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This is a list of surnames in which the meaning contains the keyword protect.
Argall Cornish
From a place name meaning "shelter, quiet place" in Cornish.
Gagnon French
Derived from old French gagnon "guard dog". The name most likely originated as a nickname for an aggressive or cruel person.
Gupta Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Telugu
Means "protected" in Sanskrit.
Hayward English
Occupational name for a person who protected an enclosed forest, from Old English hæg "enclosure, fence" and weard "guard".
Kubo Japanese
From Japanese (ku) meaning "long time ago" and (ho) meaning "protect".
Marquardt German
From Old High German marka "border, boundary" and wart "protector". This was an occupational name for a border guard.
Millward English
Means "guardian of the mill" in Old English.
Schermer Dutch, Low German
Dutch and Low German form of Schirmer.
Schirmer German
Means "fencer, fencing master", from Old High German skirmen meaning "to defend".
Schüttmann German
Means "watchman, guard" from Middle High German schützen "to protect".
Sharma Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Assamese, Gujarati, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Nepali
Means "joy, shelter, comfort" in Sanskrit.
Ward 1 English
Derived from Old English weard meaning "guard, guardian".
Woodward English
Occupational name for a forester, meaning "ward of the wood" in Old English.
Yasuda Japanese
From Japanese (yasu) meaning "peace, quiet" or (yasu) meaning "protect, maintain" and (ta) meaning "field, rice paddy".