Lithuanian Submitted Surnames

Lithuanian names are used in the country of Lithuania in northern Europe.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ALŠĖNIŠKIS     Lithuanian
This indicates familial origin within the Belarusian village of Hal’šány, which was originally Lithuanian & named Alšėnai.
AMBROZAITYTE     Lithuanian, Latvian
this name comes from far far history of lithuanian people
ANDRULEWICZ     Lithuanian (Modern, Rare), Polish (Modern, Rare), Jewish (Modern, Rare), Latvian
Originally Andrulevičus or Andrulevičius, it means "ben-Adam" or "ben-ish" ("ben" being "son" in Hebrew; Adam meaning "man"). The Andrulevičiuses were originally Sephardic kohanim whom immigrated to Lithuania, and then Poland, Latvia, and other countries.
BAGDONAS     Lithuanian
Patronymic from the personal name Bagdon, Lithuanian form of Polish Bogdan.
BAKSHIS     Lithuanian
Means fighter or boxer
BERNIUS     German (Latinized), Lithuanian
German-Latinized form of Berner.... [more]
DEGUTIS     Lithuanian
Occupational name for a person who sold tar; from the Lithuanian word degutas meaning "tar".
DEGUTYTĖ     Lithuanian
Feminine form for an unmarried woman or widow of the surname Degutis.
GIEDRAITIS     Lithuanian
This indicates familial origin within the town of Giedraičiai.
GUDAITIS     Lithuanian
Ethnic name from gudas meaning "Belorussian".
KAUNAS     Lithuanian
From Kaunas, the name of a city in Lithuania, itself most likely derived from a given name.
KAZLAUSKAS     Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of the Polish surname Kozlowski. Kazlauskas is the most popular surname in Lithuania.
KETURAKIS     Lithuanian
four eyes
KOŚCIUSZKO     Lithuanian
Variant of Kostiuk.
LANKA     Lithuanian, Latvian
Probably a shortened form of Lithuanian Lankauskas.
LEVIN     Jewish, Lithuanian, Belarusian, German, Russian, French (Quebec, Anglicized), Various
As a Lithuanian Jewish and Belarusian Jewish name, it is a Slavicized form of Levy. As a German and German Jewish name, it is derived from the given name Levin. As a Jewish name, it can also be related to Loewe... [more]
MARKŪNAS     Lithuanian
patronymic from the personal name Markus, a pet form of Mark.
MEIZYS     Lithuanian
It means barley or wheat farmer
MISKINIS     Lithuanian
Topographic name from miškinis ‘forest’, ‘forest spirit’. This name is also established in Poland.
OGINSKIAI     Lithuanian
This indicates familial origin within the village of Uogintai.
Comes from the Lithuanian given name Petras.
Feminine form of Petruškevičius. Used by an unmarried woman.
PISULA     Polish, Lithuanian
Informal nickname for a scribe or clerk, from a derivative of Polish pisać ‘to write’.
ROMEKA     Lithuanian (Latinized)
From the Latin for "of Rome"
RULINSKAS     Lithuanian (Latinized, Rare)
Meaning and origin still unknown.
SAKALAUSKAS     Lithuanian
Ultimately derived from Sokol. Varient forms are Sakalauskienė (married woman or widow) and Sakalauskaitė (unmarried woman).
ŠAULIS     Lithuanian
Occupational name from Lithuanian šaulys meaning "rifleman".
SHAULIS     Lithuanian
Occupational name from Lithuanian šaulys ‘rifleman’.
SOULIS     Lithuanian
Variant of Shaulis.
VIDAS     Lithuanian
From a short form of the personal name Vidmantas.
VILKAS     Lithuanian
Means "wolf" in Lithuanian.
VIŠNEVIŠKAS     Lithuanian
This indicates familial origin within the Belarusian agrotown of Víšneva, which was originally Lithuanian & under the name of ''Višnevas''.
VITKAUSKAS     Lithuanian
Lithuanian variant of the surname Witkowski.
VITKUS     Lithuanian
From a pet form of the personal name Výtautas (a compound of vyti ‘to guide’ + tauta ‘the people’).
ŽILINSKAS     Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Zieliński.
ŽILINSKIENĖ     Lithuanian
Feminine form of Žilinskas, name for a married woman or widow with the name.
ZUKAS     Lithuanian
Shortened form of Žukaskaus.
ŽUKAUSKAS     Lithuanian
Nickname from a Lithuanian derivative of Polish żuk meaning "beetle".
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