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Type Surname (from given name, from occupation, from location & from nickname)
Scripts שָׁאַל(Hebrew)
Other Forms FormsShaal, Shael, Shaul, Schall, Schal, Schaell, Schael, Schalle, Schaller, Schallin, Schaale, Schaul, Schul, Schull, Schalt, Schaule, Shaull, Van Der Schaal, Scholl, Scholle, Schulle, Schoell, Scheall, Schachel

Meaning & History

Either a nickname for a braggart or a market crier, (derived from Middle High German schal meaning "noise, bragging"), an occupational name for someone who made dishes for scales and vessels for drinking, (from Middle Low German and Dutch schale "dish"), a habitational name from Schaala in Thuringia or the Schaalsee lake near Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, or a topographic name for someone living on marshy land, (from Dutch schald "shallow"). As a Jewish name it may possibly be derived from the given name Shaul, and it is common among European and Middle Eastern Jews who descended from Spanish exiles.
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