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AaliyahfNotable Musicians
Donna AbandandofFictional Characters from Television
Nunu AbashydzefNotable Athletes
Dritan AbazovićmOther Leaders
Mahmoud AbbasmOther Leaders
Amy AbbottfFictional Characters from Television
Bright AbbottmFictional Characters from Television
Harold AbbottmFictional Characters from Television
Linda AbbottfFictional Characters from Television
Rose AbbottfFictional Characters from Television
Tony AbbottmAustralian Prime Ministers
Abdumalik AbdullajanovmOther Leaders
Abdurrahman WahidmOther Leaders
Jake AbelmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Marisa AbelafNotable Actors and Entertainers
Finn AbernathymFictional Characters from Television
Abibos of NekresimSaints
Abibus of SamosatamSaints
Virgil AblohmNotable Artists, Notable Businesspeople
Abo of TiflismSaints
Abraham ImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Jim AbrahamsmNotable Filmmakers
Jon AbrahamsmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Iason AbramashvilimNotable Athletes
Artie AbramsmFictional Characters from Television
Austin AbramsmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Stacey AbramsfNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Vanessa AbramsfFictional Characters from Books, Fictional Characters from Television
John AbruzzimFictional Characters from Television
Ali Abu Al-RaghebmJordanian Prime Ministers
Yago AbuladzemNotable Athletes
Tbeli AbuserisdzemSaints
Mukhammedkalyi AbylgazievmOther Leaders
Kirk AcevedomNotable Actors and Entertainers
Ani AcholafFictional Characters from Television
Amy AckerfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Jensen AcklesmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Jay AcovonemNotable Actors and Entertainers
Carlo AcutismSaints
Daisy AdairfFictional Characters from Movies, Fictional Characters from Television
Adalbert of PrussiamOther Royalty
Adolphe AdammNotable Musicians
Alvan AdamsmNotable Athletes
Charlie AdamsmFictional Characters from Television
Evan AdamsmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Gerry AdamsmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Grantley Herbert AdamsmOther Leaders
Haleh AdamsfFictional Characters from Television
Jean-Pierre AdamsmNotable Athletes
Jessica AdamsfFictional Characters from Television
Liz AdamsfFictional Characters from Television
Maude AdamsfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Riley AdamsfFictional Characters from Television
Tom AdamsmOther Leaders
Tom AdamsmFictional Characters from Television
Unique AdamsfFictional Characters from Television
Michel AdansonmNotable Scientists and Inventors
Calpernia AddamsfNotable Activists and Revolutionaries, Notable Actors and Entertainers
Thomas AddisonmNotable Scientists and Inventors
Mark AddymNotable Actors and Entertainers
Zack AddymFictional Characters from Television
Paul AdelsteinmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Auguste Adib PachamOther Leaders
Grace AdlerfFictional Characters from Television
Balázs AdolfmNotable Athletes
Adolphus, Duke of CambridgemOther Royalty
Gustave AdormSwiss Presidents
Adut AkechfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Kathleen AertsfNotable Musicians
Ibrahim AfellaymNotable Athletes
Casey AffleckmNotable Actors and Entertainers, Oscar Award Winners
Agapius of RomemSaints
Agapius of SebastemSaints
Agathon ImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Agathonicus of NicomediamSaints
AglaonicefNotable Scientists and Inventors
Spiro AgnewmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Cary AgosmFictional Characters from Television
Agrippinus ImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Dianna AgronfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Freddie AguilarmNotable Musicians
Kemy AgustienmNotable Athletes
Jenny AgutterfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Caroline AhernefNotable Actors and Entertainers
Esko AhomFinnish Presidents and Prime Ministers
Martti AhtisaarimFinnish Presidents and Prime Ministers, Nobel Prize Winners
Danny AiellomNotable Actors and Entertainers
Conrad AikenmNotable Writers, Pulitzer Award Winners
Liam AikenmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Aimée of Orange-NassaufOther Royalty
Don AireymNotable Musicians
Askar AkayevmOther Leaders
Nathan AkémNotable Athletes
Chantal AkermanfNotable Filmmakers
Malin AkermanfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Anna AkhmatovafNotable Writers
Zoe AkinsfNotable Writers, Pulitzer Award Winners
Achmed AkkabimNotable Actors and Entertainers
Nazem AkkarimOther Leaders
AkonmNotable Musicians
Boris AkuninmNotable Writers
Mohammad Al-AbbasimJordanian Prime Ministers
Khayreddin al-AhdabmOther Leaders
Lawrence AlamainmFictional Characters from Television
Vivian AlamainfFictional Characters from Television
Bashar al-AssadmOther Leaders
Hafez al-AssadmOther Leaders
Jessica AlbafNotable Actors and Entertainers
Marouf al-BakhitmJordanian Prime Ministers
Wil AlbedamNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Adriaan AlbergamOther Leaders
Christijan AlbersmNotable Athletes
Eddie AlbertmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Mark AlbertmFictional Characters from Television
Cherubino AlbertimNotable Artists
Willeke AlbertifNotable Musicians
Willy AlbertimNotable Musicians
Adolf AlbinmNotable Athletes
Tomaso AlbinonimNotable Musicians
Mary AlbrightfFictional Characters from Television
Nader Al-DahabimJordanian Prime Ministers
Jason AldeanmNotable Musicians
Carla AldrichfFictional Characters from Television
Ben AldridgemNotable Actors and Entertainers
Lily AldrinfFictional Characters from Television
Kevin AlejandromNotable Actors and Entertainers
Galeazzo AlessimNotable Artists
Alexander Ferdinand of PrussiamOther Royalty
Alexander IImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Alexander of LiechtensteinmOther Royalty
Alexander of the NetherlandsmOther Royalty
Alexander, Prince of OrangemOther Royalty
Macy AlexanderfFictional Characters from Television
Nikki AlexanderfFictional Characters from Television
Ross AlexandermNotable Actors and Entertainers
Alexandrine of PrussiafOther Royalty
Sherman AlexiemNotable Filmmakers, Notable Writers
Ajiona AlexusfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Mohamed Al-FayedmNotable Businesspeople
Faisal Al-FayezmJordanian Prime Ministers
Alfons of LiechtensteinmOther Royalty
Kristian AlfonsofNotable Actors and Entertainers
Amin al-HafezmOther Leaders
Hasan Abu Al-HudamJordanian Prime Ministers
Tawfik Abu Al-HudamJordanian Prime Ministers
Salim al-HussmOther Leaders
Errol AlibuxmOther Leaders
Alienor Faye of LiechtensteinfOther Royalty
Awn Al-KhasawnehmJordanian Prime Ministers
Freya AllanfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Gabriele AllegramSaints
Gia AllemandfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Alfie AllenmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Chad AllenmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Karen AllenfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Tim AllenmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Salvador AllendemOther Leaders
Margery AllinghamfNotable Writers
Elvia AllmanfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Gregg AllmanmNotable Musicians, Rock and Roll Hall-of-Famers
Kirstie AllsoppfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Tony AlmeidamFictional Characters from Television
Pedro AlmodóvarmNotable Filmmakers
Marc AlmondmNotable Musicians
Saadi Al MunlamOther Leaders
Hussein Al OweinimOther Leaders
Richard AlpertmFictional Characters from Television
Todd AlquistmFictional Characters from Television
Samir Al-RifaimJordanian Prime Ministers
Ali al-RikabimJordanian Prime Ministers, Other Leaders
Riad Al SolhmOther Leaders
Rafer AlstonmNotable Athletes
AltamiromFictional Characters from Books
Norovyn AltankhuyagmOther Leaders
Teddy AltmanfFictional Characters from Television
Trini AlvaradofNotable Actors and Entertainers
Dani AlvarezfFictional Characters from Television
J. ÁlvarezmNotable Musicians
Nicasio Álvarez de CienfuegosmNotable Writers
Diogo AlvesmNotable Evildoers
Joe AlwynmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Alois AlzheimermNotable Scientists and Inventors
Tom AmandesmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Rinchinnyamyn AmarjargalmOther Leaders
Ambrosi of GeorgiamSaints
Morhad AmdounimNotable Athletes
Tony AmendolamNotable Actors and Entertainers
Derek AmesmFictional Characters from Television
AmethystfFictional Characters from Television
Najib AmhalimNotable Actors and Entertainers
Viola AmherdfSwiss Presidents
Chabua AmirejibimNotable Writers
Ammianus MarcellinusmNotable Philosophers and Thinkers
Amphilochios of PatmosmSaints
Amphilochius of PochayivmSaints
AnastaciafNotable Musicians
Anastasius ImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
AnatoolmFictional Characters from Books
Joseph AndersmFictional Characters from Television
Kirby AndersfFictional Characters from Television
G. G. AndersonmNotable Musicians
Anthony AndersonmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Blaine AndersonmFictional Characters from Television
Crystal AndersonfFictional Characters from Television
Doug AndersonmFictional Characters from Television
Heath AndersonmFictional Characters from Television
Laurie AndersonfNotable Musicians
Pamela AndersonfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Paul W. S. AndersonmNotable Filmmakers
Richard Dean AndersonmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Roy AndersonmFictional Characters from Television
Sherwood AndersonmNotable Writers
Zeke AndersonmFictional Characters from Television
Magdalena AnderssonfSwedish Prime Ministers
Keith AndesmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Gyula AndrássymHungarian Presidents and Prime Ministers
André OoijermNotable Athletes
Gwili AndrefNotable Actors and Entertainers
Peter AndremNotable Musicians
Elisabeth AndreassenfEurovision Song Contest Winners, Notable Musicians
Hans AndreusmNotable Writers
AndrewmFictional Characters from Television
Henry AndrewsmFictional Characters from Television
Mark "Sisqó" AndrewsmNotable Musicians
Naveen AndrewsmNotable Actors and Entertainers
V. C. AndrewsfNotable Writers
Frans AndriessenmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Koos AndriessenmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Andronicus ImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
AngelmFictional Characters from Television
Vanessa AngelfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Angus T. JonesmNotable Actors and Entertainers
John AnistonmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Anita of Orange-NassaufOther Royalty
Vurnon AnitamNotable Athletes
Ann-MargretfNotable Actors and Entertainers, Notable Musicians
Anna Pavlovna of RussiafOther Royalty
Annette of Orange-NassaufOther Royalty
AnohnifNotable Musicians
AnoukfNotable Musicians
Reyer AnslomNotable Writers
Susan AnspachfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Donald AnspaughmFictional Characters from Television
AntemFictional Characters from Television
Marc AnthonymNotable Musicians
Antipater of CyzicusmSaints
Anton II of GeorgiamSaints
Anton of MartkopimSaints
Jarchinio AntoniamNotable Athletes
Anuel AAmNotable Musicians
Cas AnvarmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Gabrielle AnwarfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Michel AounmOther Leaders
ApesanahkwatmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Virginia ApgarfNotable Scientists and Inventors
Shiri ApplebyfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Christina ApplegatefNotable Actors and Entertainers
Katherine ApplegatefNotable Writers
Larry AppletonmFictional Characters from Television
Natalie AppletonfNotable Musicians
Nicole AppletonfNotable Musicians
Betty ApplewhitefFictional Characters from Television
Caleb ApplewhitemFictional Characters from Television
Matthew ApplewhitemFictional Characters from Television
Pere AragonèsmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Jacques ArcadeltmNotable Musicians
Nathaniel ArcandmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Nate ArchibaldmFictional Characters from Books, Fictional Characters from Television
Archie of SussexmOther Royalty
Archil of KakhetimSaints
David ArchuletamNotable Musicians
Fanny ArdantfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Lavrenti ArdazianimNotable Writers
Arthur ArdenmFictional Characters from Television
Jacinda ArdernfNew Zealand Prime Ministers
Jenny AreanfNotable Actors and Entertainers, Notable Musicians
Jacco ArendsmNotable Athletes
Imperio ArgentinafNotable Actors and Entertainers, Notable Musicians
Khadija AribfNotable Politicians and Statespeople
AriodantemFictional Characters from Plays and Musicals
Pedro ArmendárizmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Iain ArmitagemNotable Actors and Entertainers
Richard ArmitagemNotable Actors and Entertainers
Craig ArmstrongmNotable Musicians
Curtis ArmstrongmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Jonas ArmstrongmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Marjorie Armstrong-PerugianfFictional Characters from Television
Robert ArmstrongmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Samaire ArmstrongfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Arnaut DanjumamNotable Athletes
James ArnessmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Clare ArnoldfFictional Characters from Television
David ArnoldmNotable Musicians
Jack ArnoldmFictional Characters from Television
Karen ArnoldfFictional Characters from Television
Kevin ArnoldmFictional Characters from Television
Norma ArnoldfFictional Characters from Television
Tom ArnoldmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Wayne ArnoldmFictional Characters from Television
Peter ArntzmNotable Athletes
Raymond AronmNotable Philosophers and Thinkers
Alexis ArquettefNotable Actors and Entertainers
David ArquettemNotable Actors and Entertainers
Rosanna ArquettefNotable Actors and Entertainers
Henck ArronmOther Leaders
Sjoerd ArsmNotable Athletes
Arsen of IqaltomSaints
Arsen of NinotsmindamSaints
Giorgi ArsenishvilimGeorgian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Artemas of CyzicusmSaints
Gemma ArtertonfNotable Actors and Entertainers
James ArthurmNotable Musicians
Jean ArthurfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Owen ArthurmOther Leaders
Edith ArtoisfFictional Characters from Television
René ArtoismFictional Characters from Television
Reginald "Fieldy" ArvizumNotable Musicians
Ritu AryafNotable Actors and Entertainers
Ali AsadovmOther Leaders
Lado AsatianimNotable Writers
Graziadio Isaia AscolimNotable Philosophers and Thinkers
Ásgeir ÁsgeirssonmIcelandic Presidents and Prime Ministers
Ermias "Nipsey Hussle" AsghedommNotable Musicians
AshantifNotable Musicians
Hank AshermFictional Characters from Television
Jay AshermNotable Writers
Matthew AshfordmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Simone AshleyfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Aaron AshmoremNotable Actors and Entertainers
Shawn AshmoremNotable Actors and Entertainers
Ashot I of IberiamSaints
Hans AspergermNotable Scientists and Inventors
Jandino AsporaatmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Armand AssantemNotable Actors and Entertainers
Lodewijk AsschermNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Jesper AsselmanmNotable Athletes
Sampsa "Kita" AstalamEurovision Song Contest Winners, Notable Musicians
Rick AstleymNotable Musicians
Jay AstonfEurovision Song Contest Winners
John Jacob AstormNotable Businesspeople
John Jacob Astor IVmNotable Businesspeople
William Backhouse Astor Jr.mNotable Businesspeople
William Backhouse Astor Sr.mNotable Businesspeople
AsukafNotable Athletes
Almazbek AtambayevmOther Leaders
Athanasius IImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Athanasius IIImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Essence AtkinsfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Jeffrey "Ja Rule" AtkinsmNotable Musicians
Tom AtkinsmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Gemma AtkinsonfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Harry AtkinsonmNew Zealand Prime Ministers
Rowan AtkinsonmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Barry AtsmamNotable Actors and Entertainers
Gabriel AttalmFrench Presidents and Prime Ministers
David AttenboroughmNotable Actors and Entertainers, Notable Scientists and Inventors
AtticusmNotable Philosophers and Thinkers
Atticus of SebastemSaints
Hayley AtwellfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Lionel AtwillmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Ryan AtwoodmFictional Characters from Television
Pierre AubertmSwiss Presidents
Isabelle AubretfEurovision Song Contest Winners, Notable Musicians
James AubreymFictional Characters from Television
Mia AudinafOlympic Medalists
August Wilhelm of PrussiamOther Royalty
Augusta of Saxe-Weimar-EisenachfOther Royalty
Auguste Viktoria of Schleswig-HolsteinfOther Royalty
Teuvo AuramFinnish Presidents and Prime Ministers
Jean AusseilmOther Leaders
Kate AustenfFictional Characters from Television
Lucille AusterofFictional Characters from Television
Steve AustinmFictional Characters from Books, Fictional Characters from Television
Auxilius of IrelandmSaints
Hendrick AvercampmNotable Artists
Jackson AverymFictional Characters from Television
James AverymNotable Actors and Entertainers
Linda AveyfNotable Businesspeople
AwkwafinafNotable Actors and Entertainers, Notable Musicians
Ramón "Daddy Yankee" Ayala RodríguezmNotable Musicians
Rojda AykoçfNotable Musicians
Rakie AyolafNotable Actors and Entertainers
Lew AyresmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Hank AzariamNotable Actors and Entertainers
Mykola AzarovmOther Leaders
Yahyo AzimovmOther Leaders
Tijani BabangidamNotable Athletes
Ömürbek BabanovmOther Leaders
Antwon BabcockmFictional Characters from Television
C. C. BabcockfFictional Characters from Television
Ryan BabelmNotable Athletes
Andrej BabišmOther Leaders
Babylas of NicomediamSaints
Facundo Bacardí MassómNotable Businesspeople
Catherine BachfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Kristina BachfNotable Musicians
Burt BacharachmNotable Musicians
Juninho BacunamNotable Athletes
Leandro BacunamNotable Athletes
Michael BadaluccomNotable Actors and Entertainers
Hermione BaddeleyfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Klaus BadeltmNotable Musicians
Diedrich BadermNotable Actors and Entertainers
Penn BadgleymNotable Actors and Entertainers
John BadhammNotable Filmmakers
Kiran BadloemNotable Athletes
Adnan BadranmJordanian Prime Ministers
Mudar BadranmJordanian Prime Ministers
Erykah BadufNotable Musicians
Bae DoonafNotable Actors and Entertainers
Natsagiin BagabandimOther Leaders
Enid BagnoldfNotable Writers
Theodore "T-Bag" BagwellmFictional Characters from Television
Chloe BaileyfNotable Actors and Entertainers, Notable Musicians
Eion BaileymNotable Actors and Entertainers
Halle BaileyfNotable Actors and Entertainers, Notable Musicians
Les BaileymFictional Characters from Television
Miranda BaileyfFictional Characters from Television
Scott BaiomNotable Actors and Entertainers
Maria BakalovafNotable Actors and Entertainers
Anita BakerfNotable Musicians
Cheryl BakerfEurovision Song Contest Winners
Corey BakermFictional Characters from Television
George BakermNotable Musicians
Hannah BakerfFictional Characters from Books, Fictional Characters from Television
Ivy BakerfFictional Characters from Television
Julia BakerfFictional Characters from Television
Penny BakerfFictional Characters from Television
Ray BakermNotable Actors and Entertainers
Samantha BakerfFictional Characters from Television
Scott BakermFictional Characters from Television
Simon BakermNotable Actors and Entertainers
Simon R. BakermNotable Actors and Entertainers
Stanley BakermNotable Actors and Entertainers
Mamuka BakhtadzemGeorgian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Kurmanbek BakiyevmOther Leaders
Dan BakkedahlmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Bob BalabanmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Andria BalanchivadzemNotable Musicians
Meliton BalanchivadzemNotable Musicians
Adam BaldwinmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Daniel BaldwinmNotable Actors and Entertainers
James BaldwinmNotable Writers
Jerry BaldwinmNotable Businesspeople
Stephen BaldwinmNotable Actors and Entertainers
William BaldwinmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Thomas BalemFictional Characters from Television
Caitríona BalfefNotable Actors and Entertainers
Eric BalfourmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Fairuza BalkfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Jan Peter BalkenendemDutch Prime Ministers
Robert Stawell BallmNotable Scientists and Inventors
Valentine BallmNotable Scientists and Inventors
John BallancemNew Zealand Prime Ministers
Finn BálormNotable Athletes
Terry BalsamomNotable Musicians
J. BalvínmNotable Musicians
Jamie BambermNotable Actors and Entertainers
Eric BanamNotable Actors and Entertainers
Canaan BananamOther Leaders
Dezső BánffymHungarian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Cate BanfieldfFictional Characters from Television
Ashley BanksfFictional Characters from Television
Carlton BanksmFictional Characters from Television
Delia BanksfFictional Characters from Television
Dennis BanksmNotable Activists and Revolutionaries
Hilary BanksfFictional Characters from Television
Jonathan BanksmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Ned BanksmFictional Characters from Television
Nicky BanksmFictional Characters from Television
Philip BanksmFictional Characters from Television
Susan BanksfFictional Characters from Television
Tyra BanksfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Vivian BanksfFictional Characters from Television
Ian BannenmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Hugo BanzermOther Leaders
B. A. BaracusmFictional Characters from Television
Ehud BarakmIsraeli Presidents and Prime Ministers
Giorgi BaramidzemNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Christine BaranskifNotable Actors and Entertainers
Adrienne BarbeaufNotable Actors and Entertainers
Marius BarbeaumNotable Scientists and Inventors
Frances BarberfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Samuel BarbermNotable Musicians
Reid BardemmFictional Characters from Television
László BárdossymHungarian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Carolyn BarekfFictional Characters from Television
Sonja BarendfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Ariela BarerfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Blixa BargeldmNotable Musicians
Albert BarillémNotable Artists
Ronnie BarkermNotable Actors and Entertainers
Travis BarkermNotable Musicians
Alben W. BarkleymNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Audra BarkleyfFictional Characters from Television
Heath BarkleymFictional Characters from Television
Jarrod BarkleymFictional Characters from Television
Nick BarkleymFictional Characters from Television
Victoria BarkleyfFictional Characters from Television
Gary BarlowmNotable Musicians
Pert BarlowfFictional Characters from Movies
Tom BarnabymFictional Characters from Books, Fictional Characters from Television
Aneurin BarnardmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Clive BarnardmFictional Characters from Books, Fictional Characters from Television
Ben BarnesmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Cliff BarnesmFictional Characters from Television
C. J. BarnesmFictional Characters from Television
Djuna BarnesfNotable Writers
Willard "Digger" BarnesmFictional Characters from Television
Courtney BarnettfNotable Musicians
Di BarnettfFictional Characters from Television
Miles BarnettmFictional Characters from Television
Ray BarnettmFictional Characters from Television
Savannah BarnettfFictional Characters from Television
Mietje BaronfOlympic Medalists
Sacha Baron CohenmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Ally BaronefFictional Characters from Television
Debra BaronefFictional Characters from Television
Frank BaronemFictional Characters from Television
Geoffrey BaronemFictional Characters from Television
Marie BaronefFictional Characters from Television
Michael BaronemFictional Characters from Television
Ray BaronemFictional Characters from Television
Robert BaronemFictional Characters from Television
Benny BaronimFictional Characters from Television
Matt BarrmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Melissa BarrerafNotable Actors and Entertainers
Marcia BarrettfNotable Musicians
Barbara BarriefNotable Actors and Entertainers
Alain BarrièremNotable Musicians
Errol BarrowmOther Leaders
John BarrowmanmNotable Actors and Entertainers
John BarrymNotable Musicians
Patricia BarryfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Raymond J. BarrymNotable Actors and Entertainers
Thom BarrymNotable Actors and Entertainers
Judith BarsifNotable Actors and Entertainers
Justin BarthamNotable Actors and Entertainers
Frédéric Auguste BartholdimNotable Artists
Bonnie BartlettfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Nancy BartlettfFictional Characters from Television
Balki BartokomousmFictional Characters from Television
Mischa BartonfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Jay BaruchelmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Mikhail BaryshnikovmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Dante BascomNotable Actors and Entertainers
Traian BăsescumRomanian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Basili of KhakhulimSaints
Chuck BassmFictional Characters from Books, Fictional Characters from Television
Angela BassettfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Shirley BasseyfNotable Musicians
Brec BassingerfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Adolf BastianmNotable Scientists and Inventors
Sükhbaataryn BatboldmOther Leaders
Jason BatemanmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Justine BatemanfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Fulgencio BatistamOther Leaders
Lajos BatthyánymHungarian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Hinton BattlemNotable Actors and Entertainers
Simone BattlefNotable Musicians
Khaltmaagiin BattulgamOther Leaders
Patrick BauchaumNotable Actors and Entertainers
Thierry BaudetmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Frans BauermNotable Musicians
Jack BauermFictional Characters from Television
Kim BauerfFictional Characters from Television
Kristin Bauer van StratenfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Marius BauermNotable Artists
Teri BauerfFictional Characters from Television
Johannes BaumannmSwiss Presidents
Dave BautistamNotable Actors and Entertainers, Notable Athletes
Simeon BaviermSwiss Presidents
Helen BaxendalefNotable Actors and Entertainers
Jody BaxtermFictional Characters from Books, Fictional Characters from Movies
Meredith BaxterfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Michael BaymNotable Filmmakers
Richard BaymFictional Characters from Television
Sanjaagiin BayarmOther Leaders
Riechedly BazoermNotable Athletes
Adam BeachmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Michael BeachmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Orson BeanmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Violett BeanefNotable Actors and Entertainers
Marius BearmNotable Musicians
Frank BeardmNotable Musicians, Rock and Roll Hall-of-Famers
Romare BeardenmNotable Artists
Amanda BearsefNotable Actors and Entertainers
John BeasleymNotable Actors and Entertainers
Ned BeattymNotable Actors and Entertainers
Tanaya BeattyfNotable Actors and Entertainers
James BeaumontmFictional Characters from Television
Garcelle BeauvaisfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Christophe BeckmNotable Musicians
Glenn BeckmNotable Journalists
Russell "Rusty" BeckmFictional Characters from Television
Graham BeckelmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Tyson BeckfordmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Victoria BeckhamfNotable Artists, Notable Musicians
Kate BeckinsalefNotable Actors and Entertainers
Richard BeckinsalemNotable Actors and Entertainers
Thea BeckmanfNotable Writers
Irene BedardfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Bonnie BedeliafNotable Actors and Entertainers
Brian BedfordmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Daniel BedingfieldmNotable Musicians
Natasha BedingfieldfNotable Musicians
Louis BeelmDutch Prime Ministers
Lineth BeerensteynfNotable Athletes
Noah BeerymNotable Actors and Entertainers
Pam BeeslyfFictional Characters from Television
Jancis BeguildyfFictional Characters from Books
Joy BeharfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Jason BehrmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Sheldon BeistemFictional Characters from Television
Jovan BelchermNotable Athletes
Richard BeldingmFictional Characters from Television
Jordan BelfimNotable Actors and Entertainers
Marek BelkamPolish Presidents and Prime Ministers
Andrew BellmFictional Characters from Television
Catherine BellfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Francis BellmNew Zealand Prime Ministers
Jamie BellmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Kristen BellfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Lake BellfNotable Actors and Entertainers
William BellmFictional Characters from Television
Andrea BelladonnafFictional Characters from Television
Andy BellefleurmFictional Characters from Books, Fictional Characters from Television
Terry BellefleurmFictional Characters from Books, Fictional Characters from Television
Jackson BellevillemFictional Characters from Television
Brad BellickmFictional Characters from Television
Lynda BellinghamfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Gil BellowsmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Robert BeltranmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Jim BelushimNotable Actors and Entertainers
Kingsley Ben-AdirmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Zine El Abidine Ben AlimOther Leaders
David BenatarmNotable Philosophers and Thinkers
Brian BenbenmNotable Actors and Entertainers
William BendixmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Benedikt of LiechtensteinmOther Royalty
Brenda BenetfNotable Actors and Entertainers
David Ben-GurionmIsraeli Presidents and Prime Ministers
Benjamin ImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Benjamin IImCoptic Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria
Alec BenjaminmNotable Musicians
Claire BennetfFictional Characters from Television
Lyle BennetmFictional Characters from Television
Noah BennetmFictional Characters from Television
Sandra BennetfFictional Characters from Television
Constance BennettfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Gwendolyn B. BennettfNotable Writers
Jo BennettfFictional Characters from Television
Joan BennettfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Keith BennettmFictional Characters from Television
Kirsten BennettfFictional Characters from Television
Naftali BennettmIsraeli Presidents and Prime Ministers
Naomi BennettfFictional Characters from Television
Sam BennettmFictional Characters from Television
Victor BennettmFictional Characters from Television
Chester BenningtonmNotable Musicians
Melissa BenoistfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Michael "Lucky" BenoitmFictional Characters from Television
Amber BensonfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Barry B. BensonmFictional Characters from Movies
Ezra Taft BensonmOther Religious Leaders
Freddie BensonmFictional Characters from Television
Marissa BensonfFictional Characters from Television
Olivia BensonfFictional Characters from Television
Zoe BensonfFictional Characters from Television
Galeazzo BentimNotable Actors and Entertainers
Amanda BentleyfFictional Characters from Television
W. O. BentleymNotable Businesspeople
Wes BentleymNotable Actors and Entertainers
Dave BentonmEurovision Song Contest Winners, Notable Musicians
Peter BentonmFictional Characters from Television
Luke BenwardmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Carl BenzmNotable Businesspeople, Notable Scientists and Inventors
Julie BenzfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Yitzhak Ben-ZvimIsraeli Presidents and Prime Ministers
Gurbanguly BerdimuhamedowmOther Leaders
Serdar BerdimuhamedowmOther Leaders
Tom BerengermNotable Actors and Entertainers
Justin BerfieldmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Abraham BergemNorwegian Prime Ministers
Polly BergenfEmmy Award Winners, Notable Actors and Entertainers
Jack BergermFictional Characters from Television
Wolfram BergermNotable Actors and Entertainers
Steven BerghuismNotable Athletes
Vera BergkampfNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Tim "Avicii" BerglingmNotable Musicians
Sky BergmanfFictional Characters from Television
Steven BergwijnmNotable Athletes
Lavrenti BeriamNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Dénes BerinkeymHungarian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Jake BerkeleymFictional Characters from Television
Jimmy BerlutimFictional Characters from Television
Harold BermanmFictional Characters from Television
Nicasius BernaertsmNotable Artists
Andy BernardmFictional Characters from Television
Kevin BernardmFictional Characters from Television
Artur BernardesmBrazilian Presidents
Hugo BernatzikmNotable Scientists and Inventors
Bernhard of Lippe-BiesterfeldmOther Royalty
Bernhard of Orange-NassaumOther Royalty
J. BernlefmNotable Writers
Elmer BernsteinmNotable Musicians
Jon BernthalmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Ken BerrymNotable Actors and Entertainers
Rachel BerryfFictional Characters from Television
Guy BerrymanmNotable Musicians
Alain BersetmSwiss Presidents
Kiki BertensfNotable Athletes
Eddy C. BertinmNotable Writers
Alberto BertorellimFictional Characters from Television
Laura BertramfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Nellie BertramfFictional Characters from Television
Grace BertrandfFictional Characters from Television
Franz BerwaldmNotable Musicians
Elaine BesbrissfFictional Characters from Television
István BethlenmHungarian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Paul BettanymNotable Actors and Entertainers
Don BexleymNotable Actors and Entertainers
Yasiin "Mos Def" BeymNotable Musicians
Wim BeyenmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Abdallah BeyhummOther Leaders
Jello BiaframNotable Musicians
Nick BiancavillamFictional Characters from Television
Jules BianchimNotable Athletes
Bianor of PisidiamSaints
Charles BickfordmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Jill BidenfAmerican First Ladies
Joe BidenmAmerican Presidents
Paul BiegelmNotable Writers
Michael BiehnmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Jessica BielfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Jan Krzysztof BieleckimPolish Presidents and Prime Ministers
Susanne BierfNotable Filmmakers
Ambrose BiercemNotable Writers
Brigitte BierleinfAustrian Chancellors and Presidents
Bolesław BierutmPolish Presidents and Prime Ministers
Barend BiesheuvelmDutch Prime Ministers
Jason BiggsmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Trophime BigotmNotable Artists
Chief John Big TreemNotable Actors and Entertainers
Ank BijleveldfNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Justin BijlowmNotable Athletes
Carl BildtmSwedish Prime Ministers
"Bushwick" BillmNotable Musicians
Barbara BillingsleyfNotable Actors and Entertainers
John BillingsleymNotable Actors and Entertainers
Rachel BilsonfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Horace BingmFictional Characters from Television
Myra BingfFictional Characters from Television
Margot BinghamfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Thora BirchfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Gil BirminghammNotable Actors and Entertainers
David BirneymNotable Actors and Entertainers
David BisbalmNotable Musicians
Elizabeth BishopfFictional Characters from Television
Elle BishopfFictional Characters from Television
Ellie BishopfFictional Characters from Television
Etta BishopfFictional Characters from Television
Harold BishopmFictional Characters from Television
Kelly BishopfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Madge BishopfFictional Characters from Television
Peter BishopmFictional Characters from Television
Walter BishopmFictional Characters from Television
Dyanne BitofNotable Athletes
István BittómHungarian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Bill BixbymNotable Actors and Entertainers
Bjarni BenediktssonmIcelandic Presidents and Prime Ministers
Björgólfur Thor BjörgólfssonmNotable Businesspeople
Björk GuðmundsdóttirfNotable Musicians
Björn JónssonmIcelandic Presidents and Prime Ministers
Björn ÞórðarsonmIcelandic Presidents and Prime Ministers
Adriaan BlaauwmNotable Scientists and Inventors
Belle BlackfFictional Characters from Television
Brady BlackmFictional Characters from Television
Cilla BlackfNotable Actors and Entertainers, Notable Musicians
Claudia BlackfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Jack BlackmNotable Actors and Entertainers
John BlackmFictional Characters from Television
Lewis BlackmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Melanie BlackfFictional Characters from Television
Rebecca BlackfNotable Musicians
Roy BlackmNotable Musicians
Token BlackmFictional Characters from Television
Edmund BlackaddermFictional Characters from Television
Honor BlackmanfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Ray BlackwellmFictional Characters from Television
Algernon BlackwoodmNotable Writers
George BlagdenmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Betsy BlairfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Selma BlairfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Claudia BlaisdelfFictional Characters from Television
Matthew BlaisdelmFictional Characters from Television
Eubie BlakemNotable Musicians
Jessica BlakefFictional Characters from Television
Benny BlancomNotable Musicians
Sally BlanefNotable Actors and Entertainers
Fanny Blankers-KoenfNotable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Rosa BlasifNotable Actors and Entertainers
Stanford BlatchmFictional Characters from Television
Melanie BlattfNotable Musicians
Alexis BledelfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Tempestt BledsoefNotable Actors and Entertainers
Otto BlehrmNorwegian Prime Ministers
Corbin BleumNotable Actors and Entertainers, Notable Musicians
Danny BlindmNotable Athletes
Lucille BlissfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Abraham BloemaertmNotable Artists
Ted-Jan BloemenmNotable Athletes
Peter BlokmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Stef BlokmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Brian BloommNotable Actors and Entertainers
Stuart BloommFictional Characters from Television
Marc BlucasmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Callum BluemNotable Actors and Entertainers
Monte BluemNotable Actors and Entertainers
Sam BluemFictional Characters from Television
Sean BlumbergmFictional Characters from Television
Judy BlumefNotable Writers
Emily BluntfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Lothaire BluteaumNotable Actors and Entertainers
Buster BluthmFictional Characters from Television
Don BluthmNotable Artists, Notable Filmmakers
George Bluth Sr.mFictional Characters from Television
George Michael BluthmFictional Characters from Television
Gob BluthmFictional Characters from Television
Lindsay Bluth FünkefFictional Characters from Television
Lucille BluthfFictional Characters from Television
Michael BluthmFictional Characters from Television
Oscar BluthmFictional Characters from Television
Enid BlytonfNotable Writers
Bruce BoamNotable Actors and Entertainers
True BoardmanmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Natalia Boa VistafFictional Characters from Television
Emil BocmRomanian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Frida BoccarafEurovision Song Contest Winners, Notable Musicians
Andrea BocellimNotable Musicians
Kim BodniamNotable Actors and Entertainers
John BoehnermNotable Politicians and Statespeople
BoesmFictional Characters from Books, Fictional Characters from Television
Louise BoganfNotable Writers
Winston BogardemNotable Athletes
Peter BogdanovichmNotable Actors and Entertainers, Notable Filmmakers
Eric BogosianmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Karlheinz BöhmmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Jan BöhmermannmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Daniël BoissevainmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Håvard BøkkomOlympic Medalists
Pierre BokmamNotable Actors and Entertainers
Angie BolenfFictional Characters from Television
Danny BolenmFictional Characters from Television
Nick BolenmFictional Characters from Television
Jim BolgermNew Zealand Prime Ministers
Sarah BolgerfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Florinda BolkanfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Frits BolkesteinmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Jair BolsonaromBrazilian Presidents
Gustaf Adolf Boltenstern Sr.mOlympic Medalists
Alan BoltonmFictional Characters from Television
Michael BoltonmNotable Musicians
Godfried BomansmNotable Writers
Matt BomermNotable Actors and Entertainers
Eduard BomhoffmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Stella BonaserafFictional Characters from Television
Campion BondmFictional Characters from Books
Ward BondmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Kjell Magne BondevikmNorwegian Prime Ministers
Lisa BonetfNotable Actors and Entertainers
John BonhammNotable Musicians, Rock and Roll Hall-of-Famers
Marita BonnerfNotable Writers
Hugh BonnevillemNotable Actors and Entertainers
Chaz BonomNotable Actors and Entertainers
Arna BontempsmNotable Writers
Roger BonvinmSwiss Presidents
Cory BookermNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Jeff BoomhauermFictional Characters from Television
Pat BoonemNotable Musicians
Cor BoonstramNotable Businesspeople
John BoormanmNotable Filmmakers
Douglas BoothmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Parker BoothmFictional Characters from Television
Annie BorckinkfOlympic Medalists
F. BordewijkmNotable Writers
Con BordinomFictional Characters from Television
Helen BordinofFictional Characters from Television
Roberto BordinomFictional Characters from Television
David BoreanazmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Andy BorgmNotable Musicians
Marius BorgeaudmNotable Artists
Alexandra BorgiafFictional Characters from Television
Al BorlandmFictional Characters from Television
Wes BorlandmNotable Musicians
Adolf BornmNotable Artists
Élisabeth BornefFrench Presidents and Prime Ministers
Kubatbek BoronovmOther Leaders
Marco BorsatomNotable Musicians
Els BorstfNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Per BortenmNorwegian Prime Ministers
Jan BosmOlympic Medalists
Stef BosmNotable Musicians
Theo BosmOlympic Medalists
Wouter BosmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Edith BoschfOlympic Medalists
Gerard Bosch van DrakesteinmOlympic Medalists
Boro BosićmOther Leaders
Johan BoskampmNotable Athletes
John BosleymFictional Characters from Television
Tom BosleymNotable Actors and Entertainers
John BosmanmNotable Athletes
Joe BossanomOther Leaders
Tinus BosselaarmNotable Athletes
Barry BostwickmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Paul BosveltmNotable Athletes
Peter BoszmNotable Athletes
Ben BotmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Naas BothamNotable Athletes
Sven BotmanmNotable Athletes
Ali B.mNotable Musicians
Mark BoudreaumFictional Characters from Television
Maurice Bouilloux-LafontmOther Leaders
Khalid BoulahrouzmNotable Athletes
Jeanie BouletfFictional Characters from Television
Robert BoulinmNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Matthew BoultonmNotable Businesspeople
Wilfred BoumamNotable Athletes
Anthony BourdainmNotable Actors and Entertainers, Notable Writers
Rob BourdonmNotable Musicians
Desi BoutersemOther Leaders
Dennis BoutsikarismNotable Actors and Entertainers
Mies BouwmanfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Marit BouwmeesterfOlympic Medalists
Brittany BowefNotable Athletes
Julie BowenfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Jonathan BowermFictional Characters from Television
Grant BowlermNotable Actors and Entertainers
Josh BowmanmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Bruce BoxleitnermNotable Actors and Entertainers
Billy BoydmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Luke BoydmFictional Characters from Television
Pattie BoydfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Peter BoydmFictional Characters from Television
Stephen BoydmNotable Actors and Entertainers
Woody BoydmFictional Characters from Television
Joseph BoydenmNotable Writers
Charles BoyermNotable Actors and Entertainers
Jacqueline BoyerfEurovision Song Contest Winners, Notable Musicians
Frankie BoylemNotable Actors and Entertainers
Lara Flynn BoylefNotable Actors and Entertainers
Lucy BoyntonfNotable Actors and Entertainers
C. V. BoysmNotable Scientists and Inventors
Edson BraafheidmNotable Athletes
Lorraine BraccofNotable Actors and Entertainers
Mary Elizabeth BraddonfNotable Writers
Eugene BradfordmFictional Characters from Television
David BradleymNotable Actors and Entertainers
John BradleymNotable Actors and Entertainers
Rob BradleymFictional Characters from Television
Carrie BradshawfFictional Characters from Television
Bo BradymFictional Characters from Television
Bobby BradymFictional Characters from Television
Carol BradyfFictional Characters from Television
Caroline BradyfFictional Characters from Television
Carrie BradyfFictional Characters from Television
Cassie BradyfFictional Characters from Television
Chelsea BradyfFictional Characters from Television
Ciara BradyfFictional Characters from Television
Cindy BradyfFictional Characters from Television
Claire BradyfFictional Characters from Television
Eric BradymFictional Characters from Television
Frankie BradymFictional Characters from Television
Greg BradymFictional Characters from Television
Jan BradyfFictional Characters from Television
Kayla BradyfFictional Characters from Television
Kimberly BradyfFictional Characters from Television
Marcia BradyfFictional Characters from Television
Max BradymFictional Characters from Television
Mike BradymFictional Characters from Television
Millie BradyfNotable Actors and Entertainers
Peter BradymFictional Characters from Television
Rex BradymFictional Characters from Television
Roman BradymFictional Characters from Television
Sami BradyfFictional Characters from Television
Shawn BradymFictional Characters from Television
Shawn-Douglas BradymFictional Characters from Television
Steve BradymFictional Characters from Television
Zack BradymFictional Characters from Television
Zach BraffmNotable Actors and Entertainers