Ukrainian Submitted Surnames

Ukrainian names are used in the country of Ukraine in eastern Europe.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Adamovich Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian
Patronymic from the personal name Adam.
Aksenchuk Аксенчук Ukrainian, Russian
Amelina Амеліна Russian, Ukrainian
Feminine form of Amelin. This was borne by Ukrainian novelist Victoria Amelina (1986-2023), who died at age 37 from injuries sustained during the Russian attack on Kramatorsk.
Anasenko Анасенко Ukrainian
Andrelly Russian, Ukrainian
The first occurrence that I found was of Mikhaila Orosvigovskago ANDRELLY, or ANDRELLA (author of religious literature, in the century XVI) .
Andriyiv Андріїв Ukrainian
Means "son of Andriy".
Andryushyn Андрюшин Ukrainian
Derived from a diminutive form Andryusha of the Ukrainian name Andriy.
Antonoff Антонов, Антонофф Russian (Anglicized), Ukrainian (Anglicized), Bulgarian (Anglicized)
Anglicized form of Antonov.
Archaki Polish, Ukrainian
Possibly means "lord" or "ruler" from Greek derivative archos.
Avramenko Авраменко Ukrainian, Jewish
From the Ukrainian form of Abraham, Avraam.
Azarov Азаров Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Kazakh
Derived from given name Azariy (Азарий)
Azarova Азарова Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Kazakh
Feminine form of Azarov.
Baranchuk Баранчук Ukrainian, Belarusian, Russian
From Баран (baran) meaning "ram".
Baranchyk Баранчик Ukrainian
Variant transcription of Baranchuk.
Baranko Баранко Ukrainian
From Ukrainian Баран (baran) meaning "ram".
Barno Italian, Ukrainian, French, Ancient Aramaic, Russian
The surname Barno was first found in the north of Italy, especially in Tuscany. The name occasionally appears in the south, usually in forms which end in "o," but the northern forms ending in "i" are much more common... [more]
Barskiy Барський Ukrainian
Means "of Bar", referring to the city of Bar in the Vínnitsya Oblast.
Bereza Береза Ukrainian
Means "birch tree" in Ukrainian.
Bilyi Білий Ukrainian
Alternate transcription of Ukrainian Білик (see Bilyk).
Bilyk Білик Ukrainian
Nickname derived from Ukrainian білий (bilyy) meaning "white".
Blyzynskyi Близинсьий Ukrainian
Derived from Ukrainian blyznyuky "twin".
Bohachuk Богачук Ukrainian
Bohuslav Богуслав Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian
From the given name Bohuslav.
Bomba Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Ukrainian, Czech, Slovak
From bomba "bomb", (Latin bombus), hence probably a nickname for someone with an explosive temperament, or a metonymic occupational name for an artilleryman.
Bondarchuk Бондарчук Ukrainian
Form of Bondarenko.
Borisow Ukrainian
The origin of this name comes from Ukraine, the original name being Borisov.
Bortnick Ukrainian, Jewish
Occupational name for a beekeeper, Ukrainian bortnik.
Bortnyk Бортник Ukrainian
Ukrainian cognate of Bortnik.
Borysyuk Борисюк Ukrainian
Means "son of Borys".
Brezhnev Брежнєв Russian, Ukrainian
Denoted a person from Brezhnevo, a rural village in the Kursky District, Kursk Oblast, Russia. The most notable bearer was Leonid Brezhnev (1906-1982), a leader of the Soviet Union.
Brezhneva Брежнєва Russian, Ukrainian
Feminine transcription of Russian Брежнев and Ukrainian Брежнэв (see Brezhnev).
Brody Ukrainian, Jewish
Town in Ukraine at one time 90% Jewish... [more]
Bublik Бублик Ukrainian, Belarusian, Russian
From bublik, a bagel-like bread roll.
Bzovsky Бзовський Ukrainian, Russian
Ukrainian and Russian form of Bzowski.
Cherkasskiy Черкаський Ukrainian, Jewish
Derived from Ukrainian Черкас (Cherkas) meaning "Circassian".
Chernenko Черненко Ukrainian, Russian
From Ukrainian чорний (chorniy) or Russian черный (cherniy) both meaning "black".
Cherneski Ukrainian
This surname means 'black', from the Slavic root word cherno or charno.
Chernyavskiy Чернявський, Чернявська Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of Chernyavsky.
Chernyy Черний m Ukrainian, Russian
Means "black", a nickname for a person with dark hair.
Chyornykh Чорних Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of Chernykh.
Darchynian Дарчинян Armenian (Ukrainianized), Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of the Armenian surname Darchinyan.
Datsyuk Дацюк Ukrainian, Russian
Believed to mean “to give or provide with a service.” The prefix -uk is a diminutive.
Davydenko Ukrainian
From the given name Davyd + the suffix enko.
Demchenko Демченко Ukrainian
Derived from the given name Demyan.
Demyan Дем'ян Russian, Ukrainian
From the given name Demyan.
Demyanenko Демʹяненко Ukrainian
Means "son of Demyan".
Denisenko Денисенко Ukrainian
Alternate transcription of Denysenko.
Denysenko Денисенко Ukrainian
Derived from the given name Denys.
Derkach Деркач Ukrainian
Means 'rattle', 'noisemaker'.
Diatchenko діатченко Ukrainian
Diduch Ukrainian
meaning Spirit of Ancestors
Dimitrenko Димитренко Russian, Ukrainian
From the given name Dimitry.
Dimitrienko Дмитриенко Russian, Ukrainian
Variant of Dmitrienko.
Ditko Дитко Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian, Polish, Silesian, Czech
Meaning unknown.
Dovbyk Довбик Ukrainian
Dovzhenko Довженко Ukrainian
Derived from the word довгий, which means "long" in Ukrainian.
Duchovny Духовни Russian, Ukrainian, Jewish
Russian and Ukrainian cognate of Duchowny. It is borne by the American actor David Duchovny (1960-).
Durko Дурко Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian
Derived either from Russian дурной (durnoy) or Ukrainian дурний (durnyi) or Belarusian дурны (durny) all meaning "dump, foolish, stupid".
Dymytryenko Дмитрієнко Ukrainian
Variant transcription of Dimitrienko.
Dytko Polish, Silesian, Czech, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Russian
Meaning unknown. Likely a variant of Ditko.
Dziuba Дзю́ба Polish, Russian, Ukrainian
Derived from Polish dziub or Ukrainian dzyuba. It is a nickname for a person with pock-marks on his or her face.
Farmiga Ukrainian
The surname of a certainly recent Hollywood dynasty.
Filipovich Ukrainian
Patronymic from the personal name Filip.
Fomenko Фоменко Ukrainian
Derived from the given name Foma.
Friedgant Ukrainian
“Hand of peace”
Ganus Russian, Ukrainian
Possibly derived from Russian анис (anis) referring to the anise (Pimpinella anisum) plant or from the Turkish given name Gainislam itself from Arabic عَيْن (ʿayn) meaning "spring, source" combined with the name of the religion Islam.
Gerasimenko Герасименко Ukrainian
Alternate transcription of Herasymenko.
Gerstenmájer Герстенмажер Hungarian, Romanian, Ukrainian
Magyarised and Cyrillic version of Gerstenmayer.
Gogol Го́голь Ukrainian, Polish, Jewish
Means "Common goldeneye (a type of duck)" in Ukrainian. Possibly a name for a fowler. A famous bearer was Nikolai Gogol.
Gorbunenko Горбуненко Russian, Ukrainian
From Russian горбун (gorbun) meaning "humpback".
Grabinsky Ukrainian
Russian and Ukrainian cognate of Grabiński. A known bearer is the Ukrainian chess master Vladimir Grabinsky (1974-).
Gutnik Гутник Ukrainian, Russian, Yiddish
Yiddish surname meaning "glassworker" from Yiddish hute meaning "glassworks".
Gvozdyk Гвоздик Ukrainian, Russian
Herasymenko Герасименко Ukrainian
Derived from the given name Herasym.
Hewczuk Ukrainian
Hewczuk is primarily a Ukrainian/Polish surname.... [more]
Hillfair Ukrainian
A fair someone. One who does a fair thing. Hill is which lives on a hill, other meanings of a fine hill, good for agriculture, hillfair as a fair hill.
Holoborodko Голобородько Ukrainian
Holovashchenko Головащенко Ukrainian
Horbanenko Горбаненко Ukrainian
Ukrainian form and equivalent of Gorbachev.
Horbatenko Горбатенко Ukrainian
From Ukrainian горбатий (horbatyy) meaning "humpback".
Horbunenko Горбуненко Ukrainian
Variant transcription of Gorbunenko.
Hrytsenko Гриценко Ukrainian
Patronymic derived from a diminutive of Hryhoriy.
Hutnik Гутник Ukrainian, Yiddish (Rare)
Ukrainian transcription and Yiddish alternate spelling of Gutnik.
Ignatenko Ігнатенко Ukrainian
Alternate transcription of Ihnatenko.
Ihnatenko Ігнатенко Ukrainian
Derived from the given name Ihnat.
Ivanchenko Іванченко Ukrainian
Derived from the given name Ivan.
Ivanenko Іваненко Ukrainian
Ukrainian variant of Ivanov.
Ivanko Іванко Croatian, Russian, Ukrainian
Derived from the forename Ivan.
Ivaschenko Іващенко Ukrainian
Alternate transcription of Ukrainian Іващенко (see Ivashchenko).
Ivashchenko Іващенко Ukrainian
Derived from the given name Ivan.
Ivashkin Івашкін Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian
Derived from a diminutive form IVASHKA of the Russian given name Ivan.
Kaffka Hungarian, Romanian, Low German, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian
The Germanised Czech surname of a certain Margit. Means ‘Little Jackdaw’ in Czech. Its internationally better known diminutive is Kafka.
Kalashnik Калашник Ukrainian
Means "maker of kalaches", a variant of калачник (kalachnik) - itself composed of калач (kalach), a type of bread, and the agent suffix -ник (-nik). See also Kalashnikov.
Karpiak Ukrainian
Possibly a patronym from the given name Karp.
Kavka Кавка Slovak, Ukrainian, Czech
Yet another variant of Kafka and its pop culture equivalents Kefka and Cefca. Also like Kaffka, it simply means ‘Jackdaw’ in Slovak.
Kazan Казань Ukrainian, Belarusian, Jewish
From Turkish kazan meaning "kettle, boiler, furnace".
Khanenko Ханенко Ukrainian, Muslim
Derived from the given name Khan.
Khariuk Харюк Ukrainian
Khrapko Храпко Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian (Rare)
Derived from East Slavic храп (khrap) meaning "snore".
Kirichenko Кириченко Ukrainian
Alternate transcription of Kyrychenko.
Kirienko Кірієнко Ukrainian, Russian
Kirilenko Кириле́нко Russian, Ukrainian
Means "son of Kirill".
Kishka Кішка Ukrainian
Means "Cat" in Ukrainian.
Klimenko Клименко Ukrainian
Alternate transcription of Klymenko.
Kobrynsky Кобринський Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of Kobrinsky. Most of the Kobrynsky family had settled in Canada.
Kocur Ukrainian
means "tom cat" or "male cat"
Kolesnik Колесник Ukrainian
From kolesnik, meaning "wheelwright".
Kolesnyk Колесник Ukrainian
Denoting to a person who fixed wheels (from "колесник (kolesnyk)" meaning "wheelwright").
Kopko Polish, Ukrainian
Kopeck is a reduced pet form of the personal name Prokop.... [more]
Korbut Корбут Ukrainian, Belarusian
From a form of the Lithuanian given name Kaributas. A famous bearer is former Soviet gymnast Olga Korbut (1955-).
Korol Король Russian, Ukrainian
From Russian and Ukrainian meaning "king".
Koroliuk Королюк Ukrainian
Based on the root word "король" (Korol), meaning "King"
Kostenko Костенко Ukrainian
Derived from the given name Kostyantyn.
Kowalchuk Ковальчук Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of Kowalczyk. Most of them were Ukrainian refugees who settled in Canada.
Kowalchyk Ковальчук Ukrainian
Variant transcription of Kowalchuk.
Kozak Polish, Czech, Slovak, Sorbian, Ukrainian
Ethnic name for a Cossack, a member of a people descended from a group of runaway serfs who set up a semi-independent military republic in Ukraine in the 15th and 16th centuries.
Kozakov Козаков Ukrainian
From Ukrainian козак (kozak) meaning "cossack".
Kozar Ukrainian, Russian, Croatian, Slovene
Means “goatherd”.
Krasnoff Краснофф Russian, Ukrainian, Jewish
Variant of Krasnov.
Kryshtofovych Криштофович Ukrainian
Means "son of Kryshtof".
Krysin Крисін Belarusian, Russian, Ukrainian
Derived from Russian крыса (krysa) meaning "rat".
Kupka Czech, Polish, Ukrainian, Slovak, Sorbian, Jewish
Nickname or topographic name from the Polish, Ukrainian, Czech and Sorbian word kupka, a diminutive of kupa meaning "heap, pile", in Upper Sorbian also "lump".... [more]
Kurylenko Куриленко Ukrainian
Possibly an alternate transcription of Ukrainian Кириле́нко (see Kyrylenko). A famous bearer is Ukrainian-French actress and model Olga Kurylenko (1979-).
Kurylo Ukrainian
From the personal name Kurýlo, a Ukrainian form of the ancient Slavic name Kiril, from Greek Kyrillos, a derivative of kyrios "Lord"... [more]
Kuzma Ukrainian, Belarusian
From the personal name Kuzma, Greek Kosmas, a derivative of kosmos ‘universe’, ‘(ordered) arrangement’. St. Cosmas, martyred with his brother Damian in Cilicia in the early 4th century ad, came to be widely revered in the Eastern Church.
Kuzmak Кузьмак Ukrainian
From the given name Kuzma.
Kuzmin Кузмин Russian, Ukrainian
Means "son of Kuzma".
Kuzmyn Кузьмин Ukrainian
Variant transcription of Kuzmin.
Kyrychenko Кириченко Ukrainian
Derived from the given name Kyryk.
Kyrylenko Кириле́нко Ukrainian
Means "son of Kyrylo".
Lebid Лебідь Ukrainian
Means 'Swan'
Levchenko Левченко Ukrainian
Derived from the given name Lev 1.
Levchik Левчик Belarusian, Ukrainian
Variant transcription of Levchyk.
Levchyk Левчик Ukrainian
Variant of Levchenko.
Lirnyk Лірник Ukrainian
Derived from Ukrainian лірник (lirnyk) meaning "lirnyk". Lirnyky were itinerant Ukrainian musicians who performed religious, historical and epic songs to the accompaniment of a lira.
Litvinchuk Литвинчук Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian
Derived from Russian литвин (litvin) historically denoting a Lithuanian or Belarusian person.
Lokhvitskiy Лохвицький Ukrainian (Rare)
This indicates familial origin within the city of Lokhvytsia in Ukraine.
Lomachenko Ломаченко Ukrainian, Russian
Derived from Ukrainian ломач (lomach) meaning "bonfire".
Lomachuk Ломачук Ukrainian
Variant of Lomachenko.
Lopata Лопата Russian, Ukrainian
Derived either from Russian лопата (lopata) or Ukrainian лопата (lopata) both meaning "spade, shovel". This may have been a nickname for a digger or a truck farmer.
Lubarsky Любарський Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Jewish
Habitational name for someone from Liubar, an urban-type settlement in the Zhytomyr Oblast of Ukraine, or Lubarka, an unknown place in Lithuania.
Luchenko Лученко Ukrainian
From the given name Luka.
Lukashenko Лукашенко Ukrainian
Means "son of Luka".
Lukyanenko Лукьяненко Ukrainian
Probably a form of Lukashenko using the diminutive of Luka instead of the standard form or a form of Russian Lukyanov.
Lyashenko Ляшенко Ukrainian
From Ukrainian word lyakh - contemptuous word for "pole".
Lykhodiy Лиходій Ukrainian
Means "villain" in Ukrainian.
Lyskin Лискін Belarusian, Russian, Ukrainian
Derived either from Belarusian лысы (lysy) or Russian лысый (lysy) or Ukrainian лисий (lysyi) all meaning "bald, bald-headed, hairless".
Lytvyn Литвин Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of Litvin.
Lytvynenko Литвиненко Ukrainian
It indicates being a descendant of someone who lived in the medieval Grand Duchy of Lithuania but wasn't necessarily of the Lithuanian ethnicity.
Mahda Магда Ukrainian
Makovsky Маковский Russian, Ukrainian
Russian and Ukrainian variant of Makowski.
Maksim Максим Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Macedonian
From the given name Maksim.
Maksym Максим Ukrainian, Polish
From the given name Maksym.
Maksymov Максимов Ukrainian
Ukrainian transcription of Максимов (see Maksimov), meaning "son of Maksym".
Maksymova Максимова Ukrainian
Feminine transcription of Ukrainian Максимов (see Maksymov).
Malasenco МАЛАШЕНКО Ukrainian
This surname is a moderately common Ukrainian name and was formed from the Hebrew name MALACHI. After 988 A.D., every Slav, having been baptized, would undergo a ceremony, conducted by a priest, to receive a Christian name... [more]
Malashenko Малашенко Ukrainian
Patronymic derived from a Ukrainian form of Hebrew Malachi.
Malaya Малая Russian, Ukrainian
From Russian малый (maliy) or Ukrainian малий (malyy) both meaning "small, little", used as a nickname for a small child or a person who was thin or short in stature. Alternately, it may have come from Tatar малай (malay) meaning "boy, son" or "apprentice".
Malkovich Малкович Ukrainian
Possibly the Ukrainian version of Milošević
Malykhin Малыхин Russian, Ukrainian
Malynov Малинов, Малинова Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of Malinov.
Malynovskiy Малиновський, Малиновська Ukrainian (Rare)
Ukrainian form of Malinovsky.
Marchak Марчак Ukrainian
Marchuk Марчук Ukrainian
Possibly a patronymic derived from the given name Marko.
Markiyanov Маркіянов Ukrainian
Means "son of Markiyan".
Martynenko Мартиненко Ukrainian
Patronymic derived from the given name Martyn.
Masnick Ukrainian
I believe it is Ukranian. I have been told it was spelled a little different and could be of Russian Jewish origin
Matsupa Мацюпа Ukrainian (Anglicized, ?)
Ukrainian; although may also have found in other forms in other countries such as Galicia (Western Ukraine), Poland and Hungary; due to the changing borders and occupation of land at various points in history.
Melnichuk Мельничук Russian, Ukrainian (Russified)
Means "son of the miller".
Melnychuk Мельничук Ukrainian
Means "son of the miller".
Milan Мілан Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Croatian, Slovene, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Russian
From the given name Milan, a derivative of names such as Bohumil and Miloslav, containing the Slavic elements mil or milu meaning ‘grace, favor, dear’.
Mitnick Ukrainian, Jewish
Occupational name from Ukrainian mytnyk, Polish mytnik, which means ‘toll collector’.
Molchan Молчан Russian, Ukrainian
From the Russian word молчан meaning "silent" it was often used as a nickname for someone who was soft-spoken and as a given name following Baptism
Molitvenik Ukrainian (Ukrainianized, Rare)
The meaning is "prayer warrior" or "someone who prays"
Moskalchuk Москальчук Ukrainian
Variant of Moskalenko using the patronymic suffix "-chuk" instead of "-enko".
Moskalenko Москаленко Ukrainian
Means "son of the Russian" from "москаль", a Ukrainian derogatory term for a Russian.
Mouravieff Моуравиефф Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian
Mstishyn Мстишин Ukrainian
It indicates familial origin within the eponymous village.
Mucha Polish, Slovak, Czech, Ukrainian
Nickname for an irritating person or someone considered of no importance, from mucha "fly".
Mudryk Мудрик Ukrainian
Mushket мушкет Russian, Ukrainian
Means "musket, matchlock" from Russian "mušket" - maybe a nickname of some bandit.
Muzyka Музика Belarusian, Russian, Ukrainian
Derived either from Belarusian музыка (muzyka) or Ukrainian музика (muzyka), both possibly derived from German Musiker meaning "musician".
Mykhailenko Михайленко Ukrainian
Alternate transcription of Ukrainian Михайленко (see Mykhaylenko).
Mykhaylychenko Михайличенко Ukrainian
Mykytyn Микитин Ukrainian
Means "son of Mykyta".
Mynsky Мінський Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of Minsky.
Nagórny Russian, Polish, Ukrainian
Place name for someone from multiple cites of Russia named Nagornoye and Nagorny, itself derived from the The prefix Nagorno- that derives from the Russian attributive adjective nagorny (нагорный), which means "highland".
Naiman Ukrainian, Jewish
Before Genghis Khan conquered the world, he conquered his neighbors, and his last great victory, in 1204, was over a tribe of Turkic Christians called the Naiman. (Some Naimans today are Christian but most are Jewish.)... [more]
Naumenko Науменко Ukrainian
Derived from the given name Naum.
Nazarenko Назаренко Ukrainian
From the given name Nazar.
Neisingh South Slavic, Ukrainian, Russian, Dutch
The surname Neisingh is of Dutch and Slavic origin, It's derived from the English last name Nelson 1 meaning son of Neal.
Nemirov Russian, Hebrew, Ukrainian
Name derived from the city of Nemirov in Ukraine, The city was named after its founder, Prince Nemir.
Nemirovsky Russian, Ukrainian
Alternate of Nemirov
Neshchadymenko Нещадименко Ukrainian
Cossack nickname meaning "No mercy" with the suffix -enko.
Nesterenko Нестеренко Ukrainian
Derived from the given name Nestor.
Novitskaya Новицька Belarusian, Russian, Ukrainian
Feminine transcription of Belarusian Навіцкі, Russian Новицкий and Ukrainian Новицький (see Novitsky).
Novitsky Новицький Russian, Ukrainian
Russian and Ukrainian form of Nowicki.
Nykolaev Миколаїв Ukrainian
Means "son of Nykolai."
Nykolaichuk Миколайчук Ukrainian
From the given name Nykolai.
Nykytyn Никитин Ukrainian
From the given name Nykyta.
Obermok Ukrainian
Obermok is most likely an anglicized form of the surname Oberemok.... [more]
Ogishin Огишин Russian, Ukrainian
Variant of Ageyev (Агеев), derived from Ukrainian given name Ogiy (Огiй)
Ogishina Огішина Russian, Ukrainian
Feminine form of Ogishin (Огишин)
Ogiyenko Огіенко Russian, Ukrainian
Variant of Ageyev (Агеев), derived from Ukrainian given name Ogiy (Огiй)
Oleksenko Олексенко Ukrainian
Means "son of Oleksiy".
Oleniuc Romanian, Ukrainian
From the Hutsul language.
Onufriyenko Онуфрієнко Ukrainian, Russian
From the rare given name Onufriy.
Oryschak Ukrainian
Refers to someone from the village of Oryshkivsti in Ternopil Oblast in present-day Western Ukraine.
Ostap Остап Ukrainian
From the given name Ostap.
Ostapchuk Остапчук Ukrainian, Belarusian
Means "son of Ostap".
Ostapenko Остапенко Ukrainian
From the given name Ostap.
Ostorojniy Ukrainian
Ostorojniy - a surname derived from the Russian word "cautious". It was popular in the 19th century.
Ovcharenko Овчаренко Ukrainian
Paley Палей Jewish, Yiddish, Belarusian, Ukrainian
Occupational name for a distiller, derived from an East Slavic word (Russian палить (palitʹ), Ukrainian палити (palyty)) meaning "to burn". A famous bearer was Princess Olga Valerianovna Paley (1865-1929), the morganatic second wife of Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich of Russia.