Flemish Surnames

Flemish names are used in Flanders (the northern half of Belgium where Dutch is spoken). See also about Dutch names.
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CLAES     Flemish
From the given name KLAUS.
DE VROOM     Dutch, Flemish
Variant of VROOM.
FRANKE     German, Dutch, Flemish
Variant of FRANK (3).
GOOSSENS     Flemish
From the Germanic given name Gozzo, derived from the element god "good" or got "god".
JOOSSENS     Flemish
Means "son of JOOS" in Flemish.
MAES     Flemish
Flemish form of MAAS.
MERCKX     Flemish, Dutch
From the given name MARK.
MERTENS     Dutch, Low German, Flemish
From the given name MERTEN.
PEETERS     Dutch, Flemish
Dutch variant of PETERS.
SLOOTMAEKERS     Dutch, Flemish
Means "maker of locks" in Dutch, an occupational name for a locksmith.
TILLENS     Dutch, Flemish, German
From the Germanic name Thietilo, a medieval diminutive of DIETRICH.
Means "from the dry marshes" in Dutch. The city of Brussels was built on dry marshes, so this name means "from Brussels".
VAN ROMPAYE     Dutch, Flemish
Variant of VAN ROMPAEY, slightly influenced by French.
VAN ROMPUY     Dutch, Flemish
Variant of VAN RUMPADE. A well-known bearer of this surname is the Flemish politician Herman Van Rompuy (1947-), a Prime Minister of Belgium.
VERMEULEN     Flemish
Means "dweller by the mill".
VERVLOET     Flemish
Means "(dweller by a) stream".
VROOM     Dutch, Flemish
Dutch form of FROMM.
VROOMEN     Dutch, Flemish
Dutch form of FROMM.
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