Russian Submitted Surnames

Russian names are used in the country of Russia and in Russian-speaking communities throughout the world. See also about Russian names.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ABAKISHIN Абакишин Russian
variant of Abakumov
ABAKISHINA Абакишина Russian
feminine form of Abakishin
ABAKSHIN Абакшин Russian
variant of Abakumov
ABAKSHINA Абакшина Russian
feminine form of Abakshin
ABAKULOV Абакулов Russian
variant of Abakumov
ABAKULOVA Абакулова Russian
feminine form of Abakulov
ABAKUMKIN Абакумкин Russian
variant of Abakumov
ABAKUMKINA Абакумкина Russian
feminine form of Abakumkin
ABAKUMOV Абакумов Russian
Means "son of ABAKUM".
ABAKUMOVA Абакумова Russian
Feminine form of ABAKUMOV (Абакyмов)
ABAKUSHIN Абакушин Russian
variant of Abakumov
ABAKUSHINA Абакушина Russian
feminine form of Abakushin
ABALYSHEV Абалышев Russian (Rare, ?)
ABARNIKOV Абарников Russian
Russian surname
ABBAKUMOV Аббакумов Russian
variant of Abakumov
ABBAKUMOVA Аббакумова Russian
feminine form of Abbakumov
ABDULAYEVA Абдулаева Russian, Azerbaijani, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Tajik, Turkmen, Uzbek, Chechen
Feminine form of ABDULAYEV.
ABDULAYEVA Абдулаева Russian, Azerbaijani, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Tajik, Turkmen, Uzbek
feminine form of Abdulayev
ABDULOV Абдулов Russian, Bashkir, Azerbaijani, Uzbek, Tajik, Kazakh
Means "son of ABDUL".
ABDULOVA Абдулова Azerbaijani, Russian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Tajik, Turkmen, Uzbek
feminine form of Abdulov (Абдулов), variant of Abdulayev (Абдулаев)
ABDULOVA Абдулова Azerbaijani, Russian, Bashkir, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Tajik, Turkmen, Uzbek
Feminine form of ABDULOV.
ABRAMOV Абрамов Russian, Jewish
Means "son of Abram".
ABRAMOVA Абрамова Russian, Jewish
feminine form of Abramov (Абрамов)
ABRAMOVICH Абрамович Russian
Other form of Abramov
ADAKSIN Адаксин Russian
ADAKSINA Адаксина Russian
Feminine form of ADAKSIN (Адаксин)
ADAMOV Russian, Bulgarian
Means "son of ADAM".
ADAMOVICH Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian
Patronymic from the personal name ADAM.
ADRIANOV Адрианов Russian
Means "son of ADRIAN".
AGAFONOV Агафонов Russian
derives from given name Agafon (borrowed from Greek - meaning kindness, goodness)
AGAFONOVA Агафонова Russian
feminine form of Agafonov
AGAPOV Агапов Russian
derived from male given name Agap or Agapey (Агапей)
AGAPOVA Агапова Russian
Feminine form of AGAPOV.
AGEYENKO Агеенко Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian
variant of Ageyev
AGEYENKOV Агеенков Russian
variant of Ageyev
AGEYENKOVA Агеенкова Russian
feminine form of Ageyenkov (Агеенков)
AGEYEV Агеев Russian
derived from given name Aggey (from Biblical Hebrew word meaning "festive")
AGEYEVA Агеева Russian
Feminine form of AGEYEV.
AGEYKIN Агейкин Russian
variant of Ageyev
AGEYKINA Агейкина Russian
Feminine form of AGEYKIN
AGISHCHEV Агищев Russian
Variant of Ageyev, also possibly derived from given name Agapiy (Агапий) or Agafon (Агафон)
AGISHCHEVA Агищева Russian
Feminine form of AGISHCHEV (Агищев)
AGISHEV Агишев Russian, Kazakh, Uzbek
variant of Ageyev, also possibly derived from given name Agapiy (Агапий) or Agafon (Агафон)
AGISHEVA Агишева Russian, Kazakh, Uzbek
Feminine form of AGISHEV.
AGISHIN Агишин Russian
variant of Ageyev, also possibly derived from given name Agapiy (Агапий) or Agafon (Агафон)
AGISHINA Агишина Russian
Feminine form of AGISHIN (Агишин)
AGLIULLIN Аглиуллин Russian
AGLIULLINA Аглиуллин Russian
AGUSHEV Агушев Russian
Variant of Ageyev (Агеев), also possibly derived from given name Agapiy (Агапий) or Agafon (Агафон)
AGUSHEVA Агушева Russian
Feminine form of AGUSHEV (Агушев)
AKHMATOV Ахматов Chechen, Tatar, Russian
Means "son of AKHMAT".
AKHMATOVA Ахматова Tatar, Russian
Feminine form of Akhmatov, meaning "son of ÄXMÄT".
AKHMEDOV Ахмедов Russian
Derived from given name Akhmed (Ахмед)
AKHMEDOVA Ахмедова Russian
Feminine form of AKHMEDOV (Ахмедов)
AKIMOV Акимов Russian
Means "son of AKIM".
AKINFEEV Акинфеев Russian
Means "son of AKINFIY".
AKINFEYEV Акинфеев Russian
AKINFEYEVA Акинфеева Russian
AKSAKOV Аксаков Russian
Common surname in Russia
AKSAKOVA Аксакова Russian
Feminine form of AKSAKOV (Аксаков), a common surname in Russia
AKSANOV Аксанов Russian
Variant of Aksyonov (Аксёнов)
AKSANOVA Аксанова Russian
Feminine form of AKSANOV (Аксанов)
AKSENCHUK Аксенчук Ukrainian, Russian
AKSENTSEV Аксенцев Russian
Variant of Aksyonov (Аксёнов)
AKSENTSEVA Аксенцева Russian
Feminine form of AKSENTSEV (Аксенцев)
AKSENTSOV Аксенцов Russian
Variant of Aksyonov (Аксёнов)
AKSENTSOVA Аксенцова Russian
Feminine form of AKSENTSOV (Аксенцов)
AKSENTYEV Аксентьев Russian
Variant of Aksyonov (Аксёнов)
AKSENTYEVA Аксентьева Russian
Feminine form of AKSENTYEV (Аксентьев)
AKSYANOV Аксянов Russian
Variant of AKSYONOV (Аксёнов)
AKSYANOVA Аксянова Russian
Feminine form of AKSYANOV (Аксянов)
AKSYONOV Аксёнов Russian
Derived from given name Avksentiy (Авксентий)
AKSYONOVA Аксёнова Russian
Feminine form of Aksyonov (Аксёнов)
AKSYUTIN Аксютин Russian
Variant of AKSYONOV (Аксёнов)
AKSYUTINA Аксютина Russian
Feminine form of AKSYUTIN (Аксютин)
AKULOV Акулов Russian
Originates from old-Russian nickname Okul/Akul (meaning crook, deceiver) or Greek given name Aquila (Ἀκύλας)
AKULOVA Акулова Russian
Feminine form of AKULOV (Акулов)
ALEKHIN Алехин Russian
ALEKHIN Алехин Russian
Variant of ALYOKHIN (Алёхин)
ALEKHINA Алехина Russian
Feminine form of ALEKHIN (Алехин)
ALEKSANDROVA Александрова Russian, Bulgarian
Feminine form of ALEKSANDROV.
ALEKSEYEV Алексеев Russian
Variant transcription of ALEKSEEV.
ALEKSEYEVA Алексеева Russian
Feminine form of ALEKSEYEV (Алексеев)
ALEXANDEROV Александров Russian, Bulgarian
Variant transcription of ALEKSANDROV.
ALEXANDROV Александров Russian
Variant transcription of ALEKSANDROV.
ALEXANDROVA Александрова Russian, Bulgarian
Variant transcription of ALEKSANDROVA.
ALEYEV Алеев Russian
ALEYEVA Алеева Russian
Feminine form of ALEYEV (Алеев)
ALIKHANOV Алиханов Russian, Kazakh
Means "son of ALIKHAN".
ALIMPIEV Алимпиев Russian
Means "son of ALIMPIY".
ALISTRATOV Алистратов Russian
ALISTRATOVA Алистратова Russian
Feminine form of ALISTRATOV (Алистратов)
ALIYEVA Алиев Azerbaijani, Kazakh, Russian
Feminine form of ALIYEV (Azerbaijani: Əliyev, Kazakh: Әлиев, Russian: Алиев)
ALKAEV Алкаев Russian
ALLILUYEV Аллилуев Russian
Russian surname. The feminine form Alliluyeva was borne by Nadezhda Alliluyeva (1901-1932), the second wife of Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin.
ALLILUYEVA Аллилуева Russian
Feminine form of ALLILUYEV (Аллилуев)
ALOGRIN Алогрин Russian
ALOGRINA Алогрина Russian
Feminine form of ALOGRIN (Алогрин)
ALYENIN Аленин Russian
ALYENINA Аленина Russian
Feminine form of ALYENIN (Аленин)
ALYOKHIN Алёхин Russian
Derived from the given name ALYOKHA, a diminutive for ALEKSEY.
ALYOKHINA Алёхина Russian
Feminine counterpart of ALYOKHIN.
AMALIYEV Амалиев Russian
AMALIYEVA Амалиева Russian
Feminine form of AMALIYEV (Амалиев)
AMELIN Амелин Russian, French
AMELIN Амелин Russian, French
Russian feminine counterpart is Amelina (Амелинa)
AMINYEV Аминев Russian
Feminine counterpart is Aminyeva (Аминевa)
ANANYEV Ананьев Russian
Feminine counterpart is Ananyeva (Ананьевa)
Means "son of ANATOLIY".
ANDRELLY Russian, Ukrainian
The first occurrence that I found was of Mikhaila Orosvigovskago ANDRELLY, or ANDRELLA (author of religious literature, in the century XVI) .
Means "son of ANDREY".
ANDREYUSHKIN Андреюшкин Russian
ANDROPOV Андропов Russian
ANDRYUKHIN Андрюхин Russian
ANIKANOV Аниканов Russian
ANIKEEV Аникеев Russian
Means "son of Anikey", Anikey being an archaic short form of IOANNIKIY.
ANIKIN Аникин Russian
ANISHIN Анишин Russian
ANISIMOV Анисимов Russian
Derived from given name Anisim (Анисим) originally Onisim (Онисим)
ANKUDINOV Анкудинов Russian
ANNENKOV Анненков Russian
ANOKHIN Анохин Russian
ANOSHKIN Аношкин Russian
ANOSOV Аносов Russian
ANREP Анреп Russian
Derived from surname von Anrep
ANTAKOV Антаков Russian
ANTIPIN Антипин Russian, Kazakh
Derived from given name Antip (Антип). Also a variation of ANTIPOV (Антипов)
ANTIPOV Антипов Russian
Derived from given name Antip (Антип). Feminine form is Antipova (Антиповa)
ANTONOVA Антонова Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian
Feminine form of ANTONOV.
ANTONOVICH Антонович Belarusian, Russian
Derived from given name ANTON (Антон) meaning "son of ANTON"
Variant transcription of ARKADYEV.
ARKADYEV Аркадьев Russian
Means "son of ARKADIY".
ARKHANGELSKY Архангельский Russian
Habitational name for someone from Arkhangelsk, a province (oblast) of Russia.
ARKHIPOV Архипов Russian
Means "son of ARKHIP".
Variant transcription of ARTYOMOV.
Means "son of ARTUR".
Means "son of ARTYOM”.
ASIMOV Озимов, Азимов Russian
Originally spelled Ozimov, Asimov is the anglicized surname of science fiction writer Isaac Asimov. His father was not familiar with Latin characters when they immigrated to the United States, when Isaac was 3, so the name became Asimov, not Azimov.... [more]
AUT Czech, German (Swiss), Russian, Catalan
Means "Hard Worker" in Czech.... [more]
AVAKUMOV Авакумов Russian
variant of Abakumov
AVAKUMOVA Авакумова Russian
feminine form of Avakumov
AVDEYEV Авдеев Russian
derived from male given name Avdey
AVDEYEVA Авдеева Russian
feminine form of Avdeyev
AVDOKHIN Авдохин Russian
variant of Avdonin
AVDOKHINA Авдохина Russian
feminine form of Avdokhin
AVDONIN Авдонин Russian
derived from male given name Avdey
AVDONINA Авдонина Russian
feminine form of Avdonin
AVDOSHIN Авдошин Russian
variant of Avdonin
AVDOSHINA Авдошина Russian
feminine form of Avdoshina
AVDYUNIN Авдюнин Russian
variant of Avdonin
AVDYUNINA Авдюнина Russian
feminine form of Avdyunin
AVDYUSHIN Авдюшин Russian
variant of Avdonin
AVDYUSHINA Авдюшина Russian
feminine form of Avdyushin
AVERIN Аверин Russian
variant of Averkiyev
AVERINA Аверина Russian
feminine form of Averin
AVERKIYEV Аверкиев Russian
derived from male name Averkiy
AVERKIYEVA Аверкиева Russian
feminine form of Averkiyev
AVERYANOV Аверьянов Russian
derived from male given name Averyan.... [more]
AVERYANOVA Аверьянова Russian
feminine form of Averyanov
Means "son of AVGUST".
AVILOV Авилов Russian
derives from old Russian male given name Vavila or Vavilo
AVILOVA Авилова Russian
feminine form of Avilov
AVKSENTYEV Авксе́нтьев Russian
Variant of AKSYONOV (Аксёнов)
AVKSENTYEVA Авксентьева Russian
Feminine form of Avksentyev (Авксентьев)
AVVAKUMOV Аввакумов Russian
derived from male given name Avvakum, variant of Abakumov
AVVAKUMOVA Аввакумова Russian
feminine form of Avvakumov
AZARIN Азарин Russian
Variant of Azarov (Азаров)
AZARINA Азарина Russian
Feminine form of Azarin (Азарин)
AZAROV Азаров Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Kazakh
Derived from given name Azariy (Азарий)
AZAROVA Азарова Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Kazakh
Feminine form of Azarov (Азаров)
BABAEV Бабаев Uzbek, Tajik, Turkmen, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Russian
Variant transcription of BABAYEV.
BABUSHKIN Бабушкин Russian, Jewish
Derived from Russian бабушка (babushka) meaning "grandmother".
BAKULIN Бакулин Russian
possibly a variant of Abakumov
BAKULINA Бакулина Russian
feminine form of Bakulin
BAKUNIN Бакунин Russian
derived from Russian words "бакуня" (bakunya) and "бакуля" (bakulya) meaning chatterbox, talkative person or agile, business-like person.... [more]
BAKUNINA Бакунина Russian
feminine form of Bakunin
BARANOV Баранов Russian
From baran, meaning "ram".
BARINOV Баринов Russian
Means "son of the boyar" from Russian барин (barin) meaning "boyar, nobleman".
BARNO Italian, Ukrainian, French, Ancient Aramaic, Russian
The surname Barno was first found in the north of Italy, especially in Tuscany. The name occasionally appears in the south, usually in forms which end in "o," but the northern forms ending in "i" are much more common... [more]
BELIKOV Беликов Russian
From Russian белый (beliy) meaning "white, fair".
BELINSKY Белинский Russian, Jewish
Habitational surname for someone from Belin in Ukraine, which may be derived from Proto-Slavic *bělъ "white".
BELKIN Russian
Patronymic from the nickname Belka meaning "squirrel" (a derivative of bely "white", referring to the animal's white stomach).
BELOMESTNOV Беломестнов Russian
BELOV Белов Russian
From Russian белый (beliy) meaning "white".
BELOVA Белова Russian
Feminine counterpart of BELOV.
BELSKIE Бельские Russian (Rare), American
BELYAKOV Беляков Russian
Derived from the Russian word belyak meaning "white rabbit".... [more]
BELYAKOVA Белякова Russian
Derived from the Russian word belyak meaning "white rabbit".... [more]
BLAGOVESHCHENSKY Благовещенский Russian
Named after the City of Blagoveshchensk
BLINOV Блинов Russian
Russian surname, derived from the word "блин" (pancake).
BLINOVA Блинова Russian
Feminine form of BLINOV.
BLOKHIN Блохин Russian
Russian surname
BOIKOV Бойков Bulgarian, Russian
Variant transcription of BOYKOV.
BORICHEVSKAYA Боричевская Russian
Feminine transcription of BORICHEVSKY.
BORISOVA Борисова Bulgarian, Russian
Means "daughter of BORIS". It is the feminine form of BORISOV.
BORISYUK Борисюк Russian
Russian transcription of BORYSYUK.
BORSOK Russian, Jewish, German (Austrian)
Pronouced "Boar-sook"... [more]
BOTKIN Бо́ткин Russian
This was the surname of EVGENIY Botkin ( 1865 - 1918) who was the Russian court physician. He remained loyal to the family of Tsar Nicholas II Romanov when the revolution occurred and followed them into exile in Siberia... [more]
BOYKOV Бойков Bulgarian, Russian
Means "son of BOYKO".
BRAGINSKY Брагинский, Брагинская Russian
BUBLIK Бублик Ukrainian, Belarusian, Russian
From bublik, a bagel-like bread roll.
BUCALOV Букалов Russian
Unknown origin, but could be connected to BAKALOV.
BUCALOV Букалов Russian, Moldovan
Unknown origin and meaning, could be connected to BAKALOV.
It is believed to mean "The Blessed One" or "Bless You" in Russian.
Russian variant of BUKOWSKI.
BURKHANOV Бурханов Uzbek, Russian, Tajik
Means "son of BURHAN".
BURLIN Бурлин Russian
From burla, meaning "storm".
BYKOV Быков Russian
From byk, meaning "bull".
CHAYKOV Чайков Russian, Belarusian
Derived from Russian чайка (chayka) meaning "seagull".
CHAYKOVSKAYA Чайковская Russian
Feminine form of CHAYKOVSKY.
CHERKASSKY Черкасский Russian, Jewish
Derived from Russian Черкес (Cherkes) meaning "Circassian", referring to a Muslim ethnic group native to the North Caucasus. This was the name of a noble Russian family of ethnic Circassian origin.
CHERNENKO Черненко Ukrainian, Russian
From Ukrainian чорний (chorniy) or Russian черный (cherniy) both meaning "black".
CHERNENKOV Черненков Russian
From chernoi, meaning "black".
CHERNOFF Russian, Jewish
Alternative spelling of CHERNOV, a patronymic from the byname Chernyj meaning ‘black’, denoting a black-haired or dark-skinned person.
CHERNOV Чернов Russian
From Russian чёрный (chyorniy) meaning "black".
CHERNOVA Чернова Russian
Derived from Russian чёрный (chyorniy) meaning "black". Feminine counterpart of CHERNOV.
CHERNYAVSKY Чернявский, Чернявская Russian
From the Russian word "черный" meaning "black".
CHERNYKH Черных Russian
Derived from Russian черный (cherniy) meaning "black".
CHERYAZOV Черязов Uzbek, Russian
Meaning unknown, possibly derived from Uzbek ... [more]
CHERYAZOVA Черязова Uzbek, Russian
CHUGUNOV Чугунов Russian
From Russian чугун (chugun) meaning "cast iron".
CHUGUNOVA Чугунова Russian
Feminine form of CHUGUNOV.
Feminine form of COCICOV.
CORT Polish, Russian, Jewish
Derived from the surname "Kutalczuk", "Kotelchik", "Cuttlechuck", or "Kuttlechuck"
Variant transcription of DANILOV.
DANILOV Данилов Russian
Means "son of DANIIL".
DATSYUK Дацюк Ukrainian, Russian
Believed to mean “to give or provide with a service.” The prefix -uk is a diminutive.
Means "son of DAVID".
DAVYDOV Давыдов Russian
Means "son of DAVID".
DEMENTIEV Дементьев Russian
Variant spelling of DEMENTYEV.
DEMENTIEVA Дементьева Russian
Variant spelling of DEMENTYEVA.
DEMENTYEV Дементьев Russian
Means "son of DEMENTIY".
DEMENTYEVA Дементьева Russian
Feminine counterpart of DEMENTYEV.
DEMIDOV Демидов Russian
Means "son of DEMID". This was the name of a Russian industrialist family prominent in the 18th and 19th centuries. A bearer of the feminine form Demidova was Anna Stepanovna Demidova (1878-1918), a lady-in-waiting in the service of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna who acquired posthumous fame for being executed alongside her employer in 1918.
DEMYANOV Демьянов Russian
Means "son of DEMYAN".
Means "son of DENIS".
DENISOVICH Денисович Russian, Literature
Means “son of DENIS”. Used in the 1962 book "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich."
DIMITRENKO Димитренко Russian, Ukrainian
From the given name DIMITRY.
DMITRIEV Дмитриев Russian
Means "son of DMITRY".
Variant transcription of DMITRYEV.
DMITRIYEVICH Дмитриыевич Russian
Derived from the Given Name DMITRY.
Means "son of DMITRIY".
Variant transcription of DOROFEYEV.
Means "son of DOROFEY".
DUDIN Дудин Russian
Derived from Russian дудка (dudka), which denotes a wind-blown instrument similar to a flute or pipe. It was probably used to denote a musician or shepherd who played the flute or pipe, as well as someone who made pipes... [more]
DUDKIN Дудкин Russian
Derived from Russian дудка (dudka) meaning "fife, pipe", referring to a folk instrument played by shepherds. Thus, it was used to denote someone who made pipes or a shepherd who played pipes.
DUNAYEVSKAYA Дунаевская Russian
Feminine spelling of DUNAYEVSKY.
DUNAYEVSKY Дунаевский Russian
Derived from Europe's second longest river, the Danube River, which is called "Dunay" in Russian. Two famous bearers are Soviet film composer and conductor Isaak Dunayevsky (1900-1955), and his son, Russian film composer Maksim Dunayevsky (1945-).
DYAKINA Дякина Russian
DYATLOV Дятлов Russian
From Russian дятел (dyatel) meaning "woodpecker".
DYATLOVA Дятлова Russian
Feminine counterpart of DYATLOV.
DZIUBA Дзю́ба Polish, Russian, Ukrainian
Derived from Polish dziub or Ukrainian dzyuba. It is a nickname for a person with pock-marks on his or her face.
EFIMOV Russian
Variant transcription of YEFIMOV.
EFREMOV Ефремов Russian, Macedonian
Means "son of EFREM".
EGOROV Егоров Russian
Means "son of YEGOR".
ERIN Ерин Russian
Means "son of ERA".
Variant transcription of YERMOLAYEV.
Variant transcription of YERMOLAYEV.
Means "son of EVAN".
Variant transcription of FADDEYEV.
Means "son of FADDEY".
FEDKIN Федкин Russian
FEDOROVA Фёдорова Russian
Alternate transcription of Russian Фёдорова FYODOROVA, and feminine form of FEDOROV.
FEDOTOV Федотов Russian
Means "son of FEDOT".
Means "son of FELIKS".
Means "son of FEOFAN".
Means "son of FEOFIL".
FEOKTISTOV Феоктистов Russian
Means "son of FEOKTIST".
FERAPONTOV Ферапонтов Russian
Means "son of FERAPONT".
Means "son of FILAT".
FOKOV Russian
Means "son of FOKA".
FOMICHEV Фомичев Russian
Variant transcription of FOMICHYOV.
FOMICHEVA Фомичева Russian
Variant spelling of FOMICHYOVA.
FOMICHYOV Фомичев Russian
Means "son of FOMA".
FOMICHYOVA Фомичева Russian
Feminine transcription of FOMICHYOV.
FOMOV Russian
Means "son of FOKA".
FROLOV Фролов Russian
Means "son of FROL".
FYODOROVA Фёдорова Russian
Feminine form of FYODOROV.
GAGARIN Гагарин Russian
A Russian surname derived from the word gagara, meaning loon (a waterbird, genus Gavia). Notable people with the surname include: Gagarin family, a Rurikid princely family.
GALKIN Галкин Russian
Derived from Russian галка (galka) meaning "jackdaw".
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