Lithuanian Submitted Surnames

Lithuanian names are used in the country of Lithuania in northern Europe.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Agejev Estonian, Lithuanian, Russian
Latinised form of Ageyev in languages without the letter "y".
Alšėniškis Lithuanian
This indicates familial origin within the Belarusian village of Hal’šány, which was originally Lithuanian & named Alšėnai.
Ambrozaityte Lithuanian, Latvian
this name comes from far far history of lithuanian people
Andrulewicz Lithuanian (Modern, Rare), Polish (Modern, Rare), Jewish (Modern, Rare), Latvian
Originally Andrulevičus or Andrulevičius, it means "ben-Adam" or "ben-ish" ("ben" being "son" in Hebrew; Adam meaning "man")... [more]
Antonovas Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Antonov.
Babraitis Lithuanian
From babras, a variant of bebras meaning "beaver".
Babrauskas Lithuanian
Ultimately from the Balto-Slavic element *bébrus meaning "beaver". It is possibly an adaptation of Polish Bobrowski, or a related Slavic surname.
Bagdonas Lithuanian
Patronymic from the personal name Bagdon, Lithuanian form of Polish Bogdan.
Bakshis Lithuanian
Means fighter or boxer
Baleckas Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Valeska
Baltakis Lithuanian
Means “white-eyed” in Lithuanian, from balta meaning “white” and akis meaning “eye”.
Berlinskas Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Berliński.
Bernius German (Latinized), Lithuanian
German-Latinized form of Berner.... [more]
Čakas Lithuanian
Likely from Polish Czak or Czach, or Belarusian Chaka.
Čekas Lithuanian
Likely an ethnonym meaning "Czech". Also possibly from the Polish surnames Czak or Czech.
Degutis Lithuanian
Occupational name for a person who sold tar; from the Lithuanian word degutas meaning "tar".
Degutytė Lithuanian
Feminine form for an unmarried woman or widow of the surname Degutis.
Giedraitis Lithuanian
This indicates familial origin within the town of Giedraičiai.
Gudaitis Lithuanian
Ethnic name from gudas meaning "Belorussian".
Ivanovas Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Ivanov.
Jakaitis Lithuanian
Unknown meaning.
Jurauskas Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Jurowski.
Kaminskas Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Kamiński.
Karmazinas Lithuanian
Perhaps a habitational name taken from the Lithuanian village Karmazinai. The name of the village is allegedly derived from Polish karmazyn "crimson". See also Karmazsin, a Hungarian occupational name for a dyer or for someone making dyestuff (taken directly from Hungarian karmazsin "crimson").
Kaunas Lithuanian
From Kaunas, the name of a city in Lithuania, itself most likely derived from a given name.
Kriaučiūnas Lithuanian
Derived from Lithuanian kriaučius "tailor" combined with the patronymic suffix -ūnas.
Kubilus Lithuanian
This surname is a derivative of the given name Jacob.
Lanka Lithuanian, Latvian
Probably a shortened form of Lithuanian Lankauskas.
Levin Jewish, Lithuanian, Belarusian, German, Russian, French (Quebec, Anglicized), Various
As a Lithuanian Jewish and Belarusian Jewish name, it is a Slavicized form of Levy. As a German and German Jewish name, it is derived from the given name Levin... [more]
Linkytė Lithuanian
Of uncertain etymology.
Lipinskas Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Lipiński.
Lubarsky Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Jewish
Habitational name for someone from Liubar, an urban-type settlement in the Zhytomyr Oblast of Ukraine, or Lubarka, an unknown place in Lithuania.
Markūnas Lithuanian
patronymic from the personal name Markus, a pet form of Mark.
Meizys Lithuanian
It means barley or wheat farmer
Mikalauskas Lithuanian
A Lithuanian surname. Lithuanian surnames have a base which would be Mikalausk for this name. If you are a male in the family your name would change to Mikalauskas. If you are female that is married your surname would be Mikalauskiene... [more]
Miskinis Lithuanian
Topographic name from miškinis ‘forest’, ‘forest spirit’. This name is also established in Poland.
Navickas Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Nowicki, borrowed from Polish, or from Belarusian Navitski or Russian Novitsky.
Navickevičius Lithuanian (Rare)
Lithuanian form of Nowicki with the addition of the -evičius suffix. See Navickas.
Novickas Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Nowicki. See Navickas.
Novikovas Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Novikov.
Oginskiai Lithuanian
This indicates familial origin within the village of Uogintai.
Perske Belarusian, Lithuanian, Jewish
Variant form of Persky. This was the real surname of American actress Lauren Bacall (1924-2014), who was born Betty Joan Perske.
Persky Belarusian, Lithuanian, Jewish
Derived from the village of Pershai in the Valozhyn District of Belarus, or the place named Perki in Lithuania.
Petruškevičius Lithuanian
Comes from the Lithuanian given name Petras.
Petruškevičiūtė Lithuanian
Feminine form of Petruškevičius. Used by an unmarried woman.
Pisula Polish, Lithuanian
Informal nickname for a scribe or clerk, from a derivative of Polish pisać ‘to write’.
Ramanauskas Lithuanian
From Russian Romanovsky, Polish Romanowski, Belarusian Ramanouski, or another cognate... [more]
Raščius Lithuanian
Probably from Lithuanian raštvedys meaning "clerk" or "scribe".
Romeka Lithuanian (Latinized)
From the Latin for "of Rome"
Rulinskas Lithuanian (Latinized, Rare)
Meaning and origin still unknown.
Sakalauskas Lithuanian
Ultimately derived from Sokol. Varient forms are Sakalauskienė (married woman or widow) and Sakalauskaitė (unmarried woman).
Šaulis Lithuanian
Occupational name from Lithuanian šaulys meaning "rifleman".
Sepetys Lithuanian
It comes from Šepetys, the Lithuanian word for comb or brush, and is stylized without the diacritic in English speaking countries.
Shaulis Lithuanian
Occupational name from Lithuanian šaulys ‘rifleman’.
Šimonytė Lithuanian
From the given name Simonas. A bearer is Ingrida Šimonytė (1974-), the current prime minister of Lithuania.
Smolenskas Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Smolensky.
Stravinskas Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Stravinsky.
Stungevičius Lithuanian
The oldest currently known use of the surname in history was for a Polish-Lithuanian noble Kazimieras Stungevičius who lived circa 1667 within the village of Stungaičiai in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth... [more]
Tomas Lithuanian, Polish
From the given name Tomas.
Vaišutis Lithuanian (?)
Vaiš Utis "disciplined" To Pray. Derived from Vytautas.
Valaitis Lithuanian, German (East Prussian)
Best known as the surname of a certain Lena.
Valančiūnas Lithuanian (Rare)
Derived from the place name Valančiūnai.... [more]
Vidas Lithuanian
From a short form of the personal name Vidmantas.
Vilkas Lithuanian
Means "wolf" in Lithuanian.
Vilnius Lithuanian
From the capital of Lithuania.
Višneviškas Lithuanian
This indicates familial origin within the Belarusian agrotown of Víšneva, which was originally Lithuanian & under the name of ''Višnevas''.
Vitkauskas Lithuanian
Lithuanian variant of the surname Witkowski.
Vitkus Lithuanian
From a pet form of the personal name Výtautas (a compound of vyti ‘to guide’ + tauta ‘the people’).
Voldemaras Lithuanian
From the given name Voldemaras.
Vosilius Lithuanian
Form of basil which means royalty
Zaicikas Lithuanian
Could mean "rabbit"
Žaliūkas Lithuanian
From žaliūkas meaning "young, strong, healthy man", related to žalias meaning "green".
Žemaitaitis Lithuanian
From Lithuanian Žemaitija or Samogitian Žemaitėjė, an region in Lithuania.
Žemaitis Lithuanian
Derives from the Lithuanian ethnonym žemaitis "Samogitian", denoting someone who came from the Lithuanian region of Samogitia (Žemaitija). A notable bearer of this last name is Jonas Žemaitis, one of the leaders of the Lithuanian Partisans.... [more]
Žilinskienė Lithuanian
Feminine form of Žilinskas, name for a married woman or widow with the name.
Zukas Lithuanian
Shortened form of Žukaskaus.