh DancymNotable Actors and Actresses
Eric DanemNotable Actors and Actresses
Claire DanesfEmmy Award Winners, Notable Actors and Actresses
Liz DanesfFictional Characters from Television
Luke DanesmFictional Characters from Television
Beverly D'AngelofNotable Actors and Actresses
Rodney DangerfieldmNotable Actors and Actresses
Jack DanielmNotable Businesspeople