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Type Surname (from given name & from location)

Meaning & History

Various origins explained include:

1. Scottish from a reduced form of the Scandinavian personal name Magnus.
2. Scottish topographic name for a farmer who farmed the main farm on an estate.
3. Scottish, English (of Norman origin), and French from the Continental Germanic personal name Maino, Meino, a short form of the various compound names with a first element magin ‘strength’, ‘might’.
4.Scottish and English (of Norman origin) regional name for someone from the French province of Maine. (Compare Mansell).
5. Scottish and English (of Norman origin) nickname for a large man, from Anglo-Norman French magne, maine ‘big’.
6. Scottish, English (of Norman origin), and French nickname for someone with a deformed or missing hand, from Old French main ‘hand’ (Latin manus).
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