Surnames Categorized "islands"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include islands.
Abney English
From the name of a town in Derbyshire, derived from Old English meaning "Abba's island".
Ackerman English
Means "ploughman", derived from Middle English aker "field" and man.
Astrauskas Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Ostrowski.
Ayton English
From the name of towns in Berwickshire and North Yorkshire. They are derived from Old English ea "river" or ieg "island" combined with tun "enclosure, yard, town".
Deering English
From the Old English given name Deora meaning "dear, beloved".
Ennis Irish
Variant of Innes 1.
Grosse German
Variant of Groß.
Holmberg Swedish
Ornamental name derived from Swedish holme (Old Norse holmr) meaning "small island" and berg meaning "mountain".
Holmes English, Scottish
Variant of Holme. A famous fictional bearer was Sherlock Holmes, a detective in Arthur Conan Doyle's mystery stories beginning in 1887.
Holmström Swedish
From Swedish holme (Old Norse holmr) meaning "small island" and ström (Old Norse straumr) meaning "stream".
Howell Welsh
From the Welsh given name Hywel.
Innes 1 Scottish
From a place name derived from Gaelic inis meaning "island".
Jekyll English
Derived from the Breton given name Judicaël. This name was used by Robert Louis Stevenson for the character of Dr Henry Jekyll in the book Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1886).
Jones English, Welsh
Derived from the given name Jon, a medieval variant of John.
Kelsey English
From an English place name meaning "Cenel's island", from the Old English name Cenel "fierce" in combination with eg "island".
Lindholm Swedish
From Swedish lind meaning "linden tree" and holme (Old Norse holmr) meaning "small island".
Lyle English
Derived from Norman French l'isle meaning "island".
Miyajima Japanese
From Japanese (miya) meaning "temple, shrine, palace" and (shima) meaning "island".
Mizushima Japanese
From Japanese (mizu) meaning "water" and (shima) meaning "island".
Nakajima Japanese
From Japanese (naka) meaning "middle" and (shima) meaning "island".
Öman Swedish
From Swedish ö (Old Norse ey) meaning "island" and man (Old Norse maðr) meaning "person, man".
Ostrowski Polish
From Polish ostrów meaning "river island".
Ramsey English, Scottish
Means "garlic island", derived from Old English hramsa "garlic" and eg "island". The surname was brought to Scotland by the Norman baron Simundus de Ramsay.
Rodney English
From a place name meaning "Hroda's island" in Old English (where Hroda is an Old English given name meaning "fame").
Saar Estonian
From Estonian saar meaning "island".
Saari Finnish
From Finnish saari meaning "island".
Saarinen Finnish
From Finnish saari meaning "island".
Shimada Japanese
From Japanese (shima) meaning "island" and (ta) meaning "field, rice paddy".
Shimamura Japanese
From Japanese (shima) meaning "island" and (mura) meaning "town, village".
Sidney English
Originally derived from various place names in England meaning "wide island", from Old English sid "wide" and eg "island". Another theory holds that it comes from the name of a town in Normandy called "Saint Denis", though evidence for this is lacking.
Sydney English
Variant of Sidney.
Vincent 2 Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Mac Dhuibhinse meaning "son of Duibhinse", a given name meaning "black island".
Whitney English
Originally from the name of an English town, meaning "white island" in Old English.