Catalan Surnames

Catalan names are used in Catalonia in eastern Spain, as well as in other Catalan-speaking areas including Valencia, the Balearic Islands, and Andorra.
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From the Latin given name Abellio, which may have been derived from the name of a Pyrenean god.
Originally denoted a person from the town of Agramunt, Spain. It means "field hill" in Catalan.
ALBERTEnglish, French, Catalan, Hungarian, Romanian, German
Derived from the given name ALBERT.
From the given name ANDREU.
Derived from the given name BERNAT.
Catalan form of BLANCHARD.
BOSCH (2)Catalan
Catalan cognate of BOSCO.
Catalan cognate of BOVE.
From the name of a town in Catalonia, of uncertain meaning.
Catalan cognate of CASTLE.
COSTAPortuguese, Italian, Catalan
Means "riverbank, slope, coast" in Portuguese, Italan and Catalan, ultimately from Latin meaning "side, edge".
Catalan cognate of FERRARI.
Catalan cognate of GRECO.
Derived from the given name JORDÀ.
Derived from the given name MARTÍ.
MAS (1)Catalan
Means "farm" in Catalan.
MATASpanish, Portuguese, Catalan
From the Old Spanish mata meaning "plantation of trees".
Derived from the given name MATEU.
MOLESCatalan, Spanish
Means "millstone" in Catalan.
NOGUERASpanish, Catalan
Spanish and Catalan form of NOGUEIRA.
OLIVERCatalan, English, French, German, Scottish
Derived from the given name OLIVER.
Means "golden" in Catalan, originally a nickname for a person with blond hair.
PETITCatalan, English, French
Means "small, little" derived from Old French petit. It was perhaps used for a short, small person or to denote the younger of two individuals.
Means "magpie" from Spanish picazo. This probably denoted someone who was talkative or prone to stealing, although it may have described someone's unusual colouring. Painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) was a famous bearer of this name.
Variant of PORRAS.
PORRASSpanish, Catalan
From a nickname meaning "club".
PUIGCatalan, Spanish
Means "dweller on a hill(ock)" from the Old Occitan and Catalan puy.
QUINTANASpanish, Catalan
Means "dweller on a piece of land whose rent is one-fifth its produce" from Spanish and Catalan quintana.
REY (1)English, Spanish, French, Catalan
Means "king" in Old French, Spanish and Catalan, ultimately from Latin rex (genitive regis), perhaps originally denoting someone who acted like a king.
Means "red" in Catalan, from Latin rubeus, originally a nickname for a person with red hair or a red complexion.
ROSAItalian, Catalan
Italian and Catalan form of ROSE (1).
SALAItalian, Spanish, Catalan, Romanian
Occupational name for a worker at a manor house, from the Romance word sala meaning "hall, large room", of Germanic origin.
SOLEROccitan, Catalan
Denoted a person from any of the numerous places in the area whose names derive from Occitan or Catalan soler meaning "ground, floor".
Derived from the given name TOMÀS.
Catalan form of TOSI.
Catalan form of TOSI.
VILARPortuguese, Galician, Catalan
Means "hamlet, farm" in Portuguese, Galician and Catalan, from Late Latin villare, a derivative of Latin villa.
Catalan variant of VILAR.
From the Catalan byname vivas meaning "may you live", which was bestowed upon children to bring good luck.
Variant of VIVAS.