Surnames Categorized "law"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include law.
Al-Mufti Arabic
Refers to a mufti, a Muslim legal advisor consulted in applying a religious law.
Bailey English
From Middle English baili meaning "bailiff", which comes via Old French from Latin baiulus "porter".
Buchanan Scottish
From the name of a region in Stirlingshire, Scotland, which means "house of the canon" in Gaelic.
Cheng 1 Chinese
From Chinese (chéng) meaning "rule, order, regulations", also referring to the territory of Cheng (in present-day Henan province) that existed during the Zhou dynasty.
Fattore Italian
Means "land agent, bailiff, steward, farmer" in Italian.
Law English
Derived from Old English hlaw "hill".
Marshall English
Derived from Middle English mareschal "marshal", from Latin mariscalcus, ultimately from Germanic roots akin to Old High German marah "horse" and scalc "servant". It originally referred to someone who took care of horses.
Meyer 1 German
From Middle High German meier meaning "bailiff, administrator", derived from Latin maior meaning "greater". Later it also denoted a tenant farmer. The spellings Meier and Meyer are more common in northern Germany while Maier and Mayer are more common in southern Germany.
Palladino Italian
From Italian paladino meaning "knight, defender", from Late Latin palatinus meaning "palace officer".
Richter German
Means "judge" in German, from Middle High German rihtære.
Schouten Dutch
Occupational name derived from Middle Dutch schout meaning "sheriff, bailiff".
Schultheiß German
Occupational name derived from Middle High German schultheiße meaning "mayor, judge".
Sergeant English, French
Occupational name derived from Old French sergent meaning "servant", ultimately from Latin servire "to serve".
Sumner English
Occupational name for a summoner, an official who was responsible for ensuring the appearance of witnesses in court, from Middle English sumner, ultimately from Latin submonere "to advise".
Vámos Hungarian
Means "customs officer" in Hungarian, a derivative of vám "customs".
Vogt German
Occupational name from Middle High German voget meaning "bailiff, administrator, steward", ultimately from Latin advocatus.
Woźniak Polish
From Polish woźny meaning "caretaker, clerk".