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Type Surname (from location & from occupation)
Usage German, Dutch
Pronounced Pron. KEHM-pehs(German)  [key]
Other Forms FormsKempf, Kemp, Kempe, Kemper, Kamp, Kampe, Kamper, Kampf, Kampen, Kamps, Kemps, Kempel, Kempen, Kempkes, Kempka, Kempke, Kampfer, Kempfer, Kempker, Kempees, Kampes, Kempner, Van der Kemp, Van der Kamp, Van der Camp, Kaempfer, Van de Kamp, Van de Camp, Kämpfer, Van Kampen, Kämpe, Campen, Camp, Camper, Kaempf, Kämpf, Van Kempen, Van Campen, Kampner, Kemph, Kemple, Kamps, Camps, Kempfle, Campe, Kamph

Meaning & History

German and Dutch variant of Kemp or Kamp. It could also be a habitational name for a person from any of the various places named Kempen on the border between Germany and the Netherlands (for example the town in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, close to the Dutch border), a status name for a peasant farmer or serf, or an occupational name for an official calibrator who marked the correct weight and measures for verification, derived from Middle Low German kempen. A notable bearer is the Argentine former soccer player Mario Kempes (1954-).
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