Surnames Categorized "foundling names"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include foundling names.
Abbandonato Italian
Means "forsaken, abandoned" in Italian.
Averill English
From Middle English aueril, Old French avrill meaning "April", perhaps indicating a person who was baptized in that month.
Colombo Italian
Either from Italian colomba "dove" indicating a dove keeper, or from the given name Colombo, which is derived from the same word. This was the Italian surname of the 15th-century explorer Christopher Columbus.
D'Amore Italian
From the given name Amore.
D'Angelo Italian
Means "son of Angelo".
Di Pasqua Italian
Means "of Easter" in Italian.
Esposito Italian
Means "exposed" in Italian and denoted a child who was rescued after being abandoned by its parents.
Innocenti Italian
From a nickname meaning "innocent" in Italian.
Janvier French
Either from the given name Janvier or the French word janvier meaning "January", perhaps indicating a person who was baptized in that month.
Majewski Polish
Derived from Polish maj meaning "May". It may have been given in reference to the month the bearer was baptized.
Monday 2 English
Denoted a person for whom this was a significant day, often the day they would pay their feudal fees.
Sabbadin Italian
From a nickname from Italian sabbato "Saturday", a name for one born on that day of the week.
Santoro Italian
Means "all saint's day" in Italian, a nickname for one born on that day.
Scordato Italian
Means "forgotten, left behind" in Italian.