Sami Submitted Surnames

Sami names are used by the Sami people who inhabit northern Scandinavia.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Eira Sami
Derived form the given name Erik.
Kalla Sami
Derived from Kállá, the Sami form of Karl.
Labba Sami
Meaning uncertain. Perhaps derived from Sami slabba "large reindeer antler shaped like a hand" or from Northern Sami láppis "lamb".
Niska Finnish, Sami
From Finnish niska "neck" (in this case referring to an isthmus).
Niva Sami, Finnish
From Finnish niva "small rapid in a river", ultimately derived from Northern Sami njavvi "small river, small rapid".
Nutti Sami
Derived from the given name Knut via its Finnish form Nuutti.
Sara Sami
Probably derived from Finnish saari "island", though some claim that it is taken from the given name Sara.
Somby Sami
Derived from the name of the village Sompio in Finland.
Vaara Finnish, Sami
Means "forested hill" in Finnish, derived from Northern Sami várri "mountain".