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I like sociology and linguistics and this is my only way to study linguistics. I do have the name list public but there's nothing on it cause my actual list is on a google doc I made a while back. Been on this site a long time but didn't make an account until recently. Hebrew names are really cool. Italian ones are my least favourite sorry. I like myth and religion so I comment on a lot of those names. I make up stories constantly in my mind and character design is one of the best parts. I listen to obscure music and know random history so lots of the famous bearers are those people.
I find it amusing how quickly people on this site go from zero to ten. Like okay Susan, just cause someone doesn't like a name doesn't mean they're a horrible person.

Submitted Names

RIEL     French
French variant of RIEHL. Most notable bearer is Canadian Métis political leader Louis Riel, best known for his Red River Rebellion.
RIEHL     German (Austrian), German
Either from the given name Rühle or a from the location of Rühle or Riehl.
SEWALL   m   English
Possibly a variant of SEWELL

Name Comments

Star Trek introduced me to this name and I must say I love it. It is better than Paul, and used much less. It's unique but easy to say. Maybe it's my love of the character, that's affecting my opinions on the name.
Gabriel Dumont was a Métis hunter and diplomat, and right hand man of Louis Riel. He was a highly important figure in Canadian history.
Vanessa is the love interest of the main character in the musical In The Heights, Usnavi De La Vega. Vanessa lives with her mother and works in the hair salon next to Usnavi's bodega. She wants to move out of the Heights and live downtown.