Surnames Categorized "intelligence"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include intelligence.
Cunningham 2 Irish
From Irish Ó Cuinneagáin meaning "descendant of Cuinneagán", a diminutive of Conn.
Eszes Hungarian
Means "clever, bright" in Hungarian.
Fox English
From the name of the animal. It was originally a nickname for a person with red hair or a crafty person.
Gutermuth German
Derived from Middle High German guot meaning "good" and muot meaning "mind, spirit". It was a nickname for an optimistic person.
Hummel 1 German, Dutch
Derived from the given name Humbert.
Keen English
From Old English cene meaning "bold, brave".
Kloet Dutch
Possibly from Middle Dutch cloet meaning "lump, ball". In some cases this was a nickname for an oafish person. In other cases it may have been a name for someone who lived near a sign that had a globe on it.
Lis Polish
Means "fox" in Polish, a nickname for a sly person.
Metharom Thai
Possibly refers to a place or institute of learning or where knowledge is provided.
Meyer 2 Jewish
From Hebrew מֵאִיר (meir) meaning "enlightened".
Ó Scolaidhe Irish
Means "descendant of the scholar" from Irish scholaidhe.
Ó Séaghdha Irish
Means "descendant of Séaghdha".
Raimondi Italian
Derived from the given name Raimondo.
Raskopf German
Possibly from German rasch "quick" and Kopf "head".
Ratti Italian
From Italian ratto meaning "rat", originally denoting a sly individual.
Rayne English, French
Derived from a Germanic name that was short for longer names beginning with the element ragin meaning "advice, counsel".
Sapienti Italian
Means "wise, learned" in Italian.
Scola Italian
From Italian scuola meaning "school".
Sharp English
Nickname for a keen person, from Old English scearp "sharp".
Tolkien German
Possibly from a Low German byname Tolk meaning "interpreter" (of Slavic origin). A famous bearer was the English author J. R. R. Tolkien (1892-1973). According to him, the surname was derived from German tollkühn meaning "foolhardy".
Voss German
From Middle Low German vos meaning "fox". It was originally a nickname for a clever person or a person with red hair.
Ware 2 English
From the Middle English nickname ware meaning "wary, astute, prudent".
Yap English
From a nickname for a clever or cunning person, from Middle English yap meaning "devious, deceitful, shrewd".