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Type Surname (from given name)
Pronounced Pron. Ahn-droo-leh-veetz(Lithuanian) Ahn-droo-leh-veech; Ahn-drew-leh-veetz; Ahn-drule-veech; Ahn-drule-veetz(Polish) An-dru-le-wiz; An-drule-wiz(Jewish)  [key]
Other Forms FormsAndrulevich; Andrelewitz; Andrulewitz; Androlowitz; Andrulewich; multiple other variants

Meaning & History

Originally Andrulevičus or Andrulevičius, it means "ben-Adam" or "ben-ish" ("ben" being "son" in Hebrew; Adam meaning "man"). The Andrulevičiuses were originally Sephardic kohanim whom immigrated to Lithuania, and then Poland, Latvia, and other countries.
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