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Type Surname
Usage German, Jewish
Pronounced Pron. STROWS(German, Jewish) Shhtrowss(German)  [key]
Other Forms FormsStrauß

Meaning & History

From the German word strauß, meaning "ostrich." In its use as a Jewish surname, it comes from the symbol of the building or family that the bearer occupied or worked for in the Frankfurter Judengasse. The older spelling Strauß is not used outside Germany and Austria.
Meaning literally "bouquet". For instance, a "bouquet of flowers" in German is "Blumenstrauß". Spelled Strauß in German but pronounced "shtrows". Slang: "Ostrich".

A common German/Austrian surname. Not linked to any ethnic or religious person or people.

Famous people with his last name: Johann Strauss the composer.
Nickname for an awkward or belligerent person, from Middle High German struz "quarrel, complaint".
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