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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the person who added the name is ckwc.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Amosov Russian
Means "son of Amos".
Baranov Russian
From Russian баран (baran) meaning "ram, sheep".
Burlin Russian
From burla, meaning "storm".
Bykov Russian
From byk, meaning "bull".
Chentsov Russian
From chenets, meaning "monk".
Chernenkov Russian
From chernoi, meaning "black".
Dutov Russian
From dutii, meaning "haughty".
Erin Russian
Means "son of Era".
Florov Russian
Means "son of Flor".
Frolov Russian
Means "son of Frol".
Glukhov Russian
From glukhoi, meaning "deaf".
Golubov Russian
From golub, meaning "dove".
Goncharov Russian
Derived from Russian гончар (gonchar) meaning "potter".
Gontsov Russian
From gonets, meaning "courier".
Gordeev Russian
Means "son of Gordei".
Grushkin Russian
From grushka, meaning "pear tree".
Gubanov Russian
From guban, meaning "big lips".
Gudkov Russian
From gudok, meaning "hooter".
Iglov Russian
From igla, meaning "needle".
Ivin Russian
From iva, meaning "willow".
Kapustin Russian
From kapusta, meaning "cabbage".
Kashkov Russian
From kashka, meaning "bald".
Kholodinin Russian
From kholodnii, meaning "cold".
Kirilov Russian
Means "son of Kirill".
Klimov Russian
Means "son of Klim".
Klyuev Russian
From klyui, meaning "peck".
Kolesnik Ukrainian
From kolesnik, meaning "wheelwright".
Korolev Russian
From korol, meaning "king".
Kostikov Russian
Means "son of Kostik".
Kozorev Russian
From kozyr, meaning "trump".
Krechetov Russian
From krechet, meaning "gyrfalcon".
Krivov Russian
From krivoi, meaning "crooked".
Kruglov Russian
From kruglyi, meaning "round".
Kryuchkov Russian
From kryuchok, meaning "hook".
Kryukov Russian
From kryuk, meaning "hook".
Kudrin Russian
From kudra, meaning "curly-haired".
Kudryavtsev Russian
From kudryavtsa, meaning "curly-haired".
Kukhtin Russian
From kukhta, meaning "hoarfrost".
Kuzin Russian
Means "son of Kuzya".
Kuzmin Russian, Ukrainian
Means "son of Kuzma".
Lapin Russian
From lapa, meaning "paw".
Larin Russian
Means "son of Larya".
Leonov Russian
Means "son of Leon".
Lesnikov Russian
From lesnik, meaning "forester".
Levanov Russian
Means "son of Levan".
Lezhebokov Russian
From lezheboka, meaning "sluggard".
Lukin Russian
From luka, meaning "onion".
Malov Russian
From malo, meaning "small".
Markin Russian
Means "son of Mark".
Mikhin Russian
Means "son of Mikha".
Mikin Russian
Means "son of Mika".
Mikulin Russian
Means "son of Mikula".
Mitin Russian
Means "son of Mitya".
Mitrov Russian
Means "son of Mitro".
Nadein Russian
Means "son of Nadei".
Neronov Russian
Means "son of Neron".
Nikiforov Russian
Means "son of Nikifor".
Nosov Russian
From nos, meaning "nose".
Orekhov Russian
From orekh, meaning "nut".
Osipov Russian
Means "son of Osip".
Ostrikov Russian
From ostrik, meaning "sharp".
Panin Russian
Means "son of Panya".
Pankov Russian
Means "son of Panko".
Panov Russian
Means "son of Panya".
Pepin Russian
Means "son of Pepa".
Perepelkin Russian
From perepel, meaning "quail".
Pichugin Russian
From pichuga, meaning "small bird".
Pimenov Russian
Means "son of Pimen".
Polikarpov Russian
Means "son of Polikarp".
Potapov Russian
Means "son of Potap".
Pykhtin Russian
From pykhta, meaning "silver fir".
Rakitin Russian
From rakita, meaning "brittle willow".
Rasskazov Russian
From rasskaz, meaning "story".
Repin Russian
From repa, meaning "turnip".
Rudenko Ukrainian
Derived from Ukrainian рудий (rudyy) meaning "red".
Rybkin Russian
From rybka, meaning "little fish".
Ryzhkov Russian
From ryzhko, meaning "red".
Samylin Russian
Means "son of Samyl".
Sanin Russian
Means "son of Sana".
Semenov Russian
Means "son of Semyon".
Sereda Ukrainian
From sereda, meaning "Wednesday".
Smolin Russian
From smola, meaning "tar".
Sorokin Russian
From Russian сорока (soroka) meaning "magpie", referring to the Eurasian magpie.
Subbotin Russian
From subbota, meaning "Saturday".
Sukharev Russian
From sukhari, meaning "hardtack".
Susoev Russian
Means "son of Susoi".
Vlasov Russian
Means "son of Vlasii".
Yudin Russian
Means "son of Yuda".
Zaitsev Russian
From zaits, meaning "hare".
Zubkov Russian
From zubok, meaning "little tooth".