Surnames Categorized "justice"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include justice.
Bíró Hungarian
Derived from bíró meaning "judge" in Hungarian.
Caito Italian
Occupational name from Sicilian càjitu meaning "official, leader", ultimately from Arabic قاضي (qadi) meaning "judge".
Droit French
Means "right, straight" in French, a nickname for an upright person.
Ebner 2 German
Means "judge, arbiter" from Middle High German ebenære.
Katz Jewish
Derived from Hebrew כֹּהֵן צֶדֶק (kohen tzedek) meaning "priest of justice", indicating a descendant of Aaron.
Lamont Scottish
From the medieval Gaelic given name Lagmann, derived from Old Norse lǫgmaðr meaning "law man".
Law English
Derived from Old English hlaw "hill".
Merino Spanish
From the title for a judge in medieval Spain, derived from Latin maior.
Richter German
Means "judge" in German, from Middle High German rihtære.
Sumner English
Occupational name for a summoner, an official who was responsible for ensuring the appearance of witnesses in court, from Middle English sumner, ultimately from Latin submonere "to advise".