Surnames Categorized "negative"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include negative.
Abbandonato Italian
Means "forsaken, abandoned" in Italian.
Acerbi Italian
From Italian acerbo meaning "bitter, harsh, severe".
Barrett English
Probably derived from the Middle English word barat meaning "trouble, deception", originally given to a quarrelsome person.
Geier German
Means "vulture" in German, a nickname for a greedy person.
Heffernan Irish
From Irish Ó hIfearnáin meaning "descendant of Ifearnán". The byname Ifearnán means "little demon".
Kyselý m Czech
Means "sour" in Czech. It was most likely used to denote a person known for having a bad mood.
Lau Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese romanization of Liu.
Liu Chinese
From Chinese (liú) meaning "kill, destroy". This was the surname of Chinese emperors of the Han dynasty.
Maldonado Spanish
From a nickname meaning "badly given, ill-favoured" in Spanish.
McLeod Scottish
From Gaelic MacLeòid meaning "son of Leod", a given name derived from Old Norse ljótr "ugly".
Melville Scottish
From the place name Malleville meaning "bad town" in Norman French.
Nedbálek m Czech
From Czech nedbalý meaning "careless".
Quigley Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Ó Coigligh meaning "descendant of Coigleach", a given name meaning "untidy".
Sauer German
Means "sour" in German, a nickname for an embittered or cantankerous person.
Schlimme German
From German schlimm "bad, crooked, awry".
Tiryaki Turkish
Possibly from a nickname meaning "addict, opium user" in Turkish.