Notable Scientists and Inventors

This list is comprised of some of the most recognizable names from the world of science and invention. These lists do not include philosophers, mathematicians, psychologists, theologians who are instead listed with the famous thinkers.
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Adanson1 naturalist1
al-Biruni1 anthropologist/physicist1
al-Jazari1 inventor1
al-Razi1 physician1
al-Sufi1 astronomer1
Ampère1 physicist1
Anning1 paleontologist1
Appert1 inventor1
Arkwright1 inventor1
Arrhenius1 chemist1
Attenborough1 naturalist1
Audubon1 biologist1
Avogadro1 chemist1
Babbage1 inventor1
Baird1 inventor1
Ball1 astronomer, 1 geologist2
Ballot1 chemist1
Barbeau1 anthropologist1
Barut1 physicist1
Bastian1 anthropologist1
Becquerel1 physicist1
Bell1 inventor1
Benedict1 anthropologist1
Benz1 inventor1
Berliner1 inventor1
Bernard1 biologist1
Bernatzik1 anthropologist1
Berners1 inventor1
Bernoulli1 physicist1
Berzelius1 chemist1
Bíró1 inventor1
Blaauw1 astronomer1
Blanchard1 inventor1
Blériot1 inventor1
Boas1 anthropologist1
Bohr1 physicist1
Boltzmann1 physicist1
Bordet1 physician1
Born1 physicist1
Boyle1 chemist1
Boys1 physicist1
Brahe1 astronomer1
Braille1 inventor1
Braun1 inventor1
Brown1 biologist1
Browning1 inventor1
Bruno1 astronomer1
Buick1 inventor1
Bunsen1 chemist1
Burnell1 physicist1
Bush1 inventor1
Buys1 chemist1
Cacciatore1 astronomer1
Cai1 inventor1
Callendar1 inventor1
Cannon1 astronomer1
Carey1 geologist1
Carnot1 physicist1
Carrier1 inventor1
Carson1 biologist1
Cassini1 astronomer1
Cavendish1 chemist1
Celsius1 astronomer1
Chance1 chemist1
Clausius1 physicist1
Colt1 inventor1
Cooper1 inventor1
Copernicus1 astronomer1
Corliss1 inventor1
Crick1 biologist1
Cristofori1 inventor1
Cugnot1 inventor1
Curie1 chemist, 2 physicists3
Cuvier1 biologist1
Daguerre1 inventor1
Daimler1 inventor1
Dalton1 chemist1
Darwin1 biologist1
Das1 astronomer1
da Vinci1 inventor1
Davy1 chemist1
Dawkins1 biologist1
de Broglie1 physicist1
Debye1 physicist1
de Coriolis1 physicist1
de Coulomb1 physicist1
Deere1 inventor1
del Monte1 astronomer1
Diesel1 inventor1
Dirac1 physicist1
Doppler1 physicist1
Drais1 inventor1
Dumont1 inventor1
Dunlop1 inventor1
Dyson1 physicist1
Eastman1 inventor, 1 physician2
Eddington1 astronomer/physicist1
Edison1 inventor1
Eggen1 astronomer1
Eiffel1 engineer1
Einstein1 physicist1
Evans1 archaeologist1
Fahrenheit1 physicist1
Faraday1 physicist1
Fender1 inventor1
Fermi1 physicist1
Feynman1 physicist1
Fick1 inventor1
Fischer1 chemist1
Flammarion1 astronomer1
Fleming1 astronomer, 1 biologist2
Ford1 inventor1
Fossey1 naturalist1
Foucault1 physicist1
Franklin1 chemist1
Frazer1 anthropologist1
Fulton1 inventor1
Galilei1 astronomer/physicist1
Galvani1 physicist1
Gaposchkin1 astronomer1
Gatsonides1 inventor1
Gauss1 physicist1
Gay1 chemist1
Gessner1 biologist1
Gilbert1 physicist1
Goeppert1 physicist1
Goodall1 anthropologist/biologist1
Goodenough1 anthropologist, 1 physicist2
Goodyear1 inventor1
Graeber1 anthropologist1
Gregory1 astronomer1
Guliyev1 physicist1
Gutenberg1 inventor1
Haber1 chemist1
Haeckel1 biologist1
Hahn1 chemist1
Halley1 astronomer1
Hamilton1 engineer1
Harvey1 biologist1
Hawking1 physicist1
Heezen1 geologist1
Heisenberg1 physicist1
Helmholtz1 physicist1
Herschel3 astronomers3
Hertz1 physicist1
Hertzsprung1 astronomer/chemist1
Hevelius1 astronomer1
Higgs1 physicist1
Hill1 inventor1
Hofmann1 chemist1
Hollerith1 inventor1
Hooke1 physicist1
Hopper1 engineer1
Horner1 paleontologist1
Hubble1 astronomer1
Huggins1 astronomer1
Huxley2 biologists2
Huygens1 astronomer/physicist1
Ibn al-Haytham1 physicist1
Jacquard1 inventor1
Jenner1 biologist1
Joliot1 chemist1
Joule1 physicist1
Jump1 astronomer1
Kalashnikov1 inventor1
Kao1 inventor1
Kapteyn1 astronomer1
Keeling1 chemist1
Kepler1 astronomer1
Kilby1 engineer1
Kirchhoff1 physicist1
Koch1 physician1
Kohn1 physicist1
Kolbe1 chemist1
Kossel1 biologist1
Kudirka1 physician1
Kuiper1 astronomer1
Kussmaul1 physician1
Lamarck1 biologist1
Landau1 physicist1
Landsteiner1 biologist1
Laplace1 astronomer1
Lavoisier1 chemist1
Leavitt1 astronomer1
Leclerc1 naturalist1
Lee1 inventor1
Lehmann1 geologist1
Leibniz1 physicist1
Lemaître1 physicist1
Liebig1 chemist1
Linnaeus1 biologist1
Lipperhey1 inventor1
Lippmann1 physicist1
Lomonosov1 physicist1
Lorentz1 physicist1
Lorenz1 biologist1
Lussac1 chemist1
Lyell1 geologist1
Mach1 physicist1
Malinowski1 anthropologist1
Marconi1 inventor1
Maury1 astronomer1
Maxwell1 physicist1
Maybach1 inventor1
Mayer1 physicist1
Mayor1 astronomer1
McClintock1 biologist1
McMillan1 chemist1
Mead1 anthropologist1
Mechnikov1 biologist1
Meitner1 physicist1
Mendel1 biologist1
Mendeleev1 chemist1
Merian1 naturalist1
Messier1 astronomer1
Meucci1 inventor1
Meyer1 physician1
Michelson1 physicist1
Mie1 physicist1
Minnaert1 astronomer1
Moissan1 chemist1
Montagnier1 biologist1
Morgan1 anthropologist, 1 biologist, 1 inventor3
Morse1 inventor1
Mouchot1 inventor1
Müller1 naturalist1
Naismith1 inventor1
Newcomen1 inventor1
Newton1 physicist1
Niépce1 inventor1
Nobel1 chemist/inventor1
Ohm1 physicist1
Onnes1 physicist1
Oort1 astronomer1
Oppenheimer1 physicist1
Oriani1 astronomer1
Ørsted1 physicist1
Ostwald1 chemist1
Ōsumi1 biologist1
Otto1 inventor1
Paneth1 chemist1
Pannekoek1 astronomer1
Papin1 inventor1
Pasteur1 chemist1
Patterson1 chemist1
Paul1 inventor1
Pauli1 physicist1
Pauling1 chemist1
Pavlov1 biologist1
Payne1 astronomer1
Peebles1 astronomer1
Penkala1 inventor1
Penrose1 physicist1
Phillips1 physicist1
Piazzi1 astronomer1
Pickering1 astronomer, 1 astronomer/physicist2
Planck1 physicist1
Porsche1 inventor1
Pouillet1 physicist1
Queloz1 astronomer1
Reichs1 anthropologist1
Remington1 inventor1
Richet1 biologist1
Richter1 geologist1
Ritchie1 engineer1
Rittenhouse1 astronomer/inventor1
Rømer1 astronomer1
Röntgen1 physicist1
Rowlinson1 chemist1
Rubik1 inventor1
Rubin1 astronomer1
Runge1 chemist1
Russell1 astronomer1
Rutherford1 physicist1
Sagan1 astronomer1
Sakharov1 physicist1
Salk1 physician1
Santos1 inventor1
Sax1 inventor1
Scheele1 chemist1
Schliemann1 archaeologist1
Schrödinger1 physicist1
Schwann1 biologist1
Seilacher1 paleontologist1
Senefelder1 inventor1
Shuman1 inventor1
Siemens1 inventor1
Sikorsky1 inventor1
Singer1 inventor1
Slipher1 astronomer1
Smith1 inventor1
Steno1 geologist1
Stephenson1 inventor1
Strecker1 chemist1
Strömgren1 astronomer/physicist1
Strowger1 inventor1
Supek1 physicist1
Talbot1 inventor1
Teller1 physicist1
Tesla1 inventor1
Tharp1 geologist1
Thompson1 engineer, 1 physicist2
Thomson2 physicists2
Torricelli1 physicist1
Torvalds1 engineer1
Trevithick1 inventor1
Tylor1 anthropologist1
Tyson1 physicist1
van der Waals1 physicist1
van Leeuwenhoek1 biologist1
van 't Hoff1 chemist1
Vesalius1 physician1
Virchow1 physician1
Volta1 physicist1
von Braun1 engineer1
von Fraunhofer1 inventor1
von Frisch1 biologist1
von Guericke1 physicist1
von Strümpell1 physician1
von Willebrand1 physician1
von Zeppelin1 inventor1
Wallace1 biologist/naturalist1
Watson1 biologist1
Watt1 inventor1
Wegener1 geologist1
Weizmann1 chemist1
Werner1 chemist1
Wesson1 inventor1
Westinghouse1 inventor1
Whiting1 astronomer/physicist1
Whitney1 inventor1
Wien1 physicist1
Wilson2 astronomers, 1 physicist3
Witten1 physicist1
Wöhler1 chemist1
Wollaston1 chemist/physicist1
Wozniak1 engineer1
Wright2 inventors2
Young1 physicist1
Zeeman1 physicist1
zur Hausen1 biologist1
Zuse1 inventor1
Zwicky1 astronomer1