Surnames Categorized "hospitality"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include hospitality.
Biermann German
Derived from German bier "beer" and mann "man". The name may have referred to a brewer or a tavern owner.
Kaczmarek Polish
Occupational name for a person who worked as an innkeeper, derived from Polish karczma meaning "inn".
Krüger 1 German
In northern Germany an occupational name for a tavern keeper, derived from Middle Low German kroch meaning "tavern".
Nervetti Italian
Possibly a nickname for an innkeeper, from archaic Milanese nervètt, a local meal prepared from a calf.
Stuber German
Occupational name for the owner of an inn, derived from Old High German stuba "room".
Taverna Italian
From the place name Taverna, common in different parts of Italy. It means "inn, tavern" in Italian.
Wirth German, Jewish
Occupational name for an innkeeper, derived from German wirt meaning "host".