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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the person who added the name is picajay.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Abdelrasoul Arabic
From the given name Abdelrasoul
Abolin Russian
Russified form of Āboliņš, a Latvian surname meaning "clover".
Afrah Arabic
From the given name Afrah.
Alkurdi Arabic
Arabic surname, denoting someone who had Kurdish ancestry.
Andalib Persian, Arabic, Urdu
From the given name Andalib.
Auberjonois French
A French last name meaning "armourer". Actor René Murat Auberjonois is a notable bearer.
Bejar Spanish
From the town of the same name in Spain
Ben Kol Hebrew
Meaning "son of Kol".
Bolan Popular Culture
Surname of glam rock founder Marc Bolan. How he decided his surname is unknown, though it is known that it was derived from Bowland... [more]
Bolan Irish
From the given name Beollán.
Bonecutter English
Likely from someone who's job was to work with deceased people.
Bonilla Spanish
From the area of Spain of the same name
Bowland English
From any variety of places in England with this name. These places are likely from with Old English boga ‘bow’ (in the sense of a bend in a river) and land ‘land’.
Burcy French
Denoting someone from the town of Burcy.
Bursey French
Variant of Burcy.
Catarino Spanish, Portuguese, Greek
Meaning "pure".
Creighton English
From Irish 'crioch' meaning "border", and Old English 'tun' meaning "town".
Danish Danish
Denoting someone from Denmark.
Dingwall English
From the city of Dingwall in Scotland.
Dorjee Tibetan
From the given name Dorji.
Drown English
Derived from drone meaning "honey bee"
Drowne English
Variant of Drown
Drye English
Variant of Dryer.
Fruitman English
Likely referring to someone who sold fruit.
Fynch English
Variant of Finch.
Galantuomo Italian
Meaning "gentleman"
Galanty Jewish, Judeo-Italian
Possibly derived from the Italian Galantuomo meaning "gentleman"
Gans German, Dutch
Meaning "goose", perhaps referring to someone who worked with geese, related to Ganser.
Geigle German
Meaning "violinist" in Swabian German.
Grignon French
From French 'grignard' meaning "angry" and "contemptuous", and Old French (of Germanic origin) 'grignier' "to grit the teeth" or "curl the lips".
Gyaltsen Tibetan
From the given name Gyaltsen
Hatam Arabic
From the given name Hatam.
Jakaitis Lithuanian
Unknown meaning.
Kamara Western African
Used in Sierra Leone.
Kamhi Jewish
Name found throughout the Mediterranean, predominantly in Mizrahi and Sephardic Jewish communities. Meaning unknown.
Karpiak Ukrainian
Possibly a patronym from the given name Karp.
Khalidi Arabic
From the given name Khalid.
Kıral Turkish
Means "supreme leader" in Turkish
Kirshenbaum German
Means "cherry tree".
Kopyto Polish, Jewish
Jewish Polish name possibly meaning "hoof"
Lambers French
Means "illustrious land", variant of Lambert
Latendresse French
From Letendre, thus meaning "tenderness".
Leibowitz Yiddish
From Leib and '-itz', a patronymic suffix.
Lejbowicz Yiddish
Polish form of Leibowitz.
Letendre French
From 'tendre', meaning "tender" or "delicate".
Lihou Norman
From the island of Lihou.
Marynowicz Polish
Possibly meaning "son of Mary" or "son of Marius".
Mautz German
Meaning "to gripe", or "to complain" in Swabian German.
Megarry Irish, English
From the Irish 'Mag Fhearadhaigh', meaning "descendant of the fearless one"
Mieles Italian, Spanish, French
Meaning "honey".
Minhas Indian
Unknown meaning. Minhas is a clan in India and Pakistan, and offshoot of the Rajput clan.
Mitten English
English surname, meaning "from Mitten" various towns with the name or similar spelling. The towns were presumably named after the glove.
Monckton English
Possibly meaning "estate of monks"
Motz German
Meaning "dirty" or "grubby".
Muchnik Russian, Jewish
Jewish name, from the Russian, meaning "flour merchant".
Mudie English
Possibly from Old English 'modig', meaning "brave", or "reckless".
Mudry Slavic
Meaning "wise".
Myrick English
Either means "dark", "work" or "ruler".
Nice English
From the English word 'nice', meaning "kind".
Nyce English
Variant of Nice.
Obeid Arabic (Anglicized)
Meaning "humble servant", based on name Ubayd
O'Loney Irish
Anglicization of Ó Luanaigh.
O'Looney Irish
Anglicization of Ó Luanaigh.
O'Lunney Irish
Anglicization of Ó Luanaigh.
Pennock Cornish, English
From the Cornish 'pennknegh', meaning "hilltop".
Piech Polish, German (Austrian)
From a diminutive form of Peter.
Pieech Polish
Alternate spelling of Piech.
Prosser Welsh
From 'ap Rosser', meaning "son of Rosser".
Remtulla Indian, Arabic
Unknown meaning.
Riehl German (Austrian), German
Either from the given name Rühle or a from the location of Rühle or Riehl.
Riel French
French variant of Riehl. Most notable bearer is Canadian Métis political leader Louis Riel, best known for his Red River Rebellion.
Sandblom Swedish
Combination of Swedish sand "sand" and blomma "flower".
Schincariol Italian, Portuguese
Unknown meaning.
Shrimpton English
Probably referring to the unknown "Estate of Shrimp"
Sulu Tagalog
From the sea in the Philippines. Notable bearer is the fictional character Hikaru Sulu from Star Trek. The name is not commonly given to real people.
Tepper German
Meaning "tavern owner"
Tesfamariam Ethiopian
Meaning "Mary hope", from 'tesifa' (hope), and 'mariyami' (Mary).
Thannhausen German
An old noble family from Germany. Meaning "dwelling in Tann", specifically from their ancestral seat in the town of Tannhausen.
Tikkanen Finnish
Meaning "small woodpecker".
Uniacke Irish
Unknown meaning.
Uzochukwu Igbo
Meaning "god's way".
Vancouver Dutch
Dutch name meaning "someone from Coevorden", a city in the Netherlands.
Van Gameren Dutch
Meaning "from Gameren".
Ventresca Italian
Meaning Unknown
Vigna Italian
Meaning "vineyard", referring to someone who lived near one.
Visitor English
Likely from someone who was a stranger in a place.
Vossler German
Possibly related to Voss.
Wangchuk Tibetan
From the given name Wangchuk
Wangmo Tibetan
From the given name Wangmo.
Wohl German, Yiddish
Meaning "pleasant" in both Middle German and Ashkenazic Yiddish
Yin Chinese
Transferred from the given name Yin.
Ziegenfuss German
Meaning "goat foot".